Muskaan 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan loses Aarti Written Episode

Muskaan 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak seeing Aarti unconscious. He worries. Sir ji comes to some house happily and pays the goons. He thinks he got rid of Muskaan forever. He drinks and celebrates. Pandit says mahurat got over. Kajal thinks my relation broke before forming. Gayatri cries and prays to get Ronak back. Suzaine and Jaya pray. Rakhi starts her drama. She tells them that she wants to know about Muskaan. Jaya says maybe Muskaan and Aarti got kidnapped. Suzaine says Sujoy has gone to find them. Muskaan cries for Aarti. She asks why didn’t Ronak get Aarti. She goes inside the godown and looks for Aarti. Ronak tries to reach Aarti. Sujoy and Muskaan fall out by the explosion. Gayatri feels scared and shouts Ronak.

Sir ji gets Charan’s call. He asks him to give the good news. He asks what happened, tell me. Charan says everything got over here. Sir ji laughs. He says I wanted to hear this. Charan says factory is on fire, no one got saved. Sir ji says I wanted this, get underground for one month, I will enjoy in Ronak’s marriage now. Charan says but Ronak… Ronak was inside the factory when blast happened, he was with Muskaan and Aarti. Sir ji gets shocked. Charan says Ronak couldn’t come out. Rajni asks Kajal to come with her. Gayatri prays. Rajni scolds Gayatri. She threatens to kill herself. Everyone comes and looks on. Rajni gets upset. She hugs Kajal and cries. Sir ji asks what nonsense. Charan says we tried to stop Ronak, he has beaten all of us and went inside, the factory had a blast just now, Ronak didn’t come out, no one is alive inside. Sir ji gets shocked and drops the phone. He falls down.

Sujoy sits in shock. Muskaan shouts mumma and cries. Sir ji recalls little Ronak and their moments. He throws the wine bottle and shouts Ronak…. He cries. Ronak comes out from the factory. Muskaan looks on. She asks are you fine, where is mumma. He cries. She asks him again. He stops her from going inside. He says I couldn’t save her, say something, forgive me. Sujoy shouts Muskaan. Policemen stop him. Fire brigade men get in. Charan calls Sir ji and says police has reached here, don’t come here, I m also leaving. Ronak says forgive me, I couldn’t fulfill my promise. Muskaan says no, you have to get her back. She faints. Officer says we didn’t get any body inside, even if there was any person, you won’t get the body, it will be just ashes.

Ronak lifts Muskaan and takes her. Sujoy gets shocked seeing them. Sujoy stops Ronak. He takes Muskaan. He asks her to wake up. He asks someone to get water. She gets conscious. He asks who has done this, I can’t live without you, where is Aarti. Muskaan says fire has snatched mumma from me forever. Sujoy gets shocked. She says mum has left me. She cries. Sujoy catches Ronak’s collar and scolds him for lying. He asks why did you do this. He beats Ronak. He asks why did you snatch Muskaan’s smile, answer me. He beats Ronak a lot. Muskaan stops Sujoy.

Gayatri asks where is Ronak. Sir ji says I have… They see Ronak coming home with Muskaan.

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