Nazar 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Piya’s baby missing Written Episode

Nazar 15th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vedsheree is running with baby. She sees river and thinks that I have to cross it.

Family is holding burning circle around Mohana to stop her. Chitali faints. Mohana says let me go, you cant stop me.

Vedsheree says I cant let Mohana succeed. I have to save my baby. She jumps in river and starts crossing it.

Shekhar faints as well. Mohana says its Nishant and Avi remaining now.

Vedsheree loses baby cot in river, it starts swimming away. Vedshree tries to go to it.

Avi faints too. Mohana says Nishant I like you in pain. Nishant faints as well, circle vanishes around Mohana. She runs from there.

Vedsheree swims but faints and starts drowning. Baby cot keeps flowing away. Mohana comes near river and says where did Vedsheree go?

Priest says to Saanvi that creature is dangerous. Saanvi says Ganga doesnt know that he is living there. Priest says we cant go there. Saavni says we will call them here.

Piya and Ansh are waiting for family to come with baby. Piya says is our baby in danger?

Family wakes up and starts looking for Vedsheree. Avi says where will we find her? Nishant says we should go where we will meet Piya. Shekhar sees Vedsheree lying near river, they all run to her. Vedsheree wakes up and recalls how she lost baby in river. Vedsheree says I couldnt save baby.

All family members come to Ansh and Piya. Piya says where is baby? they are all silent and look down. Piya says where is baby? say something. Vedsheree breakdowns and says I lost baby, forgive me, please, Mohana will kill baby, I couldnt save baby. Piya breakdowns and cries. All family members are hurt.

Ganga and her mother comes to Saanvi. Saanvi says I am sorry to call you here, I have to tell you something. Mother says you lied to me. Naman says there is an evil creature in your house.

Nishant says maybe Mohana didnt find baby. Piya says I know where river goes to. Ansh and Piya leaves. Mohana hides and thinks that let them find baby and I will kill it.

Saanvi tells Ganga’s mother that your son is an evil creature. She says you mean to say that I didnt give birth to him?

Vedsheree and family prays for baby and Piya.

Piya and Ansh comes near river end. They look around but dont find baby. They go to look at other end.

Mother tells Saanvi that I adopted my son, I never told anyone, he is very nice, he is no creature. Priest says he tried to kill. They all come in witch room.

PRECAP- Baby is flowing in river and is about to fall down in cyclone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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