Nimki Mukhiya 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Abhi saves Nimki from Babbu Written Episode

Nimki Mukhiya 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mauha says to Tune everything is going so well. He says yeah Nimki signed papers too. Mauha says Abi and Nimki would be one. People from collector office come and say you can’t do all this. We are starting our work today. Mauha says you haven’t done anything yet. He says we have to start building the road. We can’t wait. It is our job. Tune says you can do that once we are done with our job.

Tettar looks at them and laughs. Nimki’s men come and announce for the fashion show. Babbu asks them to leave. Ritu says Nimki sent this paper. these re divorce papers. He says how dare she. She has called me to the court.
Nimki and Abhi are in market. Nimki says why have you stopped. He says these bangles for you. She says but I already have these. Nimki turns of the music. Abhi says you are being shy. She says Nimki is never shy . Someone shoves abhi and all the bangles fall on the floor. Babbu steps on the broken bangles. Nimki says how are you. He says BDO you are so interested in married women. First my sister and now my wife. ABhi says she isn’t your wife. Babbu says she is legally my wife. Abhi says she wont be very soon. Babu says come let me make you wear bangles. Abhi stands in front of Nimki and says I will kill you if touch Nimki. Enough of all this. Run before I hit you like that day again.
Babbu says I will make her wear the bangles. He takes it with himself.

Nimki says to Abhi you acted like a her completely. Abhi says he can’t harm you. She says say it again. Abhi says lets go. He walks.
Abhi says how can Babbu come there. Nimki is so filmy. Mausi comes. She says where were you? He says I was with Nimki. Mausi says Ritu came here. He didn’t say anything and then left. Abh calls Sqweeti and says keep your husband tied. If he ever comes back again I will kill him. sweeti is in tears. She says yes. Sweeti says now you hate me so you can see Nimki’s love clearly.
Nimki recalls how abhi protected her. tu

PRECAP- Nimki says to mauha i feel something. Abhi smiles while sleeping too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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