Naagin Season 3 3rd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Bela stops Huzur and Mahir’s marriage, Andy gets killed Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Bela telling Krish that although he is refusing to be Mahir, but his eyes are saying it all. She says you are my Mahir. Krish says he is Krish and asks her to understand. Bela says you can’t hide from me, you are my Mahir. You can lie to me, but not your eyes. She says a person’s face can be similar, but not his heart. She says you made excuses to be with me and that icecream incident is known to Mahir only. Krish says I tried to make your snake friends understand and you are thinking about that snake incident. Rohini is searching Mahir. Huzur says Mahir is here only. Krish asks Bela to stop it. Bela says she is getting hurt when he refers himself as Krish. Krish says I can’t bear your nonsense and says I am going. Bela smiles and says when you can’t lie then why are you trying to lie. He turns her and tells her that he is not joking. He says I am going. Bela asks him not to go. Rukh jaare…..Bela says Mahir…and cries.

Kuhu and Andy gain consciousness. Kuhu says how we got consciousness. Yuvi comes there with Alek and says because of us. He tells that they have done the work which they wanted to do. Alek holds Kuhu’s hand while Yuvi keeps knife on Andy’s neck. Yuvi says we are very dangerous and asks Alek to show demo. Alek slaps Kuhu. Andy says you can’t be my son. Yuvi slaps him and says I can kill you both now itself. Andy keeps knife on Yuvi’s neck and asks him to let her go. Yuvi takes it out snaky tongue. Andy gets hurt by the knife. Yuvi is about to bite Andy, when Kuhu pleads infront of him that they will do anything and asks him to leave Dad. Yuvi and Alek take Kuhu and Andy with them. They bring them to haveli. Mahir is standing with Huzur as the groom. Yuvi says they brought him as Mahir don’t refuse marriage. Huzur says my Mahir will not betray me. Yuvi pushes Andy and Kuhu. Kuhu asks Bela to stop Mahir’s marriage with Huzur. Andy and Vish also ask her to do something. Bela says I am handing my destiny to Bhole Naath. She goes to the temple area and says everything is in your hands..their defeat. Vish, Vikrant, Andy and Kuhu join her and ring temple bell etc. Bela does the aarti. Huzur and Mahir sit on the mandap.

Sumitra goes to bela and asks them to stop it. Yuvi says they will not agree like this and is going near them, but Vikrant comes infront and tries to stop him. Sumitra pushes Bela, and the aarti falls, but Kuhu holds it and continues doing aarti. Bela says we are Bhole Naath’s devotee and today is Maha shivratri and says nobody can stop them from doing puja. Andy also does puja and does aarti. Huzur asks Pandit ji to read the mantras. Hukum goes near them and huts one by one with the electric stick. He pierces his Dracula nails to Andy’s neck and injures him badly. Mahir runs to Andy and asks what did they do with you. I will kill them. Andy says you know…and takes his last breath. Mahir is shocked. Bela sees Mahir holding Andy and calling him dad. Bela, Vish and Vikrant run to Andy. Kuhu cries. Mahir comes to Huzur. Huzur says it is good that Andy died, now we will get married. Bela asks Huzur to fight with her. Huzur says she is Naagrani. Bela asks Pandit ji to do her abhishek. Huzur threatens to kill Pandit ji. Bela asks him to decide if he is scared of Kaal or Maha Kaal. Pandit ji goes to the idol there.

