Naughty Ragini With Cute Sanskar(SS) Vol3 -Shot 4 Written Episode

Naughty Ragini With Cute Sanskar(SS) Vol3 -Shot 3

Sanskar looked at his mbl annoyed which is ringing..
Sanskar(lifts the call):whats ur pblm ragini..i told u naa..dont disturb me..
Ragini:i want to see u..can i come to hospital
Sanskar:no way
Sanskar:dont waste my time ragini..nd dont try to come here..let me do my work..
Saying he cuts the call..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar stood up from his chair angrily seeing ragini who is entered into his cabin with piya..he shouts at her .. i told u naa..then y did u…he stopped his sentense when he sees small injuries on her hand..
Sanskar:ragini u r injured..kya hua(he askd ,walking towards her)
Ragini:vo..i fell down..
Ragini:haan..vo..when i was stepping down from stairs..slips nd fell down..
Sanskar(he makes her sit on chair helding her wrist):u r sach mein a kid..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar did first aid..
Ragini looks at him..
Sanskar:u can go now..take care urself..
Ragini:can i stay for sometime
Sanskar glares at her..
Piya:vo..sanskar ji..i need to tell u one thing..
Ragini looks at piya..
Sanskar:bolo piya
Piya:she didn’t fall down from stairs..she fell off from scooty..
Ragini glares at piya..
Piya:let me tell u ragini..i cant keep quite,i dont like when u injured urself intentionally..
Ragini closed her eyes nd says in mind piya i will kill u..
Piya:haan..she was hurting herself so that she can come to hospital nd have chance to meet u..
Sanskar looks at ragini with rage..
Sanskar(he shouts at her):are u out of ur mind..enough is enough ragini..there is a limit for everything..
Ragini:but there is no limit for my love towards u..
Sanakar looks at her angrily..
Ragini:dont look at me like this..mein kya karu..u said not to come hospital..but i wanted to see u..this is the only way to meet u..
Sanskar:bas..u r such a idiot..
Ragini:i knw that..
Sanskar gives impossible look to her..
Ragini:i can do anything for my love..
Sanakar:stop it..what will u say to ur dad now huh..u knw how much he loves u..i have already told dont trouble him..he will be worried after seeing u injured..
Ragini:dad went to london..he wont come for one month..
Sanskar:so..u thought this bakwas plan..
Ragini:bakwas nay..
Sanskar:ragini im just tolerating u bcz u r shekhar uncle’s daughter…u r still kid..this is the not correct time for love..concentrate on ur studies nd ur future..not on these stupid things..
Ragini:love is not a stupid thing..nd im concentrating my future only.(she said blushing)
Sanskar:oh god..dont u understand what im trying to make u understand..but u r unbelievable..
Ragini:yeah..i knw
Sanskar looks at her frustrated..he closed his eyes nd took deep breath to calm himself..
Sanskar:dekho ragini
Ragini:u no need to tell that..
Sanskar:uff..listen ragini..i dont love u..nd i will never love u..try to understand..plzz leave me..nd stop disturbing me..
Ragini:fine..come with me for dinner date..i will not disturb u again..
Sanskar:dinner way..
Ragini:then i will not leave u
Sanskar( looks at her annoyed):fine..
Ragini:thank u..shall we go tonight..
Sanskar:no..u r not well na..
Ragini:thats ok..i dont have any pblm..we will go
Sanskar:ragini im just tired..will u plz give some peace..just go frm here..
Ragini:but sanskar
Sanskar:i said go..plzz
Ragini:ok..ok..dinner date confirm naa..
Sanskar give a nod forced..
Ragini leaves smiling..
Piya:sry yaar..plz talk to me..
Ragini:no..what is the need to tell him..
Piya:u r my bestie..u r hurting urself..i knw u will do again nd again to meet could i keep quite when u r hurting urself..i was worried about u..
Ragini:whatever..i wont talk to u..
Piya:fine..i told to maa to prepare ur fav i tell dont make..
Piya:haan..i said maa to prepare for u..
Ragini:achha..lo..i forgave u..
Piya smiles..
Ragini:chalo..aunty must be waiting for us..
Piya:we go..but ragini tell me one u really stop disturbing him after date..
Ragini smiles sheepishly..
Piya understand nd gives unbelievable look..

