Muskaan 26th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal determines to get Ronak Written Episode

Muskaan 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak making the men apologize to Muskaan. The men apologize. Sir ji asks Ronak how much will he get them insulted. He asks the guests to leave and apologizes. Muskaan sees Ronak and cries. Kajal thinks of Ronak and says I have to snatch my right now, I will get what I want. Hanumant gets happy. Ronak says Muskaan has heard many taunts, its enough now, no one will taunt her now. He drinks. Gayatri asks Sir ji to do anything, she doesn’t want to lose Kajal. Sir ji says I can’t deal with Ronak, I can handle any enemy, I have to think how to solve this. She says I just want this mess to get cleared.

He says Muskaan will be out of this house tomorrow. Ronak goes to his house and sees the bride. He says what’s your problem, what do you want, what meaning shall I get from this, you were talking about going away from me, now you are trying to come close. He lifts the ghunghat and gets shocked seeing Kajal. She recalls going to Muskaan and scolding her for marrying Ronak. Muskaan apologizes to Kajal.

Kajal begs Muskaan to leave from Ronak’s life. Muskaan leaves. FB ends. Kajal says you didn’t think of me, why did you show me dreams, I have many answers, I have accepted you as my husband by heart. Someone pelt stones at them. Ronak asks who is doing this, problems come always. He saves Kajal from getting hit. The window breaks. They run out of the outhouse. He gets her inside the house. They go upstairs. He sees Muskaan sleeping. He says I have nothing more than sorry, its enough for the day, we will talk tomorrow, you go and rest, I will also rest, else you can rest here with Muskaan. He thinks they both are sleeping in peace, now I have the tension. He gets back ache when he sits down. He lies on the bed beside Muskaan to relieve his back.

Kajal gets up to have water. She gets shocked seeing Ronak with Muskaan. Gayatri prays to Devi Maa. Sir ji gets the lawyer home. Gayatri asks the lawyer to solve this mess soon. The lawyer says I want to meet Muskaan, Ronak and Kajal first. Bua says no need, you just have to make the decision, I have seen Kajal and Ronak in the decorated room at night. She takes the lawyer to show Ronak and Kajal. They get shocked seeing the ruined room. Sir ji says we will not contact the police. Bua says maybe they have gone to their room. Sir ji says we will go home and check once. Lawyer says if they aren’t there, I have to inform police. They go to check. They get shocked seeing ……

Ronak says you would be thinking, what’s this, I don’t regard Kajal my wife. Muskaan says I don’t accept this marriage. She gives notice against Ronak.

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