Naagin Season 3 16th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Bela and Mahir unite, but Sumitra attempts to burn Mahir alive Written Episode

Naagin Season 3 16th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela telling Mahir that she knows he has many reasons to refuse her and her love, but then also she loves him. She says I love you. Mahir looks at her. Ab tum hi toh hai….plays….Bela asks Mahir why is he upset with her and asks if because of Vikrant. Mahir says your past life or naag or naagin of your life and says I am not jealous of anyone and was literally dying to hear this from you. He says Vish and Bela know about this. He says I want to tell you and says I love you, Bela…Song plays….Ab tum hi toh ho…They have a hug. Mahir says we humans also love someone for births and says even it is Naag or Naagin. Bela smiles. Mahir says I will not leave you for 7 births and asks her to remember. He says you opened your heart today and expressed your feelings. Bela says someone told me to do this. He asks what is her wish to move forward? They kiss each other. Song plays…..Samaye ne ye kya kiya……tumhe maine paa liye…Bela tells him that she knows where to go and tells that Vish has arranged. Mahir says for suhaagraat. Bela says really? No and asks him to come. Vikrant is in the jungle and messages Vish that there is one snake and one vulture following him. Vish messages that even one snake is behind her and it seems she is Rohini. Vikrant writes let’s work on our plan. Vish writes let’s make them exercise and make this jungle as bhool bhulaiyya. Bela and Mahir come to the house. She takes it from under the dustbin. Mahir asks if someone keeps dustbin here. Bela says nothing thinks that it can be kept here. Mahir says impressive. Bela says she knows more impressive things.

Mahir jokes with her and asks if they fight by chance then he has to be quiet fearing she will bite him. He says I don’t mind so much. He pulls her closer and says it is romantic. Bela says let’s make it more romantic. She says all the arrangements are done for our welcome. Bela asks where is the washroom? Mahir searches and tells her. She goes to the bathroom. He also comes inside and says he wants to bath first. Bela puts water on him using the water shower. Mahir throws water on her. They stand under the shower. Mahir slips in the bathroom and says it is love strategy. He asks Bela what happened to her hand and pulls her in the bathtub. He says I love you. Bela says thank you. She says what I will wear now, you made my saree wet.

Mahir asks her to wear the shirt kept there. Mahir changes his clothes and asks Bela if she was looking at him. She says no. Mahir says you have one more option and says you will look wonderful in the towel. Bela asks him to go. Mahir comes out and sees the candles and the decorations. He asks Bela to take her time and lights the candles. Sanam Teri Kasam plays….Mahir makes Bela wear small floral Tiara. She says the shirt is short. Mahir says it should have been shorter. Bela asks if he lighted the bonfire. He says yes, using stones. She says I love you and hugs him. Mahir says there is nothing to eat, but he made arrangements for something to drink. He gives her the glass. She says this is not tea. Mahir says this is brandy. They say cheers and start drinking. Bela says she is getting the feeling of a mountain and just needs a snowfall. Ice falls down from the snow machine. Mahir and Bela enjoy the snow. She lies down there. Mahir falls on her…..pyaar de mujhe tu…..plays….Bela says this is so perfect and says she just wants him. Mahir removes his shirt and leans over her. Bela says she always wanted to be with him like this. He asks if I am no more then. She pats on his face. He covers themselves with the blanket.

Sumitra and Alek are following Vishaka and thinks where she will go? Vish sees a truck, becomes a snake and gets inside the truck. Sumitra and Alek get upset. Vish messages him that she fooled them. Vikrant messages that she is smart, and writes that they are still behind him. Vish asks him to fool them and writes she has won from him.

Bela gets up in the morning and asks Mahir to let her get up. He pulls her closer and asks her to stop staring him. Bela says what to do, my husband doesn’t look at me, I have to stare at him. Mahir gets up and says now I am looking at you. He says you were snoring all night. Bela says you are lying and says no….She covers herself with a blanket and runs to the bathroom.

Mahir tries to light the stove. Bela keeps the match stick. Mahir says I tried to light it using old technique. He says there is nothing in the fridge. Bela gives him something to make and tells him that she will be back and have some work. Mahir asks if she is sure? Bela says she was not this much sure before. She hugs him. She says Vish will come here, but I will come before her and then we will go from here.7 Mahir says I love you. He asks her to say I love you too and threatens to go very far if she doesn’t say him I love you. Bela says ok and is about to go. Mahir asks her to tell. Bela says I love me..and says where ever you go, I will search you. Mahir says you have to say I am sorry then. Bela comes out, locks the door and says I love you too. She becomes a snake and leaves. Vish comes to the cottage and messages Vikrant, just then Sumitra comes there and makes her phone fall. She becomes human and tells that I knew that Vikrant will do the same as you and says you would have seen who was driving the truck, and says he was my name and informed me. She holds Vish’s hand. Bela comes to the temple and does puja. She prays to Bhole Naath and says you are Shiv and Shakti, all this brahmand is because of you, and we all are your ansh. She says she came today to return his safekeeping. She says she is stepping into a new world where she doesn’t need Naagmani, but she needs his blessings as she can’t do anything without it. She says Mahir and I, both want your blessings. She prays. Temple bell rings.

