Muskaan 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak marries Muskaan Written Episode

Muskaan 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak talking to a poor guy about the micro loans available for small time businesses. He comes to Muskaan. She asks him to wear the clothes and go to reception. He refuses. She scolds him for always making her mum away. She cries and says you made my best friend Sujoy away, when you have nothing to snatch from me, you want to snatch the rights from Kajal, she is your wife legally, you want to insult her, when a girl stands alone, people talk nonsense. Everyone waits for Ronak. Bua answers the guests.

She thinks if Ronak doesn’t come, the people will taunt us. Muskaan says you are an expert in hurting others, you just have to go there. She brings Ronak in the party. Kajal smiles. Everyone looks on. Ronak doesn’t let Muskaan go and holds her hand. Everyone gets shocked. Kajal says everyone is staring, its so embarrassing, Ronak let her go. He says she won’t go anywhere. She will stand with me here. Sir ji gets angry. He recalls his plan to get Muskaan insulted in the party, so that Muskaan leaves Ronak and goes. The men start taunting Muskaan and calls her Ronak’s mistress. Ronak and Muskaan get shocked.

Muskaan gets upset. She argues with Ronak. Sir ji asks her to leave from here, then no one will insult her. Bua calls her shameless. Muskaan cries and thinks where am I standing today, what shall I do, shall I keep promise given to Aarti. Gayatri says this is a way to end all this, just go. Bua says Ronak is just of Kajal. Ronak tells them that everyone is talking about laws, fine then, this reception is also wrong, since his marriage didn’t happen with Kajal. He shows the papers to them. He says this is the proof, this is a piece of paper, its value is zero, its not the real marriage certificate, its just an application form we had filled, this didn’t reach court, I have called off the application. Kajal gets shocked. He says I m not Kajal’s husband now.

Bua says Kajal has accepted you as husband by her heart. He makes fun of this joke. He says Muskaan is helpless, why is Kajal helpless, I had taken marriage rounds with Muskaan, I have kept the vows as well, I had kept my promises, Muskaan is my wife, she isn’t any other woman in my life. Gayatri says your marriage with her is incomplete, you didn’t apply her sindoor, you didn’t take the 7th round, she can’t be your wife. He says yes, right, my marriage happened twice but incomplete, I will complete one marriage. He takes Muskaan. He breaks the chair. He ignites fire by burning a chair. He takes round with Muskaan. He says I m taking the round around his fire. He says she is Mrs. Muskaan Ronak Singh. They all get shocked. He gets sindoor and fills Muskaan’s maang.

Ronak says now no one can taunt Muskaan. He gets drunk and says I will always protect Muskaan. Gayatri asks Sir ji to help them. Sir ji assures that Muskaan will be out of the house.

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