Naagin Season 3 10th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Bela fulfills two conditions for Huzur and Hukum’s destruction Written Episode

Naagin Season 3 10th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahir and Bela exchanging wedding vows while taking rounds. Pandit ji says rounds are completed and asks him to apply sindoor on her forehead. Mahir applies sindoor on her forehead and makes her wear mangalsutra and tells her that he has fulfilled his promise, like he said. Pandit ji declares that the marriage is completed and asks them to greet Devtas and take elders’ blessings. Bela tells Mahir that the way is not easy, but she is happy that she is with him. Mahir says always Bela. Huzur’s Pandit asks her to take elders’ blessings. She says never and says Naagrani blesses others and don’t take anyone’s blessings. Both brides come infront of each other. Huzur says finally you have married Krish. Bela says you have married Mahir. Huzur asks what will you leave as this is my husband’s house. Bela says question is that in which corner you will stay? Sumitra says this is Mahir’s house. Bela asks Kuhu to bring something. Kuhu brings Andy’s will. Bela reads it and says when she got married to Mahir, Andy named half of the house to her. She asks Huzur if she will leave. Sumitra checks the papers angrily. Bela says it is clearly written that the half house is on Bela Sharma and not Mahir’s wife. Vish says we shall give the ground floor to them. Vikrant says many oldies are here. Rohini gets angry.

Bela says this is court matters and real papers will work there, and not fake Ruhi. You will be punished for real. Huzur says I am not greedy for money and says your Naagrani can’t be greedy. Bela says only Bela can be greedy and that’s why Huzur is going back to naag lok. Huzur says no. Bela says your words are false like you and tells that they are going to her room, which was Mahir and her room before. Bela and Mahir go to their room. Sumitra says she is flying high. Yuvi says she will fall down fast. Sumitra says once she tells the truth of Naagmani. Bela says I will expose you both, just watch. Bela comes to their room and looks at it, recalling the moments. Mahir comes and says Mrs. Sehgal. Bela says Bela….Mahir says Mahir’s Bela. They hug each other. Hone de Ishq Shuru plays….Bela says I can’t live without you. Mahir says who asked you to stay away from me. He says they are staying here. Bela says we have to expose them and says she has to fulfill God’s three conditions to get clue about their destruction.

Mahir says I will always support you. Bela and Mahir hug each other. Huzur and Juhi (as Mahir) go to room. Juhi comes in her form. Huzur turns to her. Juhi becomes Mahir again. Huzur asks if he is afraid of her. Mahir asks what? Huzur asks him about the gift and asks him to go near Bela and not her. She asks her to give one drop of some liquid to Bela daily and make her mad. Hukum’s men call Huzur. She goes. Juhi comes to Mahir and Bela and inform them about Huzur going somewhere. She also tells about the liquid which she asked her to give her. Bela says we will see it later. Juhi thinks to go to room. Mahir sits in car. Bela tells that she is more fast than the car. Mahir asks if they shall race? Bela says she don’t want him to lose. Mahir says normal couples celebrate wedding night differently. Juhi checks the liquid and coughs smelling it. Sumitra asks Rohini about Huzur. Rohini says she went to meet Hukum. Yuvi thinks to ask Krish about Huzur and knocks on the door. Juhi couldn’t become Krish/Mahir and gets tensed.

Mahir and Bela come to the cave. Huzur went inside. Bela throws a knife on the cave and the cave tells that it will not allow them. Bela asks Mahir to let her go alone and tells that this is the alive cave which is very dangerous. Yuvi come sto the room and thinks where is Krish. He sees Juhi in the mirror and thinks Krish bribed Juhi to become himself to marry Bela. He goes. Juhi relaxes. Mahir refuses to let Bela go inside. Bela tells that she will protect herself and reminds that God has chosen her to kill them. She convinces him. Mahir asks how did you know that today is the day when you destroy them? Bela says my heart is saying. Mahir asks then how you didn’t recognize me. Bela says I was buried in the walls then…Mahir hugs her. She asks him if she can go now, and says she has bhole nath’s blessings and his love. Mahir asks how you will go? Bela says not by walk, she becomes butterfly and sits on his hand. Mahir says Bela…butterfly. He stands outside.

