Naagin Season 3 24th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Huzur turns out to be Fake Ruhi aiming to be Naagrani Written Episode

Naagin Season 3 24th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela sensing someone presence in the house and thinks I made magical Suraksha chakra around the house. Krish hides Bela from Huzur’s men and Sumitra. He says I didn’t tell you as what was necessary to save you than tell you. He says they are dangerous. Bela asks didn’t they make you unconscious? Krish says I am smart and recalls doctor giving him tablets to make him unconscious, but he throws it off. Bela asks him to go to the hotel or somewhere. Krish says you asked me to stay here, but you have many enemies than me. I saw a hot lady with blue eyes. Bela thinks she is Sumitra and thinks who was with her. Vikrant asks Vish not to move else the roots will suffocate her to death. Vish stands silently without moving, the roots loosen and leave her. Vish gives a knife to Vikrant. Vikrant cuts the roots rope with which he is tied. They leave. Bela is leaving. Krish stops her. Bela asks why is he after her. Krish says I saved your life two times. Bela says I will decide what to do, and says did you get the right to rule or order me. They see Sumitra coming there and hide. Sumitra says I will not leave you. Krish throws something to divert them and leave with Bela, closes the door. Sumitra hears the door closing and peeps out, but there is nobody there. Sumitra asks them to search her.

Bela scolds Krish and says you brought troubles with you and says she doesn’t want his help. She asks him not to say as she has no time. Sumitra comes out of the house and asks Huzur’s men to search them. She says she is going to meet Huzur and will return in some time. Bela says I need car keys. Krish says I got it, but we have to go by walk else. They run and stop as Bela senses someone following them. Krish stops a taxi and tells something to the driver. Driver leaves. Bela asks why you let him go. krish says he has a great plan. They start running and come to the ladies standing on the road. Krish tells that the men in black are from kali kartoot gang and says they are coming to loot your gold. Lady says they might want to steal her (Bela’s) gold. Krish says she is wearing artificial gold. The ladies tell that they will beat them. Krish says we will call Police. He asks them to beat him. Ladies beat huzur men. Bela says if this is his great plan and says they will catch us. Krish asks her to relax and whistles.

The taxi driver comes there. They sit in the taxi and leaves. Krish tells Bela that he has saved her and boasts about his plan. He asks where are we going? Bela says haveli. The driver says big snakes stay there and says people say that if they get angry then…just then he sees huzur goons and tells Bela and Krish. Bela and Krish hide and lie down in the taxi/Van. Huzur men couldn’t see them and leave. Krish and Bela get up. He asks are you okay? Bela looks on. Krish asks the driver what snakes do hiss or kiss. The driver asks him not to joke and says even icchadhari naag and naagin come there. Krish says half human and half snake and says how they could walk. Bela tells him not to joke about them as they don’t like anyone to make fun of them and tells that they are very strong and mystical. Krish says you know so much about them and says you believe on such things being educated. The driver is about to tell about his village story. Krish asks him to drive fast. He says we will meet Naag and Naagin today. Bela asks if he is not scared. Krish says he doesn’t afraid of fire. The driver says you will get burnt today.

Bela tells Krish that you can’t come inside the haveli. Krish says what I can do what I can’t do, you can’t tell me. Bela says you have much childishness and says you can take it what is inside. Krish says I can handle it like I have handled and saved you from fire and goons. Bela asks him to keep his overconfidence to himself. Krish says I am not coming here for you, as I think I owe you something. Bela says whatever you see inside is at your own risk. He asks her to give some hint. They go in the haveli and see the snakes. Krish gets scared. Bela asks him to take it. She says you wanted to come and asks him to enjoy. Krish sees many snakes and says the driver was telling stories. Bela becomes a half snake and half human and says icchadhari naag and naagin exist. She says she is not an ordinary naagin, but Naagrani and came here to enquire where they all are going and on whose sayings. Krish is shocked. Bela asks if you will not come here inside with me. Krish says I am not scared and says he will come. Vish and Vikrant come there and see snakes, and think something big is going to happen.

