Mere Sai 8th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Keshav and Tatya’s Fight Written Episode

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Sai tells Suresh’s mother that she sells milk and takes money, even here he should do same; if horse befriends grass, what will it eat. He asks Suresh to get a slate and chalk. Mother asks Sai why is he doing this to him. Sai asks her to have faith and patience. In village street, Tatya walks sadly after his vegetable contract is cancelled. He sees an old lady carrying heavy bag with great difficulty and offers her help. Lady agrees. On the other side, Sai asks Suresh to note all his mother’s efforts from birth, taking care ill baby Suresh, etc..till now. Mother continues crying and asks to stop. Sai gives her slate and asks to note down price for her each favor. Suresh thinks if mother notes down heavy price, how will he pay her, he can pay only what she gives him. Once mother notes down, he snatches slate and sees free written against each favor. Sai says mother’s love cannot be bought, mother is like nature who only gives and does not take anything in return. Suresh says mother gives him lots of work and even asks money while his friend’s parents pamper them a lot and don’t seek anything in return, that shows his mother does not love him at all. Sai says that is because his father was a pampered lonely child who took a wrong path and became drunkard and had to lose his life for illnesses bought by inebriation, so his mother wants to protect him. Suresh takes slate and scribbling on slate apologizes his mother for misunderstanding her, he will obey her hereon and will support her in all her chores. Mother cries hugging him. Sai walks away smiling.

Keshav walks towards village reminiscing British base camp boss scolding him for not delivering vegetables since 15 days and thinks Tatya must be ill, so he did not deliver vegetables. He sees Tatya walking on street and walks to him. Tatya says good he returned, he needs to talk something important. Keshav asks how can he stop delivering vegetables without informing him. Keshav says camp boss rejected their vegetables. Their argument and fight starts. Villagers gather to watch their fight.

Precap: Sai gives a water bowl to Tatya and Keshav and asks them to pour water in tulsi plant. They see Anta and Panta’s conspiracy on water.

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