Mere Sai 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishnakanth Helps Madhav Written Episode

Mere Sai 5th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishnakumar passes by Appa Patil’s fields and seeing Madhav working in fields and lifting grain bags thinks he has seen him someone, looks like teacher who helped him and took took him to Dwarkamayi, but why will he work in fields. He walks away. Appa sees its afternoon and asks all workers to have lunch. Madhav continues lifting bags and tells Appa that he is not speedy as others, so he will have food later. Appa explains him that everyone work slowly on first day just like his students grasp his teaching slowly. Madhav agrees to have lunch.

Pari and her friends go to Dwarkamayi and ask Sai if they will not get education again without school and teacher. Sai says they can get education via their teacher even without school. They all 3 walk towards Appa’s field. Krishnakumar sees them and follows them. They stand seeing Madhav having food. Appa calls them. Madhav walks to them, and they request to teach them. He takes them aside and teaches them. Krishnakumar walks to Appa and asks if that man is teacher. Appa says yes, he is one of most helpful people in Shirdi and when he had mortgaged his land, Madhav had helped him get back his land, but yesterday British government official seized his school citing not following rules, so he is working in fields to support his family.

Krishnakanth meets Madhav and takes him and Appa to Sai and says he found most competent needy man in Madhav and will donate his land to him. Surprised Madhav asks what he means. Krishnakanth says Sai asked him to help. Sai reminds Madhav about his dream to teach poor and needy children free of cost and says he can get agriculture on land and with it earnings can teach needy students. Madhav gets very happy. Krishnakanth says let him show his land. Sai stops Krishnakanth and gives his wealth bag. Krishnakanth says he forgot about, thanks Sai, and takes Madhav along smiling.

Sai passes on Shirdi lanes when Jhipri meets him and asks if he is fine. Sai says yes and asks about her well being. Two boys run pushing Sai, and Jhipri scolds them. Sai says they should forgive younger ones. Ladies washing clothes near water well discuss Jhipri is so strong will girl, her alliance broke, but she did not shatter. One lady suggests Pari’s to teach cooking to Pari to get competent alliances and not let her roam outside as she is already dark skinned.

Precap: A man wit hhis juvenile life reaches Shirdi. Sai notices them.

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