Nobody knows my heart like you – twin FF – Episode 1(introduction and character sketch) Written Episode

Nobody knows my heart like you – twin FF – Episode 1(introduction and character sketch)

(Hey guys thank you for your comments.. And missed you all so much and yes I’ll update my other FF too…..  Glad you liked previous one…. Writing FF after Long so taking some time to think what to write… And next one will be I think  my love my life my everything…… And some people requested to write new one as they find im dragging other stories….ok suddenly I can’t finish story soon too as I’m writing after many days the story has to complete right.. Ok and this new one is here hope you guys like it… If others also like it then ll continue it after some days… Tried to write something hope you like it.. And someone requested to take character like this tried it hope you all like it…. And I’ll post other old FF too…. I’m thinking to write my love my life next which one you guys want tell me so that I can write what you want)

Love is in air… They were so happy in there life…. They were madly and deeply in love…

They were perfect for each other… She is his heartbeat… He is her everything..they thought they are so lucky to have each other.. His world revolves around her.. She’s his everything. She is reason of his smile.. There life were going smoothly but suddenly a evil eye fell on there love and it destroyed them completely…. They got separated.. They don’t wanted to go away but evil people made them sepeated to make there way in there life to make it hell… There heart crying to be with each other they missing each other badly but they can’t do anything.. They ruined there life.. They took away there happiness

Character sketch

Kunj Sarna – played by Sidhant Gupta

He is kind hearted,  down to earth,  fun loving, loves his family lot and loves twinkle so much wanted to marry her but it didn’t happened his dreams got ruined by evil person…. He wanted to be successful business man and wanted to live happy life but now he has become successful businessman but not happy at all….he faked smile on his face to hide his pain and to show a world he is happy but his heart is crying because its broken… His eyes searching for twinkle heart crying for her but he couldn’t help it.. He wants her to be happy wherever she is

Twinkle Taneja – played by Jasmin bhasin

Sweet and simple girl.. Loves everyone.. Helping nature.. Selfless,  down to earth.. Wants everyone to be happy around her.. Loves kunj lot and she can’t forget me he is in heart… Same like kunj her dreams we’re broken.. Only she know what she has gone through on that time when dreams got shattered in one second and it made them apart… She wasn’t angry on kunj for whatever happened but she understood his situation and left from there so he shouldn’t feel sad.. She wants him to be happy… Respects everyone..

Tara Kunj Sarna – played by Barbie Sharma (silsila serial (pari))

Daughter of kunj sarna and taniya sarna… She is cutie.. Papa’s pari… She is the reason of his happiness now loves her papa lot.. Scared of her mom taniya who always scold her and hit her for no reason… Kunj takes her full care,…. She is like kunj same in behavior and habits and she is his little Siyappa queen, sometimes kunj wonder why she didn’t got anything from her mom taniya.. She is opposite to her.. And not at all attached with her… Her kept her name as Tara as it means twinkle and taniya hates it

Taniya Kunj Sarna – played by niti taylor

Selfish,  dominating,  she wants everyone to listen her she wants to control everyone.. If she liked something she wants it at any cost.. No matter it’s thing or person.. She make her way to take it, she is rude, Mannerless  arrogant,  was obsessed on kunj so she seperated twinkle and kunj and made situation like he has to marry her.. She is careless.. Doesn’t do any work only shopping and partying.. Has done countless crimes.. Doesn’t respect anyone..

Mahi sarna luthra – played shreetama (mahi)

(sister of kunj innocent girl.. Wife of shourya luthra who is brother of taniya he is same like her… To get there work done they trapped mahi he always tortures her)

Yuvraj sarna – kunj cousin brother come best friend.. Supports him lot

Aditi taneja – non identical twin sister of twinkle loves her lot…  Always with her.. She want her sister to move on in life forgetting her painful past..