Bela asks Huzur to face her and asks why did she kill the people, just to marry her husband. Huzur asks Hukum not to come. Bela asks Vish and Vikrant not to come when they fight. Both Huzur and Bela fight with each other. Both of them become half snake and try to harm each other. 5 snakes appear behind Bela, while a giant snake behind Huzur appear. Huzur bites Bela and makes her fall down. Vish and Vikrant run to Bela and ask her to get up. Huzur and his men beat them. Vish and Vikrant faints. Huzur asks if anyone doubts on me, and thinks that I am not Naagrani. Sumitra says you are not the only Naagrani, but deserves to rule on the world. Mahir runs to bela and asks her to get up, says I don’t permit you to die. He says you are the real Naagrani and asks her to get up. Bela opens her eyes. Mahir says today is Maha shivratri and says you can’ make Bhole naath upset. He says I am with you, give me your hand. He says I am leaving your hand, but not your support. Mahir comes to Huzur. Huzur asks Mahir to come and marry her. She asks Pandit to read the mantra. Bela runs and jumps on Huzur making her leave Mahir’s hand. She says I will not leave you. Huzur asks her to leave her. Bela says she is the bhakt of the Maha kaal.

Hukum is about to come there, but huzur stops him. Huzur and Hukum become smoke and vanish. Sumitra, Alek, Yuvi and others leave. The real Naag guru comes there and tells that it is not easy to kill them, and says they need special conditions to kill them. Bela says how we could know? Naag guru says Bhole Naath will tell. Bela asks with whose hand, they will die. Naag guru says lets come to naag guru and see whom he chooses. They do the puja and recite the mantras. Bhole Nath chooses Bela to kill them. Naag guru says Bhole Naath has given vardaan to Bela. Huzur’s men keep Sumitra, Yuvi and others captive. The man asks Sumitra who is the man Krish whom Huzur is marrying. Sumitra tells that he is Krish, Mahir’s lookalike, and says Mahir was Bela’s husband. The man asks where did you see him? Sumitra says I saw him in the market. A fb is shown, Sumitra sees Krish/Mahir and run behind him calling his name. He goes to the office. Sumitra asks Driver about Mahir/Krish. Driver tells that he is Krish and tells about it. Sumitra goes inside the building and hears Krish talking to his business associates. He says my mantra in life is to earn money and spend on myself.

Sumitra smirks hearing him and thinks to convince him for her profit. She meets him and gives business proposal. She says you look like my step son, who was a fool. Krish asks you want me to go infront of Bela and fool her. She asks him to play double role and says she wants Bela to get confused and tell about naagmani. She asks him to become close to Bela and do few things which Mahir used to do. She says I will tell you what to do by becoming Mahir. She tells him what Mahir used to do. Krish says ok and shake his hands. Fb ends. Sumitra tells that she thought if Krish meets Huzur, then Bela will be broken and tell about naagmani. She says she thought they can’t even hinder their marriage. She says that guy is Krish and not Mahir, as Mahir died right infront of us. She says Bela didn’t let Huzur marriage happen with Krish, but nothing bad happen as everyone is alive and not dead. Hukum holds her neck angrily. Yuvi shouts mom. Hukum’s man asks them to leave from there. Sumitra gets angry and tells that she is nidok vansh’s rani and will kill all of them. She says this all is happening because of Bela and asks where is Krish? Bela, Kuhu, Boltu and others do Andy’s last rites. Bela asks Boltu to handle Kuhu. Kuhu asks if he was Mahir? Bela says she is sure that he is Mahir and is helpless to hide his identity. She asks Boltu to take care of Kuhu and tells Kuhu that Dad will be proud of you. Kuhu says I want to live for my daughter.

Bela tells Vish that he was Mahir only. Vish asks are you sure that Krish is mahir and says he escaped from here. Vikrant says you had said that he is Krish. Bela says that time she thought he was Krish, but she is sure that he is Mahir after spending time with him. She says I have to save him and know his helplessness. Vish says Aghori baba told us that those people are very strong and powerful and even he doesn’t know about them. Vikrant says bela got bhole Naath’s vardaan. Bela says I will fulfill all the three conditions and kill the fake Ruhi. She says she will find Mahir’s helplessness and do her wife’s duties. She asks if they support her. They say yes. Bela says lets find why Mahir is with them and is supporting them, it seems that he is saving someone.

Precap: Mahir comes to Bela holding gifts in his hands. Vish sees him and gets surprised. Bela hugs Mahir.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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