Muskaan 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Sujoy gets suspended Written Episode

Muskaan 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sujoy and Muskaan coming home. Rakhi worries knowing what Ronak did. Sujoy says we will celebrate haldi the way we had to. He gets a call and leave for work. Gayatri asks Hanumant about Ronak. Hanumant says he has gone to do some charity, I will go and see. Sujoy tells senior that Ronak has troubled Muskaan, he can’t let Ronak do what he wants. Senior asks him to do his duty. Sujoy says I can do my duty with and without uniform. Senior suspends him and asks him to fight without uniform now. Sujoy gives away the service gun and leaves. Hanumant sees Ronak hurt and asks how did this happen.

Ronak says I couldn’t express my innocence. Hanumant says forget it, just get ready and come for haldi. Gayatri and Aarti meet in temple, while they pray for their children. Gayatri asks Sir ji not to talk to Muskaan’s mum. Gayatri and Aarti give the haldi to pandit and asks him to mix some haldi from Devi Maa’s feet haldi. The bowls get mixed. They leave. Ronak sees Aarti and touches her feet. He says you may not remember, I have touched your feet many times, I don’t want to hurt you and Muskaan, my fate is bad, when I thought to do good, wrong has happened.

Aarti says I know you are soft hearted, good person and good valued, why are you fighting, I have gone through all this, I don’t want Muskaan to bear this, she got a chance to move on, don’t come in her way, you are also getting married, you won’t get anything except pain. Ronak says ask her to talk to me once. Aarti says Muskaan is also stubborn, she doesn’t want to talk to you, she has all right to decide for her life, I can’t help, forgive me. Hanumant asks Ronak to stop begging and come with him. Rakhi worries for Sujoy. Jaya asks her to think of others’ emotions. Muskaan says I won’t let anyone ruin my happiness, I will welcome happiness with a smile.

Sujoy comes home. Muskaan smiles. Ronak goes to his family. Gayatri asks how did you get hurt. Ronak says I went to market and got into a fight with shopvendors. Bua says we shall do his haldi. Ronak-Kajal and Muskaan-Sujoy get the haldi applied. Sir ji applies haldi to Ronak. Ronak and Muskaan think of each other. Sir ji goes to meet inspector. He threatens to kill Sujoy. Senior says problem is with Ronak, explain your son, Ronak is really troubling Sujoy and Muskaan. Sir ji thinks how to explain Ronak. Muskaan asks for Sujoy. Aarti says I think he will get a transfer. Muskaan runs out and hears people making fun of Sujoy. She feels bad and goes to Sujoy. She says Rakhi was right, I m a trouble for you, sorry, your career got ruined because of me. Kajal says you are better than the best, you are my angel, I m loving it. Ronak says its good, you and mum are happy. Kajal says I want to spend extra time with you.

Ronak comes to meet Muskaan and asks her to come with him. Muskaan asks her to leave. He points gun at Aarti and asks her to say now, will she come or not. Muskaan cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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