Mere Sai 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari’s Beautification of Shirdi Written Episode

Mere Sai 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

After Sai’s blessings, carpenter requests his wife to forgive him. Sai tells carpenter’s wife that his husband is trying to change and she has to help him change. Woman agrees and forgives her husband. Carpenter thanks him. On the other side, Pari tryiing to sleep reminisces telling Sai that if she had finished household chores, she would have also helped in cleaning Shirdi. Sai says even now she can do it. Pari asks how can she. Sai asks her to think. Pari falls asleep and dreams of painting Shirdi with colors and birds flying over her. She wakes up and thinks if her mother will let her work. She silently walks out of house while her mother is sound asleep and draws on walls of all houses. She then sees a colorful bird and praising its beauty thinks if she had colors which bird has, she would have drawn beautiful pics. She then gets happy seeing white paint. Sai hears her from Dwarkamayi and asks birds to help her friends. Birds shower colorful flowers on Pari. Pari uses flowers to draw paintings on walls.

Pari’s father and Vishwas Rao return home after attending marriage at Bombay and seeing house door open think Shubhangi knew they are coming, so she kept door open. They enter and see her sound asleep and don’t find Pari.

Kulkarni informs Anta and Panta that he is going out of town, but tomorrow British officer is coming to inspecto Shirdi and he cannot trust them, so he has to appoint someone else to present when officer comes.

Precap: Kulkarni gets angry seeing Pari drawing on walls and yells whose girls is this. Pari’s father says her girl. Kulkarni says his daughter spoilt walls, so he has to pay for the losses.

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