Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Devina tricks Mishri Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Pushpa thanking Lord for bringing a change in Akhilesh. She says Monu is responsible for changing him. Kunika thinks Akhilesh will leave me because of this kid. Devina asks her to chill. Kunika says its your responsibility to make Monu away, else you won’t get any share in the company. She goes. Devina says Akhilesh has gone mad for Monu, how am I going to do this. Akhilesh takes care of Mishri. Vansh reads the list of instructions from doctor. Akhilesh goes. Vansh gives water to Mishri. Ira comes and meets Mishri. She hugs Mishri. Ira thinks sorry, if Akhilesh knows you are his daughter, he will give you to Baba, I have to separate you two. Pushpa calls Bahadur. Ira goes. Mishri says I m having fun to be ill, mum and Akhilesh took care of me. Vansh says I get sad when my friends get ill.

Mishri says Akhilesh won’t let me go with anyone. Devina hears them. Mishri says Akhilesh said I m his responsibility, what does this mean. Devina says it means you are a burden on him, he is worried because of you, he had a loss of 5 crores, so maybe he thinks Monu is a burden. Mishri says I don’t want to become a burden. She asks him to go from the house. Mishri says I have to go for uncle’s happiness. She gets sad. Ira calls Bhavik and says I m worried for Mishri. She asks about the fake couple who is coming for adoption. Akhilesh comes. She disconnects the call. He shows the clothes and toys he got for Monu. Ira says this clothes won’t fit him, I know it well, the toys are of girls.

Akhilesh says I always wanted to have a daughter and had that in mind, but children were not in my fate. Ira cries and says Monu will really like it. Vansh asks Monu to think again. Mishri says I have decided it now. Akhilesh and Ira come to show the stuff to Mishri. Mishri asks Akhilesh to go. She throws the toys. A couple comes to adopt Monu. Akhilesh gets shocked. The lady says NGO people have told us. Ira thinks they are the fake couple, but how did they come so soon. The man says we have called you. Mishri says yes, I spoke to them. Akhilesh asks why do you want to go so soon.

Mishri says I don’t want to become a burden on you, so I want to go without troubling you. Devina says so foster parents have come for Monu. Bhavik comes and says I have called them. He tells Ira that he didn’t think that Mishri will call them here. Mishri greets the couple. Akhilesh questions the couple to know if they are suitable. Mishri says I will stay any how, no matter the house is big or small, I just want your love. The lady says we want to give you our love. Mishri says I liked them a lot. Pushpa says if you are happy, I m happy. Vansh thinks Mishri shouldn’t go, else Akhilesh will marry Kunika. He spoils the couple’s clothes. Mishri and Devina apologize. The man says its fine with us. Mishri says just don’t tell me that I m your responsibility. Devina says enough, lets do paper work. The man gives his documents and says Akhilesh has to sign the papers. Mishri cries.

Mishri says responsibility means burden. Akhilesh says who told this, we take responsibility of people we love, I love you a lot. Mishri worries and thinks of her promise to Ira.

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