One more chance to hold you twinj FF part – 18 (Happy belated birthday kiya) Written Episode

One more chance to hold you twinj ff part 18
(Happy birthday dear kiya so sorry for late post… So sorry yar tried to post soon but couldn’t do sorry kaan pakad ke)
( I’m sorry guys very very sorry for late update….. I wanted to write but due to Continuous head ache and eye allergy i couldn’t write or read fictions my health didn’t supported me to do so i missed you all and sorry again for all who were waiting for my fictions I disappointed you and writers I’m sorry i couldn’t read or comment on stories very very sorry guys.. )
Kunj talking to himself
She is same girl who was behind me at college times
Twinkle who was busy in phone looked at kunj she didn’t heard what he said but she thought like he is talking about some random girl immediately she left her work and came to kunj and looked at him showing her big eyes
Twinkle – and who is that girl Mr. Sarna where are you lost haan
Kunj – tw…. Twinkle you… When did you came here
Twinkle – oh I came here to check kush and tanu and was checking some messages
Kunj – ( I have to change topic if she get to know she will kill me for sure) acha babies 👶👶 are in deep sleep still see they looking so cute na and tanu is cutie pie just like you and baby today you looking so gorgeous this dress suits you
Twinkle become happy
Twinkle – hena it’s my favorite dress and haan mein hun hey cutie pie and my babies are also cute…
Kunj – haan our family only super cute😍😻 you are gorgeous beautiful and hot
Twinkle- and you are not less my sadu you are super cute, hot and handsome and our babies are our combinations of hotness + cuteness
Kunj – aww my wifey thank you
Twinkle – wait ✋ i asked you something right
Kunj – haan you asked me do you want coffee yes baby I need one coffee now please make strong coffee for me Only you can make perfect coffee for me go baby go for it.
Twinkle – acha…🤔🤔 no no not that….oye sadu you were talking about some girl I came here to ask about that and you changing topic man
Kunj- shit ye abhi thal bhuli nahi slowly he murmurs
Twinkle – what? You sadu it’s your trick to make me forget my question right
Kunj – no cutie😻
Twinkle- then what haan morning you were teasing me like this color doesn’t suit on me and dress phat jayega moti and all now suddenly I looked cute to you
Kunj – was just kidding.
Twinkle – haan what so till now you were kidding me
Kunj – no at morning I was kidding now I’m telling truth ok..
Twinkle- leave that all who is that girl? Haan jealous way.
Kunj- tanu my daughter our tanu our combination of hot+ cute
Twinkle- no don’t tell lie kaun hey vo ladki haan batavo aur kon kon hey..
Kunj – no I’m not… Arey believe me my wifey I’m like 2nd version of shri ram and you are my sidha
Twinkle- acha hmm if you think about any other girl then see what I’ll do huhu
Kunj pulls her close to him she falls on bed kunj comes on top of her
Kunj – what you will do?
Twinkle – chodo
Kunj – kyu chodu acha batha na if you don’t love me why this jealous haa he kiss on her cheeks and gives love bite on neck twinkle moan his name loudly he looks at her lips twinkle closes eyes giving permission there lips were very close
Kush tanu woke up and started to cry 😭 twinj get shocked
Kunj – pause…. Play after few minutes
While Kush tanu looks at kunj and started to cry louder
Twinkle -what pause haa get up from me kunj you shameless
Kunj- so I’m shameless and what about you ma’am if I giving you kisses and love bites you were taking it and enjoying each moment and now telling me I’m shameless haa I’m tho innocent boy sitting simply you came to me after I became like this siyappa queen
Kush – m…. Meli…. Mum
Kunj – what your mumma haa jab dekho meri meri mumma…
Don’t forget she is your mumma because of me…we both did all this so you are here….First she is mine my siyappa queen my wifey my golu

Twinkle – chup kunj kunj get up from me
Kunj ruffling his hair then takes tanu in his arms twinkle takes kush and making him calm
Kunj – why you both cry this much haa is there any rule like you have to cry for every one hour haa he kiss on baby cheeks
Twinkle – may be they are hungry kunj
Kunj – haa he check there feeding bottle they were empty…. Khatam ho gaya hey yar
Twinkle ok then I’ll get it you look at them I’ll come in while do you want something
Kunj – yes you can we complete our incomplete work baby 😜😜😜
Twinkle – kunj
Kunj – you were telling like your Rocky brother was giving you Royal life per yaha tho paani thak kisi ney nahi pucha jab dekho saare ghar wale muje maar ne ke liye line pey aatey hey except viren and jeevita
Twinkle – 😡😡😡 sau jab dekho mere Rocky bhayya key piche pade rehthey ho
Kunj – jab dekho Rocky bhayya key piche padtey ho mimicking twinkle…. Sach thu bhi jaan thi hey kisi vo mera piche pada huva hey tumne nahi dekha usne kya kiya aaj
Twinkle – yeah I know whatever he did today is very wrong he shouldn’t have done it…. I’m sorry for that…. I’ll tell him to not to repeat it ok
Kunj look at her from top to bottom
Kunj – are you ok… I mean you are taking my side and you will go against your brother in this
Twinkle – yes vo galath hey thodi galath bolungi na and you are mine only I have right to scold you or love you no one else