Bela and Krish come inside and see three snakes. Bela asks Krish not to get afraid. The snakes ask Bela to go and says you are not our Naagrani. Bela asks who ordered you this. Krish asks Naags why they are angry and says she is one among you. Snake says no and says beat her. Bela beats them with her snake tail. Many snakes in human form come there and fight with Bela and Krish. They hold Bela’s neck and is about to bite her, when Vish comes and hits them with the rod. Vikrant also beats them. Vish asks what is happening? Bela says I will tell you later, first beat them. Krish says I hope you will remember my favor, I am saving your life again. Bela saves his life and says I don’t keep anyone favor with me. She asks Krish if he wants to come with her. Krish says no. Bela starts walking, when someone is about to stab her, Krish holds his hand and pushes him. Bela thanks him and asks him not to come inside. They go inside and find many snakes standing as humans. Vish asks what is happening? Snake man says taaj poshi of our naagrani. Vikrant says she is our Naagrani and her taaj poshi is done long ago. Sumitra is standing wearing black gown and says clever people need just a sign. Vikrant realizes her voice and identifies her. Bela asks what are you doing here, and says nidok vansh are not allowed here. Sumitra asks what is your value now? Bela says I am Naagrani. Sumitra says you were Naagrani and asks her what to naag guru is reciting. Bela says this can’t happen. Sumitra says both Shesh and nidok Naagvansh made history and moved you from naagrani position as we made us ashamed. Bela calls Pandit Ji, and sees him to be someone else. She asks where is Aghori baba. Sumitra says we kick him out as he was loyal to you.

Bela says I know you are doing this on huzur’s saying and asks who is he? Vish and Vikrant ask her to answer. Sumitra taunts Vikrant and asks Vish to stop him else she will become a widow soon. Bela asks what he wants? Sumitra says Huzur wants all the drama. Bela asks her to bring huzur in front of her. Sumitra says today I will show you. Huzur comes standing on the swing. Sumitra asks everyone to bend their heads down in front of Huzur. She asks Bela to do the same. Bela asks if everyone has gone mad and says I am your Naagrani. Huzur says wrong. Vish, Bela and Vikrant hear the woman’s voice and say it is familiar. Sumitra says Huzur don’t want to show her face.. Huzur says servants shall not say before maliks. She says she is the rakshak of the world and wanted to leave Naaglok, we shall not have any relation with her, as she has become like human in human world, we will kick her out from here, and says this is the punishment of her. Bela says you are scared and that’s why hiding your face from me. Vikrant says I heard this voice before. Vish says whose? Huzur says it is a wonder, you couldn’t identify my voice and comes near them. She takes out the gloves from her hands and removes the veil from her head to show her face. Bela, Vish and Vikrant are shocked to see Bela’s original avatar Ruhi. Sumitra smirks. Huzur tells that she is the real Ruhi..

Bela says I am Ruhi, this face was mine…She says my name was Ruhi, I have changed my avatar and says this is some imposter who took my old avatar. Ruhi says you are an imposter who took my avatar to get Naagmani. Bela says you are lying. Huzur says you ruled on them by taking my avatar, as they all remember my face. Bela says I am Ruhi and have changed my face to take revenge for my love’s death and for the humiliation. She says she became Bela for revenge. Huzur says nobody will believe you. Vikrant says I am the witness that she is Ruhi. Huzur emotionally blackmails her and tells that whoever can’t become of his own love and of his mum, can’t become of anyone else. Vish believes on Bela. Huzur tells that she was her friend, but started loving her lover behind her back.

Bela says you are very clever and came here with full preparation and knows everything about us Vish…All snakes tell that they are lying. Huzur says when I told them about my story, they believed me. They tell that they accept her as Naagrani and think Bela to be a betrayal. Sumitra asks what to do with her. Huzur says I want everything from her whatever she has snatched from me. Bela asks what do you want? Snakes tell that they will kill Bela and her partners. Vish says huzur is the imposter. Huzur asks why did you do this with me? Bela says you know who is right and who is the imposter. Huzur whispers in her ears, my tears are fake and all are mad to believe her. Bela asks them to hear what she said and says she accepted that she is the imposter. Huzur tells that she is the real Naagrani and asks them to hate Bela.

Precap: Vish and Vikrant confront Krish. Bela says he was my Mahir and that girl forced Mahir and made him helpless to become Naagrani’s place. Mahir/krish stands there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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