Nimki Mukhiya 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki meets Babbu Written Episode

Nimki Mukhiya 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dablo comes to meet Babbu. Babbu says what re you here to see? You always wanted to see me behind bars. He says I never did. I even tried saving you when you shot our sister. She is our only sister.. I chose you over. If I didn’t save you that day you wont have been there. Accept your mistake and repent. Please give me my brother back. Get out of piles of sins. Babbu says i raped her and I am never going to repent. He shoves Dablo. Nimki holds Dablo. Dablo says Nimki don’t forgive him. He isn’t a human. Show him how you serve when you harm a girl.

Nimki says you are thinking how am I standing in front of you? i don’t give up. Look at you and look at me. Babbu says don’t forget who I am. I will send you to your dad. Nimki says you will be naked in court. I will make you cry for life. Babbu throttles him. Abhi shoves him. He says don’t force me to kill you. Nimki says look at your hand. That bangle reminds you I am mukhiya and you are rapist.

Tettar calls his people to help him take Babbu out of jail. Annaro comes. Annro says wen will he be out? When all our respect is gone? Please save babbu. Tettar says ritu is trying. Annaro says he is only having halwa downstairs.
Ritu says halwa pori is combination of salt and sweet. Like Nimki and Sweeti. Tettar comes there and says annaor is right about you. You are useless. Annaro says why would he care. He has been living lavishly here. Ritu says I am trying to speak to my contact. Sweet says he only does talking. Annaro says I want babbu in house tomorrow. Tettar says if you can’t then don’t enter this house. Ritu says you are enjoying right? Sweeti says of course. He says you took Abhi to Mumbai right? Sweeti says enjoy the halwa poori. Like Sweeti and Nimki.

Scene 2
Babu says why did you go. Mausi says you shouldn’t have. She says it was fun. Mausi says don’t go there again. Nimki even if he gets bail. I wont let him go to haveli. Abhi says you wont go there again.
Precap-Nimki plays cricket.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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