Kunj – acha 🤔 then do love na darling (thinks she so possessive if she get to know about her then she will take my full class it’s better to go from here haan meri galthi nahi thi usme vo mere piche thi per phir bhi ye mujhe hey daantegi bholegi pehle kyu nahi bataya)
Kunj – twinkle I’m thinking that function is after some days so I’ll go to sarna mansion now you be here ok
Twinkle ( think my kunj is so hurt because of them aur vo ghar chodne pey majboor ho gaya they shouldn’t have done it yes I know he did mistakes in past and hurted me lot but for that he is really very guilty and sorry for his behavior and I also hurted him for that in my way and it’s enough now they can’t behave this rude to him I’ll talk to them)
Twinkle – arey I’m sorry na babu cupping his face…. Don’t go…. I’ll tell bhayya to stay away from you ok
Kunj – ( what happened to siyappa queen ye tho sweet queen bhan gayi aur ithna pyar se bath kar rahi hey aww my cutie kitni pyar karthi hey mujse) I’ll not leave you yar i want to be with you always he pulled her and kissed on her forehead and looked at her lips
Twinkle pushes him
Twinkle – chodo idhar shuru huva tera romance
Kunj – if you don’t want me to go from here then give me kiss pointing to his lips
Twinkle – aww drama
Kunj – arey yar ek kiss dene mey kya jatey hey
Servant came there with glass of milk and juice snd knock the door
Twinkle – come in
Servant – leela madam sent this
Twinkle smiles
Twinkle – dekha you were telling they didn’t give you a glass of water too now see
Kunj – juice hey tho hey siyappa queen your reaction is like they sent diamonds to you
On the other side rupali coming near twins room in excited way and she did extra makeup too Rocky stopped her
Rocky – where you going.
Rupali – vo vo twinkle.. To talk with twinkle
Rocky – twinkle pey tho bahut pyar agaya tumhe ajana
Rupali – arey i just want to click family photo so was going to tell them to come and join
Rocky – ok you go I’ll bring her
Rocky went to twinj room
Twinkle filled feeding bottle 🍼🍼 with milk and gave to kush and tanu
And twinj were taking there juice glass rocky came there and took kunj juice glass before he takes it twinj looked at him
Twinkle – bhayya what is this haa
Kunj – dekha… Badi bhayya ki support kar rahi thi na siyappa queen muje nahi patha tha ki guest ko aise treat karte hey unsey chin key khayega ye log
Twinkle – this is too much bhayya you are acting so childish dont behave like this with my husband
Rocky – what your husband?
Kunj – haan tho kya tera husband hoon? And twinkle baby leave it don’t take stress he took her juice glass and took sip then made twinkle to drink in same glass
Rocky – twinkle no why are you going to him
Twinkle – please bhayya i know what I’m doing
Rocky – you are mad ok let it be now come we ll take family pic 📷
Twinkle – oh ok kunj come
Rocky – why kunj?
Twinkle – for family pic
Rocky – you come with babies only not with him
Twinkle – bhayya it’s not good way to talk and family pic hey tho mey apni family ko lekhe hey aaungi na
How can you think without kunj my family will complete vo pathi hey mera mera bacho ka papa iss ghar ka damad please respect him whatever happened between me and kunj before years I know that wasn’t good and he did mistakes I know but he regretted for it and he is guilty and it’s between us please you don’t come in between I know what I’m doing
Rocky – shut up twinkle how dare you to talk against me how dare you to raise your voice
Twinkle – I’m sorry bhayya but I have to take stand for what is right
I’m not liking the way you behaving with him you are the one who started this fight first please enough of this all now no more fights now let me live peaceful life. I don’t know why you both don’t like each other aur isme hurt muje hey hoga
Rocky – ok come now
Kunj was shocked looking at the way twinkle supported him…. He liked it… She is ready to forgive him and was ready to give one more chance to hold her
one more chance to there relationship but she is not telling it to him directly but he knows soon she will confess her feelings to him
Twinkle – thanks for the invite and sorry I don’t want to join there
Rocky – twinkle
Twinkle – please bhayya I don’t have mood now
Kunj dancing behind twinkle Rocky saw it and made faces and went from there twinkle turned to kunj.. Not wasting second kunj hugged her tightly
Kunj – I’ll keep your trust twinkle I’ll not break it like before
Twinkle smiled at him and got busy in her work and she was upset because she scold her bhayya but she has too because what he did is wrong.
That morning fight which he did with kunj was very dangerous what if something had happened to kunj and he didn’t bothered about Kush baby too what if something happened to them he didn’t cared at all only he cared about his hate
Kunj – don’t be sad twinkle and please go and talk to him say him sorry for your words
Twinkle looked at him
Kunj – twinkle see I realized my mistake and apologizes you and you took your own time to forgive me and still sometimes when you remember painful past you will shower anger on me you were right at your place that time because you got hurt so you can’t forget it that easily..
