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Nimki Mukhiya 23rd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says a girl is raped not a mukhiya. Reporter says will this fashion show happen again. Abhi comes and shoves them. He says go from here. Reporter says this is our right. Abhi says ask who did this. Show the rapist. Go and ask all these questions from Babbu. Tune says get lost now. He locks them out. Nimki goes to her room.
Abhi comes and sits with Nimki. He says you don’t have to answer. You will only question. I will bring your culprit in front of you. Nimki holds his hand.

Reporters come to Tettar’s house. Ritu says what are you here for. Rekha says they will ask questions. They ask Tettar Babu raped Nimki. Tettar says she is our daughter in law. Babbu has been out of town. Ritu says who knows if she accused or someone forced her to. Babbu really loved his wife. Tettar says ask the women too. We never had a fight with her in this house. These are my daughter in law, daughter and wife. Ask her how much we respected Nimki. Annaro says she is daughter of this house. We haven’t told our Babu. He would get really mad after hearing what happened. I never thought she would accuse Babbu. Go and find who did this to our daughter. rekha says she is like a sister to me. Annaro says we are sure BDO did this. He must be forcing nimki to accuse Babbu. Sweeti says but.. Tettar says go now. Ritu says now you have the answers. Tettar says I don’t mind you coming to this house. Whoever did this will be punished.

Abhi looks in the mirror. He recalls what happened. Abhi is angry. Mausi says I have been calling you. Moraylala is here. Moraylal says Babbu isn’t in the town. He must be in Dehli. Abhi says I will kill him. Go and find him. Moraylal says I have been trying. Mausi says they need you. Ahi says bring Babbu. I will kill Tettar’s entire family. Moraylal says what will you do. Mausi says Abi can’t kill anyone. Abhi says I can kill Babbu. He deserves it.

Tune is burning matchsticks. Mausi says i want to burn down their house. Aren’t you angry. Tune says I am not angry. I just want to hug Nimki so she can cry. I want to cry myself. He cries. Tune says I fell lost and hopeless. Our Nimki… Mauha hugs him in tears. Tune says I am really worried for her. I know she will be okay but he can’t undo it. Mauha says people are asking what will happen to her now. Mauha says are you scared? Tune gets a call from Sweeti. Tune says what do you want to say now? I don’t want to talk after what your brother did. Tell me where he is. Do you have any shame? Sweeti sees someone coming in. She says you accused my brother? My babbu is innocent. Ask nimki to withdraw this fake accusations. Tune is dazed.

Precap-Ram goes to the haveli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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