Episode started

Where girl and boy standing sharing painful eyelock both were crying they are none other than twinj

 Kunj took twinkle hands in his and kissed it

While twinkle took her hands back

Twinkle – no kunj please go from here

Kunj – twinkle in hurt tone

Twinkle – please kunj dont cry its ok.. It’s not your mistake… I’m unlucky so i didn’t got chance to be your wife… Teary eyed

Kunj – no I can’t give your place to anyone she forced me to this marriage but I only love you.. Ek din mey kya kya hogaya… But you don’t worry I’ll make everything right she can’t control my life

Twinkle – she thinks something and says nahi kunj kuch bhi nahi ker sakthey thum ko udar jaana chahiye javo.. Don’t think about me.. We can’t become one.. We.. W.. E are… O.. O.. Over with lot difficulties she says this and closes eyes and lone tear escaped her eyes

Kunj – cupping twinkle face… No no we can’t.. We are not over twinkle… Are you angry on me… Ha you are angry on me so saying this right I hurt you… Crying

Twinkle too cups his face

Twinkle – no I’m not angry on you kunj you can’t hurt me.. You can’t hurt anyone you are good person.. You are my Mr. Perfect right. No Sorry not my now… And why this tears kunj she wipes his tears.. Don’t think this all… Don’t stress yourself be happy always.. Be strong kunj.. Fulfill your dreams I only want this now.. Okay I have to go bye

Kunj hugs her tightly – nahi… Chod ke math javo muje… I want you twinkle please

Twinkle breaks the hug – i have to go kunj take care of yourself keep smiling… She starts going but turns back and hugs him tightly… Miss you kunj 😭😭😭 she seperate herself from him. . Oh im sorry… Bye she runs away crying

Kunj – twinkle stop please don’t go…. He too runs behind her but she disappeared….

Twinkle.. Twinkle….

Kunj wakes up in jerk…sweating badly… His eyes become red due to crying and lack of sleep.. He comes back to sens and looks at his surroundings.. Takes deep breath..

Kunj – again same dream… It’s been 6 years now we are away from each other… I miss you so much twinkle… No one understand me better than you… I feel so lonely without my heart is crying to be with you.. Why everything bad happen with us only… I can’t take this pain I’ll become mad..

Someone place hand on his shoulder

He looks at that person and smiles its his daughter Tara now only she can bring smile on his face

Kunj – mere bacha 😍

Tara – my cutie papa Yawning

Kunj – why wake up so early

Tara – you screamed no so my sleep got disturbed

Kunj – oh sorry

Tara – arey bade chote sey maafi nahi mangthe

Kunj – acha chalo so javo abh

Tara – why your eyes are red.. Are you crying?  Why mumma hit you too

Kunj – arey no.. And did your mumma hit you again

Tara – haan

Kunj gets angry – why didn’t you told me

Tara – last time I told you and she hit me more..

Kunj – I’ll scold her ok

Tara – no papa she will hit me more you just tell her to like me ok

Kunj – don’t care about her words ok papa loves you more my cutie pie he kiss on her cheeks.. Ok now you sleep after sometime you have to get ready for school na

Tara – school?  Arey aaj sunday hey no school full masthi..

Kunj – ok ill take you out today now sleep

Tara – nahi sona chaliyena kahi jatey hey… Aap ke favorite place chaltey hey chalo

Kunj – ok baby she kissed on his cheeks

Tara – thank you buddy

She started to jump in happiness

Kunj – this girl becomes over excited for small things just like twinkle

Kunj  – now stop it drama queen and get fresh up and don’t take hours to take bath

Tara – oh ho no ill not take hours to get ready that’s you

Kunj makes her ready and he too gets ready quickly and both goes out of room… They enter in kitchen.. He gives her glass of milk Tara makes faces looking at it and demands coffee kunj makes her to drink milk after lot of drama she drinks it..

Usha comes there and smiles at them

Tara – good morning dadi

Usha – good morning baby you woke up early today

Kunj – haan madam made today’s plan

Usha – oh good

Kunj – why  maid didn’t come till now

Usha becomes silent

Tara- buddy vo mumma ne usse job se nikal diya aur dadi karti hey ghar ke sarey kaam

Kunj – what maa is it truth?  She is doing too much nowadays ill talk to her

Usha – no kunj  dont tell her anything..let her do anything she wants to do if we stop her then you know what they will do to mahi

Kunj – haan haan darthe raho aise hey aise kar key meri zindagi bhi barbad kar liya.. Jab dekhu dusre ke liye joyu.. And no one cared about my happiness saying this he stormed out from there to his room

Look at my room condition it became mess and she didn’t came home till now.. I don’t want to live with her and she is not giving me divorce too….