Ragini calls sanskar..
Ragini:where are u
Sanskar:in hospital
Ragini:hospital???what about our dinner date..when i called nd askd that we will go today..u said yes naa
Sanskar:i will start in 5min..
Ragini:do u directly come from hospital?
Sanskar:haan tho
Ragini:Kuch nay..u knw how much i planned for our date..I came home from school early nd i did shopping for our date .nd i went beauty parlor..but u see..there is no planning..(she pouts)
Sanskar:shall i come or not
Ragini:when i said no
Ragini:pick me..i will at piya house..
Sanskar comes to piya house..he sees ragini who stood infront of piya house wearing saree..
Ragini smiles seeing sanskar..
Sanskar:come sit..
Ragini walks nd stumbled bcz of her Saree..
Ragini walks slowly nd sat in car..
Sanakar drives..
Ragini in mind i wore Saree nd got ready for him but he doesn’t care..she pouts..
Sanskar just kept quite..
Ragini:still im looking kid..
Sanskar smiles
Ragini:why are u smiling..bolo na..
Sanskar:so u wore Saree to prove u r not a kid..
Ragini:haan nd first time im going to date with u na..i look good naa..see now we are looking made for each other..
Sanskar:shut up
Ragini pouts..
They reached restaurant..
Ragini was not able to walk properly in Saree..She stumbled nd about to fall sanskar held her who is walking behind her..
Sanskar(he makes her stand):when u cant handle saree y u wore it
Ragini:u knw..why i have worn
Ragini noddded nd walks carefully yet slowly..
Sanskar looks at her..
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar:if we go like this..we would reach at midnight..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar(held her by her shoulder):chalo
Ragini smiles nd says in mind lo finally saree helped me..
Sanskar looks at ragini who is looking at him..
Ragini:i love u
Sanskar looks away ignoring..
Ragsan settled in chairs..
Waiter came..
Sanskar about to speak..
Ragini:one chiken soup one tomato soup..ghobi Manchurian ,do paratha..palak paneer..dal makini..nd..hmm..i will tell u later..first get these items..
Sanskar widened his eyes..
Ragini:kya hua..y are u looking at me like this
Sanskar:kuch nay
Ragini:i gave my order..u give urself..
Sanskar nodded..
Ragini:why are u something naa..
Sanskar:after this..u dont disturb me naa..
Ragini hits her forehead..
Ragini(to avoid his question):im hungry
Sanskar:wait 2 min..order will come
Ragini:i cant wait..i will eat chocolate untill food cme..
Before sanskar could speak ,ragini took chocolate from her bag..nd eats..
Sanskar:kuch nay…
She gets hiccups while eating chocolate..
Sanakar:eat one can take from u..
Ragini hiccups gets heavier..
Sanskar looked at table there is no water..he calls waiter for water meanwhile ragini took one glass from waiter who is passing on her side..she drinks it..
Sanskar:kya hua
Waiter:its vodka
Ragini took another glass nd drinks in one go, before sanskar could speak..
Ragini keeps the glass there..sanskar looks at her worried..
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:are u ok
Ragini smiles widely nd nodded her head..she looks around..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini stood up from her chair..
Sanskar:kya hua ragini
Ragini:i want water..same water what i had before a while..
Sanskar sensed vodka effect on her..
Ragini walks to another table with trembling steps nd grabs the glass from one men nd drinks it..
Sanskar understand the situation..he rushed to ragini nd apologies to that man who is glaring at ragini..
Sanskar:ragini chalo
Sanskar:come i will tell u
Ragini:nay..our first dinner date naa..we will go after dinner(she said in slurred voice)
She sat on chair..
Sanskar:ragini we will come again..come with me now
Sanskar:wont u listen to me
Ragini:i listen to u..kyun ki i love u naa
Sanskar:then come
Ragini nodded..sanskar takes her nd makes her sit in car..
Ragini:sanskar..u r taking me home..nay i dont want to go..i want to be with u..i want to spend time with u..

