Nimki Mukhiya 4th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Dablo says no to help Babbu Written Episode

Nimki Mukhiya 4th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dablo recalls what Nimki said. He says you didn’t do right Babbu. Abhi and tune come. Abhi says then get him punished. Where is Babu? He says I don’t know where he is. Tune says we saw truth in your eyes. for favors she has done on you, please tell us where is she. Tune says for her kindness please. Dablo recalls Nimki being nice to him. He says I feel so bad for her. Abhi says tell us please. Dablo says I dont know exactly but I think he is in Dehli. Near my uncle’s place. Diamond puts gun on Dablo. Dablo says you would put gun on me? Shame on you. Diamond says I will shoot go from here. Abhi and Tune leave. Dablo says Diamond.. He says say anything in front of dad now.

Nimki comes to office. Chacha says why did you come? She says should I stay home all my life because I was raped or my papa passed away? She hears all the cases. Two men outside are talking about Nimki. He says I don’t think she is raped. A raped woman can never sit like this shamelessly. Nimki hears everything and ignores. She tries to help people with cases. A woman says to her forget everything. Babbu is your husband. Nimki says what kind of woman are you.. Would you say the same to your daughter? If yes, then be ashamed of being a mom. You met mukhiya, don’t tell Nimki how to live her life.
A man says a raped woman doesn’t talk like this.She Nimki comes out and slaps him. She says I can even slap you.

Dablo comes home with diamond. Annaro says you want your brother in jail for that girl? Rekha says I asked you to stay out of all this. What will I do if Tettar kills you. Ritu says did you tell him? Annaro says shame on you. Dablo says I went to her place and told her I am ashamed of my family. I will be happy to be of any help. Diamond says I will kill you. dablo says yeah please do. What is this life? Father doesn’t respect, mother doesn’t love, one brother is rapist other has gun on me. Why would anyone want to live a life like this? Tettar says better diamond brought you here. He says I will keep your mouth shut anyhow. Tettar says now you will ask her to take the case back. Ritu says what an idea. Dablo says you think I will do all this for you? Tetar says I am telling not asking you. You have to do it for this house and your brother. If you do it, I will give you as much land as you want for your agency. Annaro says what are you thinking? You always wanted your dad to give you land. Rekha says this is a good opportunity. Say yes. Dablo says I am going to my room, shoot if you want to.

Nimki walks in the market. She recalls what people were saying to her. Tune says to Nimki I went to pick you from panchayat. She says I will walk from here. To show all these people that the man should be ashamed of rape not woman. Se says I was nimki and will always be. He walks with her and says I would always walk with you. Nimki says I will find and punish babbu.
Precap-Nimki says I will make Babbu wear this bangle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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