Tara looking at usha

Tara – papa phir se gussa dadi

Usha – you don’t worry ok

Tara – I have to worry buddy meri papa hey why he will always be hurt… And always mumma fight with him I don’t like it at all.. No one should hurt my papa

Usha – you should not talk like this baby aap ki mumma hena vo

Tara – but she hates me and tell me I’m manhoos and she don’t love me why.. She stopped looking at someone and become scared looking at taniya who is looking at her angrily

Taniya – why you stopped idiot tell more

Tara – I’m telling the fact only why you hate me mumma

Taniya – yes I hate you.. Tara you are manhoos you are b*t*h. She twists her ear

Usha – taniya leave her

Taniya – arey you do your work while Tara crying

Kunj comes out to look at her

Taniya looks at kunj and become shocked she thought he isn’t at home

Kunj – Tara baby why you crying did someone scold you baby Tara looks at taniya  who glares at her angrily and nodes in no kunj saw this

Kunj – taniya 😡😡😡😡 why you hit her always haan

Taniya – if she dies wrong I’ll punish her

Kunj – acha what she done now haa… To punish her… I can’t see tears in her eyes so stay away from her im not forcing you to take care of her

Taniya – ha you take her care like she is your lover …… Isliye you kept her name as Tara.. Aur vo twinkle

Kunj – shut up don’t take her name from your… It’s waste to talk to you…tara looks there fight and runs from there

Taniya – oye where you running kamini stop

Kunj – oye chup…

Taniya – she is my child too not only yours don’t forget it

Kunj – for that reason only you are still here ok leave it … You removed servant  from her job.. May I know why?

Thaniya – vo… Vo.. Who told you this i didn’t do it mummy ji itself said she will work and she will removed her from job

Kunj – I just hate liar

Taniya – no it’s truth hena mummy ji usha nodes in yes

Kunj – shut up angrily she becomes quite… Now tell me the reason why you removed her.. Because you want to torture my maa right

Taniya – you can’t scream on me like this kunj looks at her angrily

O…. Ok.. Ok servants right I’ll appoint them again

Taniya (iska tho bahuth huva per abhi kuch bath bhi nahi kar sakthi)

Kunj – ok do it now and go and clean my room now saying this he left from there

Kunj goes to Tara room where she was sitting in corner and she was scared

Kunj – bacha he cups her face while she looks at him and hugs him crying

Kunj – don’t cry my cutie pie chalo vo both ll go to our favorite place and spend some time he lifted her in his arms and took her outside and called yuvi to join him..

Scene shifted to Mumbai  a orphanage is shown

A girl surrounded by many kids and she is giving them gifts and they were happy looking at them she too smiles and plays with them for while she is none other than twinkle taneja

Aditi – you are here haa…

Twinkle – yahi hongi na

Aditi – let’s go for shopping yar

Twinkle – shopping but

Aditi – no excuses come with me saying this she dragged her

Aditi – look at your dresses man so boring

Twinkle – let it be..

Aditi – before some years you weren’t like this huh this all happenings because of…

Twinkle – please adi ok you want me to buy new dress for me ok ll take but curse him for everything he is innocent and I forgotten it now I’m happy

Aditi – oh I can see how much you are happy huh now complete this work I’ll not give you time to think about anything now

After some time

They comes outside and looks at paani puri stall

Twinkle looks at it and goes into flashback

( FB starts

Twinkle looks at kunj who is giving her tution

Kunj – ok did you understood? 

