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Akhilesh tells Mishri this might be very difficult for her but you have to take this decision for your own sake. Tell us. Everyone is waiting for your answer. Mishri chooses Akhilesh shocking Ira and Bhavik. Akhilesh and Mishri hug. Mishri says I met my Bapu after so many years. I wont leave him. Akhilesh looks at Ira and holds his daughter’s hand. I hope you got your answer. Leave now! Don’t be seen near Mishri after today. Leave! I don’t want you to cast even your shadow on my daughter. Kunika continues her acting. Akhilesh walks away holding Mishri’s hand. Mishri mentally apologizes to her Mapu. God wont even send me to hell for hurting you but there is a reason why I took this decision. Ira starts walking towards the door in shock. Mishri is still watching her. She looks away when Ira stops to look at her. Bhavik also looks on in confusion. Ira leaves. Akhilesh also watches her go. Kunika coughs and pretends to be in a bad condition. Akhilesh offers to call doc but Devina takes her with her to her room. You can continue your celebrations. Akhilesh tells Kunika if she saw how Mishri also chose him. It means she too does not want to stay with Ira. Now Ira wont come between us! Kunika nods. Devina takes her inside.

Akhilesh hugs his daughter. Pushpa also hugs her granddaughter. I am very happy with your decision today. This is the best day of my life. Let’s cut the cake? Mishri nods. Vansh stands there with a blank face as Mishri cuts the cake. She feeds cake to her Badi Ma and Akhilesh. Vansh refuses to eat it when she goes to him. Akhilesh wonders what happened to Vansh.

Vansh is sitting quietly on the top of the stairs. Mishri brings cake for him. He pushes it aside. She asks him to eat a bite atleast. Why do you seem upset? He tells her he is angry with her. I thought you are a good girl but you sent your mother away. She loves you so much. She must be really sad. Mishri knows she hurt her mom big time. There is a reason behind my decision. I know Kunika aunty is acting. She pretended to be unconscious when she ate those sleeping pills. I replaced sleeping pills with calcium pills. How can someone be unconscious after eating calcium pills? I figured out her drama after she pretended to pass out! She is acting smart in front of all of us but is a devil in reality! Let’s go. I will just warn her not to act smart with me thinking me to be just a kid! She takes Vansh with her.

Devina asks Kunika how she is so normal after eating 4-5 sleeping pills. Kunika says I only had 2 and split the rest. I was still not dizzy so I had to pretend to pass out. Devina says then you thought Mishri will choose Ira and leave the house but it turned completely against you. Mishri chose to stay here with Akhilesh! Kunika nods. Mishri walks in with Vansh and confronts Kunika. Sleeping pills dint affect you at all right? Kunika acts innocent. Mishri shares that she replaced those pills with calcium pills. Kunika and Devina are shocked. Mishri tells Vansh she was right. Kunika was only acting. Kunika asks her why she thinks so. I was actually feeling dizzy. I was so stressed. I really dint want you and your mom to separate. Mishri tells her not to act in front of her. I know that you hate me. Kunika continues her drama. I only hated that Monu a little bit but you are Akhilesh’s real daughter. Why will I hate you? Mishri is still not convinced. Kunika says you decided to stay with your Papa which makes me your new Mom. I promise I will love you a lot. Mishri pushes her hand away. No one can take my Mapu’s place! You don’t have to worry about me. I can take care of myself. She leaves with Vansh. Devina closes the door angrily. This child gave us so much attitude! We have to do something about her! Kunika tells her not to worry. I know how to throw that girl out of this house!

Ira cries looking at her and Mishri’s photo. Bhavik says I never expected that such a situation will arise. I am so sorry that I could not help you. Ira justifies Mishri’s stance. She has yearned for her Bapu’s love for so many eyars. I should be punished for keeping her away from her Bapu. Akhilesh is right. I am a very bad mother. Mishri has been in trouble so many times because of me. I lied and also made Mishri a part of my lies. Her life has been in trouble because of me so many times. God will not give me a space even in hell because of that! Bhavik holds her as she breaks down. You are the ebst mother. You are ready to go away from Mishri so she can get her Papa’s love. Ira says these tears have no place in my life from now. I have to learn to live without Mishri! I will go away from Akhilesh and Mishri’s life. She will be very happy with Akhilesh. Sooner or later, she will find her mother in Kunika. Promise me you wont tell Mishri that I was crying. I don’t want her to come back after hearing this. She gives him a bag full of Mishri’s stuff to give to Mishri but then takes out one piece of cloth. I have to spend my life with these memories only. Bhavik leaves sadly. Ira cries.

Vansh comes to his room and finds it coloured pink. He questions Akhilesh why this room is all pink. I hate pink. Akhilesh tells him that Mishri loves it. You will share your room with her. Vansh says she was going to stay in Devina’s room but Akhilesh tells him that it isn’t right to shift elders from their rooms. You both can easily share this room. Mishri hugs her father happily when she sees the room. I don’t like dolls though. I like wrestling like you. He smiles. I don’t know your likes and dislikes. Tell me what they are. Mishri tells him. She also talks about dancing with Mapu which is her favourite thing. Nothing can beat it. Flashback shows Ira and Mishri dancing on Aankh Maare song. Mishri’s eyes well up thinking of her mother. Akhilesh notices it so she wipes her tears. You are upset as your Mapu is not with you? I know this isn’t easy for you but your decision is perfect. I wont let you miss anything ever. I will love you a lot. She asks him why he hates Mapu. He says there are some things which you wont understand. Just understand that your Mapu has hurt me a lot. Promise me that you wont take Mapu’s name before me ever again. Mishri is in a fix. She crosses her fingers behind her back and promises him with her other hand. She mentally apologizes to him for lying. I want to unite you and Mapu and I will make it happen!

Precap: Kunika tells Mishri that Ira needs love. She is dying every second. I hope she wont harm herself. Mishri decides to check on her Mapu. Kunika says Mishri will be found at Ira’s place. Akhilesh will send her to jail for kidnapping Mishri.

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