Sanskar:ragini keep quite..
Ragini:nay..i dont wanna go..nay..nay..nay
Sanskar:ragini quite
Ragini makes angry pout..she grabs the car key from his hand nd throws ,sanskar looks at her annoyed..ragini giggles..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini keeps pout face..sanskar got down nd searches for key..he found the key nd turns .he shocked to see ragini who sat on top of car..
Sanskar:ragini..what are u doing there..come..
Ragini noddes as no..
Sanskar:plzz come naa..
Ragini stood up nd stumbles..
But she managed herself without falling..
Sanskar:ragini careful
Ragini:ahh..this saree so irritating..i want to take it off
Sanskar :nay ragini..u cant
Ragini:i can..i will take it off
Sanskar:no ragini
Saying she pulls her pallu but it wasnt remove as it has pin..
Ragini looks at sanskar who closed his eyes.. not able to remove this me naa..
Sanskar opened his eyes nd looks at ragini who stood with pout..
Ragini:this pin
Sanskar:enough ragini..get down..
Ragini nodded as no..
Sanskar seems miffed..
Ragini:tum bhi avo naa.. me..(he forward his hand)
Ragini smiles nd held his hand..
Sanskar pulls her..ragini landed in his arms..
Ragini:cheating(she makes angry pout)
Sanskar smiles seeing her..
Ragini:u looks so cute with this smile..
Ragini:sanskar wait(she was in his arms only)
Ragini encircled her hands around his neck.
Sanskar:what are u doing
Sanskar looks at her..
Ragini moves towards his ear nd shouts..i love u..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:sach mein i love u..i love u so much sanskar.i can do anything for u sanskar.even i can i die for u..
Sanskar:stop it ragini.
Ragini:im telling truth
Sanskar:chalo..we have to go home..
Saying he makes her sit in car..
Ragini:are we going home..
Ragini:then what about our date..
Sanskar:keep quite ragini
Ragini:bolo naa
Sanskar gives a glare to ragini..ragini pouts..
Sanskar drives..
Ragini:im feeling bore..switch on music naa..
Sanskar switches on music..
Ragini smiles widely nd enjoys the music..
Sanskar gets into thoughts about that where he will drop ragini now..he cant drop ragini at her home as there are so many servants nd ragini’s care taker all must be there if anyone sees ..they will tell to shekhar..he thought to call piya but their parents must be there..what they feel seeing drunken ragini..he was helpless..
He looks at ragini who is dancing sitting over there nd enjoys herself.
Sanskar stops the car infront of his house..
Sanskar:get down ragini
Ragini:y did u stop the music..i wont talk to u..(she crossed her hands nd looks away)
Sanskar moves to her nd picks her in his arms..
Ragini:i wont come
Sanskar:chup..bilkul chup..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar takes her to room nd makes her lie on bed..
Ragini gets up..
Sanskar:ragini chup chap sleep
Ragini:im hungry
Sanskar hits his forehead..
Ragini:i dont have chocolate..
Sanskar:u wait here..i will get something for u
Sanskar nodded..
Sanskar was in kitchen making Maggie for ragini..he comes out from kitchen hearing ragini’s cry..he sees ragini who sat near stairs crying..
Sanskar:kya hua ragini
Ragini(points towards stairs) :i fell bcz of that..(she cries like a baby)
Sanskar:stop crying ragini..
Ragini looks at stais nd says i hate u..i wont talk to u..
Sanskar could not able to stop his smile..
Ragini:y are u smiling
Sanskar:kuch nay..vaise..y did u cme out of room..i told to stay there only
Ragini:i feel very very hungry
Sanskar:ok..come sit..
He makes her sit on sofa nd get Maggie which he made..
Ragini nodded as no..
Sanskar:aab kya hua
Ragini:feed me
Ragini:what what..feed me.i dont want to eat myself..feed me fast..
Sanskar feels helpless nd feeds her..
Ragini gets teary eyed..
Sanskar:kya huw ragini
Ragini:mumma ki yyad aagayi
Sanskar feela bad as he knws how that feel was..
Ragini(wiped her tears):no..i wont cry..papa told ,mumma dont like me crying..i wont cry..dont tell to papa that i cried..
Sanskar nodded..

Sanskar:ragini plzz tired..i have to go hospital early tomorrow..sleep..
Ragini:teeke..give me my phone.
Ragini:i want to call papa..
Ragini:I cant sleep without telling good night to papa..
Sanskar in mind if she calls uncle..he will get doubt after hearing ragini..he will be worried..ab mein kya karu..
Sanskar looks at ragini who is taking her mbl from her bag..
Sanskar grabs mbl from ragini..
Ragini looks at him blinking her eyes..
Sanskar:vo..vo..i will dial..u talk..
Ragini nodded smiling..
Sanskar dials nd gives phone to ragini nd ask her to talk..
Ragini:hello papa
Sanskar comes aside nd talks like as her dad..(he calls himself)
Sanskar(as shekhar):hello..
Ragini:what are u doing papa in meeting..y u havnt slept yet..bahut raar hogayi naa..u have too sleep naa..
Ragini:haan papa..teeke..good u..
Sanskar:good night..
Ragini:sirf good night??(she pouts)
Ragini:u always tells na..good u princess..kya hua papa..are u angry on me..
Sanskar:n..nay.. getting sleep..
Sanskar:vo..vo..ragu u sleep..we will talk later..
Ragini:i wont sleep..until u told..
Sanskar(closed his eyes) u princess
Ragini(smiles widly):love u too papa..ummah..bye
Sanskar disconnected the call nervously..
Ragini calls sanskar..
Sanskar comes to her..
Ragini:thoda paas avo
Ragini:avo naa
Saanskar:nay..sleep now
Ragini:ok..i will come..she about to get up..
Sanskar:nay nay..rum ruko..
Saying he moves to her..
Ragini(kissee his cheek):good night
Sanskar widened his eyes..
Ragini giggles seeing him..
Sanskar glares at her..
Sanskar:teeke..sleep now..
Ragini smiles nd lied on bed..
Sanskar takes a relief..
Sanskar:chup..close ur eyes..
Sanskar:close ur eyes ragini..(he said strict)
Ragini closed her eyes as soon she fallen asleep..
Sanakar cover her with quilt..

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