Same applies to your family as well they gave your hand to me they trusted in me. But I broke it and they need some time now to believe me again. Let them take there own time they are right at there place and I was just kidding you and you really scolded him like this….. He is your brother twinkle he cares about you so he reacted in this way…. This all year when I was away from you they took your good care right and supported you right now what if they say something let it be na….. I don’t care any other things…. I only care about you…. Let them be like that I know after some time everything will be alright.
When you left me I was broken and was dying in that guilt and sometimes think you will never come back to me but destiny made us one again and I never lost my hope that time to and now also just hope for best…
Now go and talk to him you will feel better ok cupping her face
Rocky was outside room and listening everything he was shocked and surprised listening to kunj reply he think something and left from there
Twinkle – sadu tum ithne ache ban gaye..ha mey bath karti hun usse
Twinkle went from there
Kunj – ufff siyappa queen meri pyari queen
Tanu – oooo
Kunj – you both little devils doing too much drama now he tickles them they laughed loudly and kunj was happy looking at there happiness
Kunj – chalo abh dono so javo chup chap nahi tho mumma ko pareshan karonge aap log
Someone knock door
Kunj – come in
Rupali comes
Kunj – you
Rupali – yes me ☺☺😊😊😊 giving smile kaishi hun mey?
Kunj – hein?
Rupali – mean tum kaise hon.
Kunj – fine till now
Rupali – don’t you ask me how I’m?
Kunj – aap kaishe ho?
Rupali – arey aap kyu tum bolo no we were friends.
Kunj – like really? We were friends when? Please yar go from here not in mood to this talk now
Rupali – oh are you scared haan like what if twinkle see us here…. Darathi hey kya tumhe vo?
Yar what you saw in her haan how you liked that girl.
Kunj – please just stop don’t take her name… Don’t say anything to her i can’t tolerate this
Rupali – oh gussa
Rupali – your choice isn’t so good yar… What you liked in her and that is not in me
Kunj – twinkle is beautiful inside out…. Samaj gayo
Rocky called rupali she looked at kunj angrily and goes from there
Kunj – ye kamina yuvi abhi tak nahi aaya he called him again and again and finally kahi picked up the call
Mahi – hello in attitude see I don’t have mood to talk with you
Kunj – mood bhi math bana kyu ki tuj jaisi pagal ke sath mey bath nahi karunga give phone to yuvi
Yuvi – jaan give me phone
Mahi – mey kyu dhu
Kunj – yar ye ek musibath kam thi you idiot
Mahi – he is scolding me yuvi
Yuvi – what give phone to me how dare he is mahi gave phone to yuvi
Yuvi – hey bro tell me how are you
Mahi made faces
Kunj – kamina saala lo…
Yuvi – ok ok got it cool down
Kunj – jaldi aavo na yar aur uss mahi nahi chahiye
Mahi – I’ll come and ill throw you out from there
Kunj – only this dialogue you know ha…. Muje touch kar key tho dekho thum meri biwi tumhe maar dalegi…. Pagal kahi ki. . Yuvi waiting for you come soon bye…
Yuvi mahi reaches taneja mansion
Yuvi – aagaya mey aagaya kunj mera dosth where are you chuddy buddy
Twinkle – mahi yuvi😊😍 come she hugged mahi yuvi above to hug twinkle
Kunj came in between and hugged yuvi tightly
Kunj – biwi hey meri
Yuvi – no problem
Kunj – mujey hey problem gritting his teeth
Yuvi – huh ok he looked at rupali and was shocked
Yuvi – ye rupee kunj ye
Kunj – shut up muh bandh rakh
Yuvi – arey ye vo… Ye vo
Twinkle – what he is telling
Kunj – it’s song twinkle ye vo after many days he meet me so singing song in happiness
Mahi – muje dekhe tho nahi kaha
Kunj – ill sing na bhootni ke bhootni key
Mahi – what
Twinkle – kunj please don’t tease her
You come with me mahi
Kunj and yuvi went to twinj room
Kunj closes door behind
Yuvi – yar what is this? What I just saw
Kunj – talk slowly yar
Kush tanu making noises and teasing them
Kunj – you guys please sleep
Both nodes in no and looking at yuvi they made faces and talking to him in there language
Kunj – you talk to them otherwise they won’t leave you
Yuvi – oh hey tanu darling how are you and you taklu how are you
Kush started crying
Yuvi – kya huva
Kunj – why you said taklu to him arey it’s ok kush yuvi uncle sorry ok
Yuvi – attitude tho dekho inki
Chal hum bath kartey hey
Precap – Kunj yuvi talking about rupali and twinkle standing behind with angry pout

Upcoming – aman to came to function burned like anything looking at twinj and made some plan and smirked
Everywhere darkness someone locked in room
Door opened everyone shocked
( guys sorry for late update very very sorry may be this part wasn’t that good forgive me if you don’t like it next one ill write nicely
And sorry couldn’t comment on any FF or read it .. I’ll start reading now) .
Happy belated birthday kiya darling stay blessed always

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