Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ira hides from Pushpa Written Episode

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akhilesh and Ira arguing. He gets scared of a cockroach. Ira saves him. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his coat. They come close. Mishri smiles seeing them. Akhilesh asks Ira to get away. Mishri says they fight and hug, I don’t understand them. Akhilesh says I feel suffocated when you are close. They argue. Mishri gets worried. She says when will they say I love you. She gets an idea and signs them I love you. Akhilesh says your daughter is signing something. Ira sees Mishri and says I love you, she is trying to say this. He asks what, oh, I love you. Ira says yes, I love you. Mishri smiles. He says I love you too. They have an eyelock. He turns away. They argue again. Pushpa and Devina come there with Bhavik.

Ira turns away. Pushpa asks inspector to release her son. Devina jokes on her. They argue. Inspector leaves Akhilesh and asks them about the woman. Pushpa asks who. Akhilesh lies that its some poor woman. They leave. Bhavik gets Ira bailed out. Mishri says whatever happened was good, Akhilesh and Ira told I love you to each other, now they will always stay together. She dances happily. Ira looks on. Constable stops Mishri. Ira scolds Bhavik and explains the risk. She says I don’t want anything to happen to Pushpa. Mishri asks do you know Pushpa. Ira says yes, she had seen me there and scolded me, I m very upset with you. Bhavik asks Mishri to go out and see if icecream vendor is there, he will talk to Ira. Mishri goes. Bhavik says it means Lord wants your and Akhilesh’s love story to complete, this happened before as well, just think. He goes. Ira thinks I will rent a flat so that Mishri stays with me.

Mishri tells Vansh that Akhilesh told I love you to Ira. Akhilesh hears this and asks how do you know Monu. Bhavik says I have told Monu. Akhilesh asks how do you know. Bhavik says Mishra constable told me about it, who was that girl. Akhilesh thinks I can’t tell them about Ira. He goes on Pushpa’s call. Bhavik laughs and says Ira troubled him again. Mishri asks what do you mean. He says nothing, come. Pushpa says I had Mannat that Akhilesh’s chosen girl will make Kanha idol’s clothes. She insists Akhilesh and Kunika to make clothes. Bhavik goes. Mishri says we can’t do anything now. Akhilesh and Kunika try to make clothes. Kunika gets confused. She shouts my designer dress is torn. Vansh laughs on fashion disaster. Monu jokes on her. Akhilesh asks her to go and change her clothes. Ira says your dress has a hole. Kunika sadly goes.

Mishri asks Ira to see Akhilesh in making the clothes. Akhilesh gets hurt by needle. Ira runs to care. She says sorry. Akhilesh says its okay, thanks. Devina asks how can you do this, are you member of this house, get up. Akhilesh says I will manage on own. Devina says I don’t think Pushpa’s mannat will complete. Mishri says I will complete it. Pushpa says Monu is my grandchild. Mishri threads the needle. Pushpa says Monu knows everything, he has good values. Mishri makes the clothes. Akhilesh smiles. Pushpa asks Vansh to see Mony’s talent. Mishri does embroidery and writes A on the cloth. She asks Akhilesh to wear his coat. She puts the cloth in his pocket and says A for Akhilesh. Akhilesh thanks him. Pushpa blesses her. Mishri jokes. They laugh. Ira thinks Mishri is getting much attached to Akhilesh, even Akhilesh is getting attached, I have to do something.

Bhavik asks Ira to tell truth to Mishri. Ira says we are going to meet your dad. She shows her dad. Mishri smiles and thinks Akhilesh is my dad, my dream turned true.

Update Credit to: Amena

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