Sumitra asks Vish, where are they? She says she is more powerful and intelligent than Bela. She asks if in this bill/cottage. She asks do you think someone will come here for you. She says Vikrant might have come. Yuvi comes there. Rohini and Alek also come there, followed by the vulture Amita. Alek says you are caught. Sumitra says we will trouble her as she troubled us to settle the scores. Vish shouts Bela. Sumitra bites Vish and she falls down.

A flower falls down on Bela’s hand. Bela says I got your permission and tells my ancestors used to dance and express their feelings. She says before leaving naag and naagin’s pavitra naag log, I would want to thank you for the last time. She keeps naagmani in front of bhole naath and dances. Vish gains consciousness and holds Amita’s neck and makes her fall down. She then makes Rohini fall. Yuvi holds Vish’s neck and tries to suffocate her. Bela dances holding Trishul. Vish gets powers. Alek hits her. Vish makes him fall and is about to bite him, but others save him. Vish shouts calling Bela. Sumitra becomes a snake and bites her. Vish falls down. Bela thanks Bhole naath for giving permission for Mahir and her relation. Vish comes near the window and asks Mahir to run. Mahir is shocked. Just then Sumitra comes inside and asks Mahir if his wife left, and asks if he makes his breakfast himself. Bela gives the Naagmani to Shiv ji and tells that she is coming to take Mahir, and thinks they don’t need to fear as she has his blessings. Sumitra asks where is Bela? Mahir asks do you think I will tell you. Sumitra says you don’t know who am I? Mahir says whoever you are, but you are not my mum. Sumitra acts and says she is changed. Mahir says why are you doing this for a stone like Naagmani. Sumitra says I love it and asks him to tell where is Bela. Others bring Vish there. Vish asks him to run.

Sumitra holds Mahir’s neck and asks him to say. Mahir refuses to tell. Yuvi says they can’t think that we think a step ahead of them. Sumitra says right. Alek says it must be in the house. Sumitra asks them to search. Mahir says you will not get the Naagmani. Sumitra says she will not go empty-handed and will take his life. Mahir says you are defeated from Bela and says you will not get Naagmani. Alek and Yuvi come and tell that Naagmani is not here. Sumitra pushes Mahir and tells that she will not go empty-handed and becomes a half snake. She suffocates Mahir with her snake tail. Vish asks Sumitra to leave him and says he is your son. She asks don’t you care for him. Sumitra says I care for him, just a bit. She makes Vish falls down. Vish feels bad and is weak. Mahir shouts Vishaka. Sumitra asks him to tell. He says never. Vish says you will get burnt in hellfire. Sumitra says you gave me a good idea and says you will die today with fire. Bela is coming back when she slips and sindoor falls down from her hand.

Sumitra attacks Mahir and says this is my motherly love, your Naagin’s Maa mamta. Bela thinks this is abshagun, my sindoor fell down. She runs towards the cottage telling her that nothing has happened to him. Sumitra makes a wooden table fall on Mahir. Mahir feels pain and tells that she will never get Naagmani. Sumitra questions him and asks what is the thing which can’t fly by air, can’t drown in water and can’t burn in fire. She says it is Naagmani. Sumitra asks what is her favorite thing which can be burnt in the fire. Vish shouts no. Sumitra says Vish knows what is it and asks her to see tamasha. Vish asks her to leave Mahir. Sumitra gets kerosene oil kept there and pours around Mahir and on the wooden table/rack which is on Mahir’s stomach. She asks Yuvi to do shuddikaran of the house. He pours kerosene oil in the house. Bela is running and is on the way. Mahir says you will die too if I did. Sumitra says let’s see and asks everyone to say Swaha and burns the match stick and put on the table. Everyone laughs. Vish cries. Mahir is caught in the fire. Sumitra asks others to take Vish from there. Mahir closes his eyes. Alek closes the door.

Bela cries and says you can’t leave me Mahir ji. Vish and Vikrant see her crying and feel bad. Some black clothes men drag Bela somewhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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