My love my life my everything twinj FF part – 27 Written Episode

My love my life my everything twinj ff episode 27
Ok sorry for late update guys really sorry wasn’t well and was busy in something so couldn’t write…. Next one of this part comes soon…. I wanted to post every FF of mine today as my birthday treat 🎂 but sorry couldn’t write all some in middle still.. And next one ilk write this FF only….
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And thank you all for liking my new story to glad you guys liked it and for sure ill continue it… And thanks chhavi, truth teller, kirti, Amaya, an for believing in me trusting me yes I didn’t copied anyone work and I don’t need to do that also I know how to write story may be im not so good writer but for sure I don’t copy anyone work…. As someone said I’m not going to drag it further I know I didn’t do any mistake so I’m not going to argue further on this… Just leave it… Thank you yashika and Shaheen and nishu  I can share with you guys anything glad that I got so many friends here.. Sorry for making you all wait.. I’ll try to update regularly
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Twinj and yuvanya couldn’t celebrate valentines week as ananya went out of station to attend her friend marriage and kuvi busy in office work… Twinkle and kunj wanted to celebrate but it’s not easy now as mahi was always behind twinkle and some people kept there eye on them… But they were talking in phone Secretively about there next plan… And many times planned to meet each other but it didn’t happened as aman is always behind twinkle for some or other reasons and giving her gifts too it increasing kunj anger…. Yuvi dont wanted to send ananya to anywhere but kunj supported ananya and said you have to go friend marriage is very important he teased yuvi on this later yuvi insisted ananya to take twinkle along with her she agreed happily and took twinkle along with her kunj wasn’t knowing this will happen with him… He said her not to go and said he will not give her permittion and he will be angry with her but twinkle being stubborn didn’t listened to him fighted with him and yuvanya supported twinkle yuvi also supporting her more and teasing kunj finally with Bebe recommendation twinkle went with ananya… She wanted to spend time with kunj and wanted come out of this mess soon(aman rashmi created mess) but kunj busy in office work and nahi kept eye on her and aman always behind her And forcing her to come for date with him .. Leela rt supporting him and twinkle always escaping from him giving some she decided to go out for sometime with ananya this way they postpone wedding and they get time too to think what to next.
On other side kunj story is also same rashmi trying hard to impress kunj and always behind him and eating his head expecting him to give valentines gift…
Yuvi teasing kunj Taking rashmi name
Kunj – shut up yuvi 😡
Yuvi – ole baby gussa aaya you missing your twinkle haa koi nayi mey hoona muje chumma dedo 😘😘
Kunj – what kind of brother are you huh
Yuvi – acha dont forget what you did.. I was telling ananya to cancel this plan of attending her friend marriage and she was listening me but what you did
They were in sea area actually four of them decided to meet there twinkle didn’t reached till
Yuvi – arey please na yar dont go our first valentine im so excited for this
Ananya – ha but it’s my best friend wedding yuvi and I fixed this wedding… I helped them to become one
Kunj slowly in yuvi ear( bhayi teri wali marriage broker ka kaam karthi thi kya)
Yuvi – I’ll ask her wait
Yuvi – what you mean to say you were marriage broker in college days
Ananya – yuvi…
Kunj – arey yuvi kuch tho samjo na yar.. she mean to say that she made there friends to understand there love for each other and she always supported them she is like angel to them… And they are her best friends then she has to attend there marriage yar otherwise they feel very bad and she can celebrate valentines week with you next year too or you guys can go for date after she comes back but friends wedding and those memories will not come back I think ananya is right she have to go for marriage..
Ananya – see kunj is very intelligent… He understands my point… You are gentleman kunj…. Twinkle is very lucky to get you
Kunj – thank you
Yuvi – then me?
Kunj – mental man
Ananya – yes right
Yuvi – what??? Kunj 😡😡😡… Ananya baby listen to me dont go na yar please i miss you.. And this kunj telling all this because he want to tease me
Kunj – and why I’ll tease you haa
Yuvi – because kunj brought teddy roses and chocolates to gift twinkle and looking at it I remembered I forgot to get gift for you so i asked him to give something to me also so that I’ll give you but he denied so i just steals those gift and gave it to you and sent empty boxes to twinkle and she fought with him for that… Only this I did huh but wait… He realized what all he said and bites his tongue..
