Nimki Mukhiya 26th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ram goes missing Written Episode

Nimki Mukhiya 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tune wakes up. Mauha says tell papa tea is made. Tune says he isn’t home. Mono says yes papa isn’t home. Mauha asks Ramla if he is out. She says no he isn’t. Mauha says then where did papa go? Nimki comes out and says were is papa.
Ritu says we should take this news everywhere. Dablo says do you have any shame. Tettar hits him. Abhi comes there and says where is babbu? Tune says what can you do? Nothing. Abhi says Tettar wants to be a minister right? He will go to jail. He says Babbu will be punished for his sin. I will bring him to ghat tola. Tell me where is he. Tettar says we are not gonna tell. What will you do? Annaro brings gun and says go before i kill you. Our womoen are enoug to kill you. She shoots it doesn’t hit abhi. Abhi stands in front of the gun. Abhi takes the gun from her and puts it on Tettar. Tune calls him and says Ram is missing. ABhi grasps Tettar and says where is Ram? He says how would I know. Ritu says he is helpless man of a rapeda daughter. Abhi says I am going. I will come back.

Mauha says papa is nowhere. Everyone is worried. Ramla says Babbu.. Mono says he came once before. Nimki says what? Mauha says we didn’t tell you. Nimki says I wont leave Babbu, Ramla says you don’t go. Nimki says this is about my papa. I wont sit quite. She leaves the house.

Sweeti is worried for Ram. She says have these people done anything? I can help them? He was such a loving man. Nimki walks on the roads to look for Ramm. Abhi is looking for him too. Nimki is fainting.

Annaro says I should have shot him today. Tettar says Babbu is not here already. Annaro says we can’t sit home. Tettar says look at Nimki she can’t even step out now. Annaro asks did you hide him? Shoot him already or I will. Sweeti is trying to listen in.
Everyone tells Nimki he is nowhere.
Sweeti asks Ritu where is ram? He says lets make love first. Sweeti says first tell me where is Ram. She slaps him. Sweeti says don’t dare saying a word against Nimki or Ram. He says Ram is missing. Can be killed.

Precap-Abhi brings Ram’s empty chair home.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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