Nadaan dil Ragsan ff (dont remember epidsode number) Written Episode

Ragini was still unconscious and sanlak were not ready to avert their eyes from ragini.Kavya has also come to see ragini and she refused to talk to laksh at all as she was angry on him for hurting her little sister .

Finally ragini regained consciousness and the she was trying to say something.

Ragini: umm umm .La Laksh?

Nurse: who is laksh of you both ?Patient wants to talk to you​

Both sanlak look at each other .

Laksh: are you sure?

Nurse: Yes she asked for Laksh

Laksh goes inside.He was disgusted with himself for hurting his ragini and making her like this.

Laksh: I am sorry Ragini .I just dont understand how can I ever hurt you .HOw did I even raise my hand on you.

Ragini smiles weakly at him.

Ragini: coz you love me ..Yes laksh you love me more than anyone could ever love anyone in this world.Its just that I am not that lucky girl to deserve your love.

Laksh: Dont say that Ragini …

Ragini: No laksh .Trust me I tried not to fall in love with sanskarbut i could not stop myself.I kept saying this is wrong but i am sorry..I dont have this right to say this to you but please move

Laksh: dont ask to move on coz loving sanskar was your decision and falling in love with someone else other than you is completely mine.

Ragini tries to convince him

Laksh: No please ..I dont think I can ever move on but dont worry I will try to move on and I promise i will be happy for you and sanskar

Ragini becomes quiet

Laksh: so that’s it huh?

Ragini: sorry
Laksh goes near to her
Laksh : hey dont cry just promise that you will never cry and that I can be your friends atleast​

Ragini smiles widely

She starts to say something but laksh interrupts her
Laksh: I know you want to talk to sanskar now ,right?
Ragini nods and Laksh signs to nurse to call sanskar

Laksh: I will leave then.
Ragini holds his hand .
Ragini: you dont have to leave.You are very important for both of us.

Sanskar enters and he lowers his eyes infront of Laksh
Ragini: sanskar me and laksh have sorted things out now its your turn .
Sanskar moves towards laksh
laksh holds his collar angrily unable to control his anger.sanskar was ready for it .He could have dealt with anything to gain laksh’s forgiveness
Ragini flinches
Laksh who notices this calms down .
Sanskar: sorry Laksh .Please forgive me
Laksh: Never ,I will never forgive you in my life coz you snatched most precious part of my have hurt me big time sanskar.I will leave you but if you hurt her anytime or I see a single drop of tear in her eyes then I will have to continue where I left and this time I will definetely kill you.

Laksh He goes away emotionally from there

Sanskar looks with guilty at Laksh.
Ragini: Sanskar We need to talk.
Sanskar: shh Once you get well we will talk.
Ragini: no .Now.You can leave.from here

Sanskar: I will go first you have some soup .
He starts checking soup bowl.
Ragini: We need to have a break.
Sanskar was rooted to his place for a moment.
He immediately shuddered at the thought of leaving ragini.
Sanskar : ragini Please .dont leave me .Laksh could control himslef but I will not be able to .
I will die without you.
Please .
I will change if you dont like anything in me .dont leave me.

Ragini was concerned seeing sanskar like this.
She was really unable to but seeing his condition she got up from bed with difficulty .She was about to fall but sanskar holds her
He still had tears like a baby
Ragini just hugs him tightly and he hid his face in the crook of her face and was crying like a baby
Ragini: SShh Please dont cry ..what happened .
Sanskar: I cant leave you ragini.
He starts hyperventilating suddenly
Ragini hugs him more tighter
Ragini: I will never leave you .Its just that I want a break from all this.
For few days I want to go with di .I want to stay with her .I promise I will come back to you ..I just need time to sort everything and free from everything . Especially I dont want to hurt laksh more .I want to respect what he did to us.

Sanskar becomes calm.
Sanskar: sure you are not leaving me.
Ragini holds his cheeks
ragini: no.I am not leaving you and will never leave you.
Sanskar: ragini you must be thinking I am a cry baby but you are only one person whom I have let touch my heart after my mom and I have afear of losing you .I cant even let that thought to come to me.

Ragin: I know and I will never let any let distance to come closer to us

They hug ..

Precap : post 6 months.

I am so sorry guys for the big delay but trust me these days I have been travelling back and fro to bangalore pune and mumbai
.I could not stay at one place for atleast 2 days..We had busniess requirement in these places for our office due to christmas and new year and after a party to celebrate so I was very busy .,
I am really sorry

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