Kunj controlling his laugh while ananya looks at him angrily
Ananya – you thief 😡 you liar 😡
Yuvi – oh god I don’t wanted say it.. But I said everything…. Oh ananya darling I was joking whatever I told you lie
Ananya – haa that time whatever you told its lie.. What you tell me haa.. That for me you brought best gift.. You took so much time to select those gifts for me aur thera jaisha boyfriend lakho mey ek miltha hey jo apni girlfriend ki ithni care karta hey…. Ye tha tera pyar aur care huh idiot 😡😡 poor kunj.. Twinkle fight with him because of you I’m sorry kunj
Kunj – arey it’s ok ananya no need to say sorry and siyappa queen is not angry with me now I convinced her
Ananya – acha kaishe manaya
Yuvi – hein? 5 rs ka chocolate diya vo pagal khush hokey isko chumma dey gayi aur dhono mil key romance ki dhukan kule
Twinkle came there
Twinkle – hi guys 😘😍😍
Yuvi – bye bye
Twinkle – aww you are idiot
Yuvi – you idiot thodi bhi time sense nahi hey chal nikal tera boyfriend ko yaha sey lekar jaa
Twinkle – kunj i missed you baby she hugged him while kunj to hugged her.. She said his to ananya and goes to hug her but yuvi pulls ananya to him and hugs her tightly
Ananya – have you gone mad yuvi
Yuvi – haa hun mey pagal tere pyar mey
Kunj – you think only you can hug haa see now saying this he pulled twinkle by waist lifts her by waist and twirls her after sometimes put her down
Twinkle – dekha 😜😜
Yuvi – haan haan dekha abh thu dekh I’ll also do while ananya pushed him
Yuvi – what?
Annaya – I’m angry with you huh Dont talk to me 😡😡
Yuvi – sorry na baby from next time I’ll not do this
Ananya – ok..
Twinkle – arey this is simple sorry ananya usko kaho dang set maafi mango
Yuvi – rukh tuje mey batata hun bahuth hey baath karne lagi hey
While twinkle hides behind kunj
Kunj – she is right yuvi… Say sorry correctly your girlfriend is very sweet see she didn’t beat you still for mistake
Yuvi – why you giving her ideas shut up
Twinkle – kunj is do sweet that day you steal gift and I was angry on kunj but he calmly made me understand everything and said sorry holding his ears
Kunj – yes like this i back hugged her back hugging twinkle and gave kiss on her cheeks… Baby you are my teddy and I’m your teddy 🐻🐻 then we have to gift other teddy to each other i gift myself to you and you gift yourself to me.. I’m yours you are mine.. And when I touch you your cheeks turns to red that is rose for me and your lips are so tasty it is more sweet than chocolate…
Yuvi – bas bas you both are so shameless huh doing everything in front of us
Ananya – see learn from him something
Yuvi – first ill shut your mouth and he pulled ananya by her waist and captured her lips she was shocked at first then she also gave in both busy in there romance after 10 minutes they broke up kiss
Yuvi – baby bolthi bandh hogayi
While ananya shy
Yuvi – it’s just start darling and you both shameless creatures and turned to look at twinj they were not there already left
Kunj running behind twinkle
Yuvi – ok they started there and can we start he turned to look at ananya who was running looking at him he ruffled his hair and ran behind her
Twinj running
Kunj caught twinkle hand and pulled her to himself
Kunj – you can’t escape from me now
Twinkle – shameless sadu you started to romance there only haa bas mauka chahiye
Kunj – you are not less ok now don’t waste time saying this he came near her and rubbed his thumb on her lips sensually while twinkle closed eyes parted lips giving him permission not wasting much time kuch connected his lips with her and both started to kiss passionately after 15 minutes they broke kiss breathing heavily… Twinkle looked at his body as she opened his shirt buttons while kissing she looked at his body and bites her lips kunj looks his shirt buttons are open and then looks at twinkle who biting her lips he smirked at her
Kunj – only I have right to bite your lips and what you did you opened my shirt buttons and looking at my body shamelessly
Twinkle – oh if you have right to bite my lips then only I have right to look at your body.. You are only mine so I did it
Kunj – ok then I’ll do my work and you do yours don’t you dare to stop me now.. See now what I’ll do to you he said this in husky voice smirking at her
While twinkle try to run kunj held her hand twisted it and pulled her back hugging her
Twinkle moaned ahha kunj… 😍😘 enjoying his touch ☺😊😊☺☺ he rubbed his feet against her bare legs nuzzling his face in her neck and gave her love bites there then turned her around pulled her close by waist leans forward to kiss 😍😘😗 slowly made her to lye on seashore came on top of her while twinkle blinking her eyes cutest looking at him and locked her hands around his neck pulling him more close to her while kunj nuzzled her neck and started to give love bites his one hand is pulling her hair and another hand moving sensually on her body while twinkle hands rubbing his back both were lost in each other forget the world around them… They forgot there problems everything just enjoying each other’s touch and enjoying there sweet torture moments



Yuvaaon also doing same Ananya resting her head on yuvi chest he caring her
Yuvi – I love you 👀😍👉
Ananya – love you too darling
Yuvi – I’ll miss you yar please don’t go na
Ananya – you started again only few days baba I’ll come back see kunj said right I should not miss my friend wedding
Yuvi – hmm something flashed in his mind he smiles to himself
Yuvi – you take twinkle also with you both enjoy in goa what say?
