Nimki Mukhiya 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Babbu arrested Written Episode

Nimki Mukhiya 12th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki makes Babbu wear bangle. He shoves everyone in anger and is about to slap Nimki. Abhi holds his hand and says I will cut you into pieces. Police comes and says what is happening here? Ramla says this rapist Babbu brought all these people who were beating people. He says Abhi why are you here? You should have brought him to police station. Diamond whispers something to Babbu. Inspector whispers to Babbu come with me.
Nimki says this was my first answer only. I will make you naked in court.

Annaro says no one is picking call. Rekha says call there I want to know. Annaro says sweeti call diamond. diamond comes home. He says police took Babbu. Rekha says wow another trouble for him. Annaro says what.. She slaps Diamond and says why did you let them. He says dad asked me to let police take him. Annaro says what.. My son will be in lock up. Rekha says now he will be in jail? Annaro says let me call tettar.

Tettar and ritu come to police station. ANnaro calls Tettar. He says I got Babu arrested.
Tettar and ritu come there. Abhi is already there. He says Babbu is a criminal. You can’t let him out. Ritu says you have arrested him because Abhi asked? Nimki is his wife. Babbu says she has already. He says this between husband and wife. Abhi says shut up. Abhi says you have no respect. Inspector says do this argument outside. Tettar says I will get you out of jail. Ritu says to Abhi we will see you in court. Abhi says I will see you too. Babbu says get a good lawyer.

Ismail says we should have beaten them more. Ganesh says why should we do anything for Nimki.
Mauha says he was trying to defame didi. Mono says what will happen now? Nimki says it is in police’s hand now. we will see them in court. Mauha asys they tried to kill you. She hugs her crying and says they must have killed papa too. Nimki says they will be punished for their sins.

Precap-Nimki says I wont give up. I am going to meet Babbu.

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