Bela flies and goes inside the cave. Huzur meets Hukum and asks if there is any problem. Hukum asks how much time she will take to give bottle to Krish for Bela? Huzur tells that she gave bottle to Krish for Bela. Hukum asks her to hurry up and says give that bottle fast so that bela couldn’t change her avatar fast and I can see her anywhere. Huzur tells him about Bela getting Shiv Shambhu’s vardaan and that she shall fulfill some conditions to know our secret. Hukum says she shall fulfill three conditions, and says nobody can enter this cave without my permission, not even housefly and this is the first condition. She says second condition is that she has to see Hukum’s face and says nobody has seen my face since years and tells that there is no mirror here, and says she can’t enter this cave.

Mahir waits for Bela and gets worried for her. Yuvi thinks what is happening, and thinks what Juhi was doing in Huzur’s room and thinks why she was hiding from him. He thinks if Juhi married Huzur or Bela. He comes to conclusion and comes to Bela and Mahir’s room. He hears Bela and Mahir’s voice coming from bathroom, and Bela telling that he did wrong by marrying huzur. They are in the bath tub. Yuvi comes to bathroom and asks Mahir to come out. He tells Bela that Mahir is not her husband. Bela asks him to shut up. Mahir comes out with Yuvi. Yuvi asks what he was doing? Mahir tells that he was doing as huzur said. Yuvi says what Juhi was doing in Huzur’s room. Mahir says I asked her to be there as bela can check in the room. Yuvi says bela is her sister. Mahir says Juhi left bela to die for the vultures. Yuvi asks how do you know about vultures? Mahir says he knows everything about the girls. Yuvi asks what you will tell Bela. Mahir says I will use my mind. Mahir goes to bathroom and romances with Bela. They become Vish and Vikrant. Vikrant romances with her and they leave. Huzur sees butterfly and tells Hukum. Hukum touches butterfly and it becomes Bela. Bela asks what he will do now? Hukum tells Huzur that he asked her to give her that medicine and senses her presence. Bela says you claimed that I can’t enter here, but I entered here. She says she will see his face also. Huzur asks if she wants to break karwachauth fast and says he has to treat her mind. Bela becomes half snake and kicks hukum’s snakes men.

Huzur asks Bela if she wants to get defeated again. Bela says you people know that you will not get Naagmani, and then also begs infront of me. Huzur says she is the Naagrani and Naagmani belongs to her. Hukum asks how you will see me? Bela hits Huzur and their men. She pushes Hukum near a small water tub and sees his face in the water. She says she will fulfill the third condition also. Huzur says you will never manage to fulfill the third condition and vanishes with huzur. A Storm comes in the cave and the fire starts around Bela. Mahir gets worried for Bela and tries to get inside, but feels the current. Lamp falls down by his hand and he realizes that the door is getting burnt through fire. He burns the door and thinks nobody can stop him from saving her. He says I will save my love, nobody can snatch my love, not even God. He gets inside the cave and falls down. Bela shouts for help and thinks this fire is increasing, and asks God to help her. She coughs. Mahir comes near there and calls her.

Bela says Mahir ji, how did you reach inside? Mahir tells her that there is no fire here. Bela asks can’t you see it? Mahir says yes. Bela says that’s why this is tilismi fire and asks him not to come inside. Mahir asks her to take back the promise, and jumps inside. Bela says this fire is very dangerous. Mahir says I can feel it, but can’t see it. He asks her to trust him and hold him. He jumps with her and fall in the water tub. Bela says what is this? Mahir says I can see the difference between real and fake fire. He starts romancing with her and says he loves to be Krish. Bela gets sad. Mahir asks are you fine? Bela says I want to tell you something and says if his Krishgiri goes, and says you will be my Mahir only, who can’t see my tears and can’t live without caring me. Mahir says I am your Mahir. Bela hugs him. Oh Soniye plays……

Precap: Huzur asks Yuvi why did you go to my room and holds his neck. Yuvi asks her to listen and says I saw Juhi in room. She says she don’t want to listen. Yuvi asks if she is sure that her husband is Krish. Huzur looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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