Ananya – hey good idea yar I’ll make her meet my friends and she is like my sister now we became best friends now and she is my partner in everything now… There also we both will enjoy and will do shopping together
Yuvi – haa good kunj is understanding boyfriend 😛😝😜😜 he will send her with you
Ananya – ha Offcourse he will
Yuvanya held each other hand and goes near twinj who were busy in romance still
Twinkle – we both will go somewhere tomorrow
Kunj – no I’m busy I have so many works to do I’m not lazy like you
Twinkle – huhu I’m not lazy ok I just took long leave from office after marriage I’ll join again
Kunj – I’m not going to appoint you in my office I don’t want you to do any siyappa there
Twinkle – huhu after doing romance and all you saying this huhu I’ll complain to usha maa see she will beat you
Kunj – talking like only I did romance you were staring at my body shamelessly so I just full filled your wish and what you will complain to my mom has don’t forget in her laadla I know how to make her my side… Aur na zyada uchi awaz sey muj sey bath math kariyo respect they samji… Aur uss kamina aman ko kaho tumse door raha kare nahi tho usse bhi padege aur tuje bhi
Twinkle – see sadu sarna how you talking with me has don’t forget I’m twinkle taneja beauty with
Kunj – no brains
Twinkle – kunj 😡😡😡 I’ll not let you touch me huh she got up from there
Kunj – acha he pulled her she fell upon him.. Aur batha tera baap kya boltha hey
Twinkle – give some respect to him he is going to be your father in law
Kunj – respect to him huh he don’t have brain like you he is telling that aman is right person choosing him over me huh idiot hey and talks like I’ll kidnap you
Twinkle – chup
Kunj (kidding her more) – after our marriage I’ll make appoint him as watchman to our home
Twinkle started to him him while kunj held her hand laughs
Kunj – just kidding yar.. But it’s true also you mom and dad believe him so much
Twinkle – has that’s true they made scene like that but shocking is chinki too I’ll never forgive her
Kunj – ha same here still have to find out who all are in that team and have to reveal truth soon
Twinkle – yes I want to enjoy our marriage fully don’t want this all siyappa in marriage before that we will make everything clear that aman always behind me irritates me lot now also I left him in mall and escaped from him
Kunj – I’ll see them so I told to pandit ji to keep wedding after somedays
They busy in romance again
Yuvanya comes near to them looking at them twinkle pushes kunj
Ananya – twinkle pack your bag we both will go to goa
Kunj – hmm wait what why twinkle you going to your friend wedding rights why twinkle will come
Ananya – because I’m taking her with me for my friend wedding we both will enjoy in goa
Twinkle – ok
Kunj – what ok not ok you are not going anywhere
Yuvi – arey kunj you are gentle man and understanding boyfriend yar samjo na aur bejo na twinkle ko goa
Kunj pov ( saala taking revenge from me and see this siyappa queen jumping like monkey 🐒 to go to goa.. How I’ll stay away from her)
Kunj – twinkle see I can’t come
Twinkle – hmm I can understand you have work na you are busy it’s ok kunj I’ll go with ananya
Kunj – what you are ready to go without me
Yuvi – haa good twinkie go and pack your bag
Ananya – we will keep good dresses ok we will do party at beach
Twinkle – haa chalo we will go for shopping
Kunj – no twinkle no short dresses
Twinkle – why
Kunj wanted to tell something but couldn’t because Ananya is also there
Kunj – thand hoga na
Yuvi – aww so caring
Kunj – 😡😡
Twinkle – I can manage kunj I’ll wear short dress only and I’ll send you photo too and I’ll call my goa friends there and tell them to meet me
Kunj – no 😡😡😡 don’t meet those monkey 🐒 boys
Yuvi – see kunj was very cool you saing this na see
Ananya – no he will send her see
Twinkle teasing kunj more and more
Kunj – ha go
Twinkle locked her hands around his neck and kissed him
Thank you so much sadu mera sweetu cutie boyfriend
Yuvanya went further leaving twinj behind
Twinkle – chalo baby she held his hand and was going she couldn’t go further because kunj stood there only looking at her
Twinkle – what?
