Muskaan 16th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak saves Muskaan Written Episode

Muskaan 16th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan and Aarti getting surrounded by the fire. They get shocked. Sir ji and Rakhi leave. Muskaan gets worried for Aarti. Sujoy gets the news that Ronak has escaped. Sujoy says Ronak can never change. Constable gives the address of Muskaan. Sujoy asks him to send the location. He rushes. Gayatri calls Ronak and worries when he disconnects. Gayatri says don’t know, call isn’t connecting. Ronak comes to Sir ji’s old factory and sees the fire explosion. He sees the goons outside. He gets angry and bashes the gate by his car. He gets inside. Goons look on.

Ronak runs inside. Goons stop him. Muskaan shouts for help. Ronak says Muskaan is inside. He beats the goons. Sujoy gets Suzaine’s call. He says we did big mistake by trusting Ronak, Ronak has done this, don’t worry, I will get Muskaan and Aarti safely. Muskaan shouts for help. Ronak hears her call. Goons doesn’t let him go in. Ronak turns angry and fights. He gets hit and falls down. Kajal says Ronak’s call isn’t connecting. Gayatri thinks even Hanumant isn’t answering. Ronak fights with goons. He covers himself with a blanket and goes inside the fire. Sujoy is still on the way. Muskaan and Aarti are trapped badly. Ronak gets in and gets shocked seeing him. He shouts Muskaan. Muskaan and Aarti get shocked seeing him. Ronak says I m coming in, don’t worry. Ronak jumps inside the fire ring. Sir ji reaches some place. He drops Rakhi. He goes to Gayatri.

Gayatri asks Rajni not to worry, everything will be fine. Ronak frees Muskaan and Aarti from ropes. Muskaan hugs Aarti. They cry. Ronak asks them to come fast. Muskaan asks how will we go out now. He shows them the small way and says one person can go at a time, go, I will get Muskaan. Aarti asks Ronak to take Muskaan. She says you have kept my belief, you left your marriage and came on my call, you didn’t let my belief break, you can protect Muskaan, promise me you will always be with Muskaan, my heart can never go wrong. She asks Muskaan to think Ronak can never let her get hurt. She says promise me, always be with Ronak, Devi Maa has made your jodi. Kajal’s dad says I went to hotel and came, Ronak isn’t there. Kajal asks Rajni not to say anything that spoils the matter.

Aarti joins Ronak and Muskaan’s hands and says nothing got wrong, please protect this relation. Ronak asks what are you saying, just hurry up and leave. Aarti asks them to promise that they will always be together. Ronak sees the fire spreading. They promise Aarti. Aarti asks them to go out. Muskaan says I won’t go without mum. Ronak says I will come back to take your mum. Muskaan holds Aarti’s hand. Ronak takes her away. Aarti cries. Ronak takes Muskaan out. Muskaan shouts mumma. Ronak asks Muskaan to just come. They go out. Ronak asks what are you doing. Muskaan says my mum. He says I will get your mum. Aarti falls down. Muskaan says promise me, you won’t come without mum. Ronak asks her not to go anywhere. She says you won’t return without her. Ronak goes in to get Aarti. He sees Aarti and goes inside the fire ring again. Pandit asks why didn’t groom till now. Bua asks why doesn’t happiness come home. Gayatri says Ronak will come. Bua says no one has come, what’s happening.

Rajni says you also have daughters, how can you do this Gayatri, promise me, injustice won’t happen with Kajal. Gayatri worries and wishes Ronak comes soon. Ronak asks Aarti where is she, just call out. Muskaan prays for Aarti. Sujoy comes there and sees the huge blazing fire. He runs ahead. He says Muskaan, Aarti…. He asks goon to get up and tell him, where did Ronak keep them. Goon signs the godown. Sujoy tries to enter the godown. Ronak asks Aarti where is she. Sujoy sees the fire and looks for Muskaan and Aarti. He sees Aarti. He says I will just come. He looks for some way to go ahead. He goes to call fire brigade. He calls fire station and asks them to come fast. Goon says everything went wrong, I have to tell Sir ji that his son has jumped into fire. Ronak sees Aarti fallen unconscious.

Muskaan comes inside to save Aarti. Sujoy falls out. Muskaan also falls out and shouts mumma. Gayatri worries for Ronak.

Update Credit to: Amena

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