Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pushpa reprimands Ira Written Episode

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pushpa and Devina coming to the hospital. Ira takes care of Akhilesh. She hugs him. She wishes someone comes to help. She chants Hanuman Chalisa. Pushpa and Devina argue. Pushpa says Akhilesh is here with some girl, we should go and see. The ward boy says there is morgue ahead. Pushpa asks is Akhilesh there. The man says temperature control is damaged, none can go there. Devina says come on, open the door, we are trustees of this hospital. Ira asks Akhilesh to open his eyes and take a deep breath. Devina looks on and says its frosted, open the door. The man says there can’t be anyone here. Pushpa says maybe Akhilesh is here.

The man asks them to come and see. They see the cold smoke. Ira signs for help. Pushpa gets shocked seeing Akhilesh with some woman. He worries for him. They get shocked seeing Ira alive. Pushpa holds Ira and asks how did you come alive, no, this can’t happen. Ira says we should first get Akhilesh out of here. Mishri and Vansh wait at home and think Pushpa would be happy seeing Ira. Pushpa scolds Ira. She takes Akhilesh with her. They go out and take Ira’s class for lying to them about her survival post accident. Ira cries. Pushpa scolds Ira, counting her mistakes. Ira apologizes to her. Pushpa doesn’t listen to her. Devina says you don’t have any right on Akhilesh. She asks Ira to take money and leave. Pushpa says I won’t give her a penny, I won’t let her snatch Akhilesh’s happiness. She asks Ira to sign the papers and leave. Pushpa gets unwell and coughs a lot.

Ira worriedly signs the papers. Pushpa says don’t let Akhilesh know this, that we know you are alive. Devina insults Ira. Pushpa and Devina leave. Ira cries. Pushpa says I have to take Akhilesh home. Devina thinks now Akhilesh will marry Kunika for sure. Akhilesh wakes up. Kunika comes to meet him. She says its good that hospital staff got you home. He thinks family doesn’t know that Ira is alive. Mishri comes to take care of Kunika. Mishri and Vansh anger Kunika. Mishri gives medicines to Akhilesh. Kunika thinks to make Monu away from the house. She gets irritated and goes. Pushpa comes to Akhilesh and asks why did you get sick. He worries. Pushpa tells him that hospital staff dropped that envelope too. He checks and sees Ira’s sign. He thinks I got rid of Ira. Mishri asks Pushpa about meeting Ira. Pushpa says no one was with Akhilesh there. Vansh asks did you see anyone with him. She says no, don’t tell Akhilesh that I followed him to hospital. They promise Pushpa. Ira meets Bhavik and gives her resignation. Ira says its better I go away from Akhilesh. Bhavik asks what about Mishri. Ira says I will get Mishri. Bhavik says it will be a big problem if Monu goes missing, there is just one way, Monu’s mum has to come and take him.

Pushpa says I won’t let you adopt Monu. Akhilesh and Mishri get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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