Kunj – goa jayegi thu goa haa 😡😡 no need to go anywhere and no need to meet your monkey friends too
Twinkle – excuse me.. My friends are not monkey and I’m going to goa
Kunj – you 😡… See like good girl go and say ananya that you are not coming to goa
Twinkle – you be good boy now and help me in shopping… I have to take good clothes to wear there no it’s goa man… I have to look s*xy
Kunj – nooo
Twinkle – yes…. Trying to become so cool in front of ananya haa telling her you are very understanding boyfriend now what happened?
Kunj – don’t you miss me there arey it’s her friends yar why you will go you be here only I’ll take you somewhere we will do Romance whole day
Twinkle – jab dekho romance romance huhu after coming from there I’ll do romance… You know only to do romance.. You will be busy in work ba it’s your first priority not me I’m tho lazy for you right now miss me I’m going to goa
Kunj – jyada udh math… Im not going to miss you but you will miss me see and what you said I know only to do romance huh from now ill not touch you….you will miss my touch. You have to come to me and say like kunj I missed you please touch me I’m missing romance please touch me until you say this ill not touch you and remember once you say this you can’t stop me I’ll show you what wild romance is
While twinkle was shocked first then laughed
Twinkle – I’ll come to you and say please ku j touch me haha this is not gonna happen
Kunj – if happens then be ready for what comes to you… Remember wild romance ek nahi sununga teri
Twinkle – acha chal abh
Kunj – keep distance twinkle follow me he went further leaving twinkle behind
They left for goa kavi both were angry on there gf but can’t do anything…
In phone conversations also kunj didn’t talked romantically with twinkle twinkle
Flashback ends..
Kunj – whatever I did it’s ok it’s comedy you could have stopped your girl friend from going but you made my siyappa queen to go
Yuvi – like my tho uska hath pakad key chod aaya vo nach rahi thi goa jaane key liye haa you didn’t saw whatsApp status twinkle enjoyed with her friends lot and that guy was also there what is his name haa varun who proposed her once you know about it right
Kunj – shut up now and in that picture we can see other thing also that one of your gf friend staring her so much
Yuvi – chup
Kunj – thu chup
Yuvi – bro see there rashmi coming.. Give her gift baba now valentines day finished too at least give her now daily she comes to you and getting some marriage invitation samples to and telling you to select one kardo na select
Kunj – shut up and what about you making gifted you teddy I have proof see here showed him pic
Yuvi – yar I kicked it
Kunj – you kicked it and I picked it… It’s safe with me I have to show proof to ananya na so kept it with me and bro you kicked or what that doesn’t matter you took it and I clicked its pic also I’ll show it to ananya maja aayega
Yuvi – but I scold her for that and after taking it I kicked it man
Kunj – I know it and you know it but ananya doesn’t so I’ll tell her what happened there I promise you that I’ll not tell the truth
Yuvi – I’ll also complain to siyappa queen
Kunj – vo sirf meri siyappa queen hey for you twinkle bhabhi and go ahead and tell her what you want to tell… And she joined you that day and teased me right she will get punishment for it… Bahut zyada bhol rahi hey aj kal teri gf sey sikhe hey sab
Kunj – like teri wali doodh ku goli hey
Kunj – let me call her… Kunj calls twinkle but she didn’t pick the call and he saw her status where she dancing with her friends and some boys staring at her… Kunj become jealous controlling his anger
Rashmi – kunj…
Kunj ignores her
Rashmi – kunj ji valentines katam bhi hogaya muje gift nahi mila…
Rashmi – kunj look at me how I’m looking
Kunj – gifts you want gift right I brought for you
Rashmi – ok give me
Kunj – come close to me
She came close to him
Kunj – bas bas vahi rukh so ready to take gift
Rashmi – yes
Kunj gave her tight slap
While she was shocked to receive slap as gift
Yuvi too shocked he was making video of them if they talk nicely then he thought to send it to twinkle but what kunj did made him shocked that live video sent to twinkle too..