Twinkle – kunj

Kunj – what?  Again you calling me by name here I’m your tutor not friend got it

Twinkle – ( aww sadu kahi ka always in angry mood isko tutor ban ne ka idea di kaun mey abh bhugat rahi hun)  sirr come let’s go and have pani puri

Kunj – is it doubt idiot…. And here I am explaining you some important topics and you thinking to have pani puri.. No  you can’t have anything complete this work then go out

Twinkle – please na why so rude only with me you sent all my friends and extra class only for me.. Not good na

Kunj – it’s your punishment for what you did yesterday…

Twinkle – what I did haan innocently

Kunj – what I did?  Mimicking her you told every students that I’m not well so class is holiday and you all went to movie.. I said you I’ll be late for few minutes and you did this

Twinkle – arey this is network problem you said something and I heard something uske liye itne badi punishment ki from  hours only I’m listening to your lecture… See thodi sey saza kam karo na remember I suggested you to do this part time job

Kunj – I also remember that because of you I got thrown out of my previous job…

Twinkle – jo hotha hey ache ke liye hotha you said this right

Kunj – patha tha muje yehi bholengi thi siyappq queen kahi ki

Twinkle – please for some minutes pani puri break come na she drags him with her

They both enjoying pani puri and they do competition like who eats more and twinkle wins it…

Twinkle – I won

Kunj – huh behaving like she won world Cup now come he checks his pocket and gets shocked that he forgotten wallet there only

Shh I forgotten my wallet twinkle slowly

Twinkle – why to fear when Twinkie is here she checks her purse same with her


Kunj – what? You also don’t have…. What we will do now

Twinkle – I’ll go and get it

Pani puri wala – first give money then go

Twinkle – arey samjo na yar I’m your regular customer

He nodes in no angrily and he gives them work like abh pani puri bhejo aur plate bhi wash karo

Both doing it kunj looking at her angrily

Twinkle – don’t be angry not my mistake ok waishe this job is so cool right while he glares at her angrily

Twinkle – remember you told work is worship right

Kunj slaps his forehead

Twinkle – ye experience bhi acha hey… Hum side business ye start kar sakthe hey na

Kunj – chup yegdum chup

Twinkie – ok 60-40 sharing kar lenge idea mera hey phir bhi you take 10% extra because you are senior

Kunj – maar kayegi thu?

Twinkle – nahi ek plate aur gol gappa kathi hun

Kunj – tumhe tho me rukh he started to throw puri on her she ran away and he behind her

FB end)

Twinkle laughing alone

Aditi looks at her and gives expression like iska kuch nahi ho saktaa

Aditi snaps her finger she comes out from her world

Aditi – back to another flashback madam and you say you forgotten everything

Twinkle – oh

Aditi – it’s ok but don’t try to hide everything from me to world you can show that you are happy but not to me chal abh

Leela rt waiting for them they talk with them in front of them she smiles and enjoys

Twinkle – ok good night my lovely people 😘😘

She goes from there

Leela and rt – always be happy like this you both we want only this

Aditi nodes and left to her room

Twinkle taking out her dress while something fell down she looks at it

It’s twinkle wedding invitation her eyes become teary looking at it…

( flash back starts

Twinj became good friend then fell in love kunj was from middle class family he has dreamt of becoming successful business man and wanted to complete MBA and working for it day and night but financially weak twinkle was helping him in everything and supporting him in everything

His heard work paid off he got good job and everything going smoothly they decided to get married… Marriage date to near

Twinkle had been to Mumbai preparing for wedding she selected took wedding cards and left to sarna mansion to show him everything

While gate was locked she was waiting for them to come and then there comes car and kunj and taniya comes out of the car

And she became hell shocked looking at the scenario there

Kunj and taniya in groom and bride attire and mangalsutr in her neck  

She leaves the cards in shock and wishing it to be some nightmare but it’s reality

That day was very painful for them

End of flashbacks) 

She keeps it close to her and cries lot and then sleeps there only cursing her fate

Precap – twinkle coming back to Amritsar

ok edits uthne ache nahi hey sorry

( just tried something may you like it… Forgive me if there is any mistake.. No proof reading and ill post other ff when it gets completed

Some people messaging me and requesting to write with this character may you like it if no tell me ll stop) 

( thank you all who commented on my previous story… Love you all… And so sorry couldn’t comment because as I started read from where I left and comments were closed there in some…. Loving tera fitoor it’s amazing yar sameera …still have to read.. Jinse mujhe pyar karna sikhaya what all happening here loving it twinj separate hogaye 😭😢😵 ll complete it now… Very interesting… N kiya rab se sona ishq loving it… Why I missed this all and iss pyar ko kya naam doon… Kitna royi pad ke i love this kind of stories love you all udar bhi comment karungi zarur dont know when comments gets posted so saying it here)

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