Mere Sai 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Baizaa’s Concern For Tatya Written Episode

Mere Sai 8th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rukmini prays god that history is repeating again, her husband and son Keshav are at loggerheads again, she is in dharm sankat and worried for them both, she is proud of Keshav as he is following Sai’s teaching, but she cannot let father and son fight, so she wants a solution. Sai plays with Udhav and Govinda sitting nearby and hearing Rukmini’s prayers via telepathy asks Udhav where is his kada/cuff. Keshav says it is with maa. Govinda asks what is it. Udhav says when he was a child, he had stuck his foot in a silver mug and his parents took him to Sai, Sai freed his foot and made kada out of mug, he was wearing it for long and since he has grown up and kada became tight, his mother has kept it safe for him. Sai says mother are always concerned about children. Rukmini hears that and thinks Sai is giving her some solution and purposefully describing about kada. Govinda sees her and asks to distribute prasad. She does and walks to Sai. Sai blesses her and she leaves with Govinda.

Vishwas Rao scolds Shubhangi that she has given too much lenience to Pari who dared to speak in front of elders, in their society, women are not allowed to speak and they should control Pari. Pari’s father says women deserve respect as they work hard at home, taking care of men’s needs; Pari is very competent in house work and loves animals, whole Shirdi knows about it and her kind nature. A lady walks in and informs Shubhangi that whole village women have decided to perform yearly pooja at Maruthi temple instead of performing pooja individually, that way they will get rest from their daily chores. Shubhangi agrees. Vishwas Rao thinks men have given too much lenience in Shirdi, he should not bother and should bother only about his niece Pari’s future. Shubhangi discusses what should she present during pooja. Pari says mud utensils and she will prepare them. Shubhangi says they cannot gift mud utensils. Vishwas Rao says she can gift brass utensils. Shubhangi says she already did last year.

Baizaa maa takes Tatya to Sai and complains that Taya walks to sell vegetables at British base camp. Sai smiles and asks is it. Baizaa maa asks if he knew about it. Tatya says Sai after listening to many business models suggested this business. Sai says she need not worry. Baizaa maa continues her concern. Sai asks Tatya if he can wash his turmeric stained cloth. Tatya agrees. Baiza maa says stain cannot be removed with water, it has to be soaked in milk and then washed, she doubts it will vanish with even milk, so if cloth is cold, she can get new cloth for Sai. Sai says he needs same cloth and similarly once taken decision cannot be changed, who knows this new business may make Tatya a rich man.

Precap: Woman yells at Shubhangi that she should control her daughter and make her well cultured like her niece. Shubhangi angrily drags Pari from there. Sai notices h er.

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