Rashmi – auch
She looked at him to get another slap
Kunj – how’s gift you want to marry me right I’ll promise you that you will get this kinds of gift daily from today…
Rashmi – no
Kunj – yar with so much love I gave and you deny it and show me your cheeks now the marks are not so visible I want to do my work perfectly everytime wait let me give you another
Rashmi – noo she ran from there
Kunj turned to yuvi
Thanks yar for live video siyappa queen will be proud of me
On the other side
At sarna mansion
Neela(ananya mother) was living with sarnas only as ananya is not here so she helping them in there work
All knows about twinj plan and support them except chinki and they didn’t gave her any clue about drama they feeling bad because of her doings and she didn’t think about her family once they want her to be away from abhay they warned her but no use
Chinki was observing everyone action and reporting it to abhay
Abhay and chinki talking outside sarna mansion. They were standing in side
Abhay – so what is going in home darling
Chinki – everything going well yar after bhayya and rashmi marriage we will get marry
Abhay POV (oh god this irritating girl she thinks I love her and marry her huh stupid girl in waiting to get your name property after that I don’t want you)
Chinki – where you lost.
Abhay – in you… If we become close then we can get married no one can stop us can we
Chinki – we are close only right
Abhay – not this… We have to become more close he pulled her close his eyes filled with lust he looks at her body he tried to remove her top zip while she got shocked
Chinki – what you doing
Abhay – romance baby he came near to her lips
Someone making there video
Someone pulled chinki
It’s neela she slapped abhay
Abhay – how dare you
Neela – get out from here and you cone with me abhay plan got spoiled he went from there
Neela – have you gone mad chinki what to you were doing
Chinki – vo.. Vo.. It’s none of your business how dare you to slap him… And it’s my home I’ll do whatever I want who are you. Your daughter still didn’t because DIL here and don’t you dare to mess up with us I’ll make sure you and your daughter face the worst.. And … Ahha she screamed in pain as she received tight slap across her face from kunj who looks at her angrily
Neela – no kunj
Kunj – I’m sorry aunty please don’t take her words seriously I don’t know why she becomes like this
Yuvi – how dare you chinki he too raised hand to slap her but neela held his hand and nodes in no
Neela – she is small still make her understand things she will understand chinki beta you are spoiling your life nothing is more than family and you don’t believe your family haa they wish good for you
While chinki crying and shivering beings scared
Kunj – no aunty she will not understand by this language we tried to explain her but no use.. And now I’ll teach her good lesson he dragged her inside ignoring everyone there he locked her in store room and told everyone to not to open it for somedays…. So she will not be contact with them and also safe from that evil gang
Anita usha Or bebe Appoligised neela for what chinki did and they are ashamed of her behavior
Neela – it’s ok ji bachi hey vo aur aap log maafi math mango please
At goa
Our girls were enjoying but missing there lovers too especially our siyappa queen she is missing kunj badly and also romance in phone too he is not talking romantically
She was getting ready in front of mirror
And she saw kunj in mirror and turned around in shock. Kunj comes to her he pinned her near wall













Twinkle – you
Kunj – shh he held her both hands above her head and one hand moving on her face Sensually he took out her waist band and tied her hands above her head so she can’t move it he smirked at her he kissed on her forehead then on her eye lids then on her nose tips and then cheeks while twinkle does pout expecting him to kiss her there but he teased her and didn’t kissed there he started to lift her dress bit touched her bare legs and thighs making her moan his name loudly then gave her love bites then stepping back
Twinkle – no kiss me here don’t go cone to me baby I missed you baby come na
Saying this twinkle fell from bed along with Ananya
Ananya – ye kya tha.
Twinkle – arey kunj come don’t go pulling ananya more still closing her eyes
Ananya – kunj came here huh why this girl behaving like this leave me twinkle arey wait why you touching me like this twinkle she screamed while twinkle back in her senses realized what all she did
Twinkle – it was dream
Ananya – haa meri maa mey kunj nahi hu.. I can’t handle your love like this
Twinkle – sorry but don’t forget yesterday you also did same to me
Ananya – haa but you did too much huh come let’s sleep now
They both sleeps
Precap –
( twinkle ananya missing kuvi and kuvi also missing them kunj doesn’t want to show it to twinkle he wants her to loose in this challenge .. Twinkie missing kunj more and more she comes back to Amritsar then further hot romance may be then aman next plan execution what is that now ….)
To be continued…

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