One more chance to hold you twins FF part -19 Written Episode

One more chance to hold you twins FF part 19

Kavi talking about rupali slowly because Mahi and twinkle there only kunj telling yuvi to be quite for sometimes.. As he don’t want twinkle to know about it

Yuvi – bro rupali bro…. What she is doing here?  Did she came to meet you?

Yuvi – in college days she was always dying to talk to you

Kunj – chup be quite for sometimes yar

Mahi – what you both talking about

Kunj – personal hey nahi batavunga

Mahi – twinkle ask them

Kunj – no need to make my wife also like you

Mahi – what do you mean? 

Twinkle – please you both don’t start fighting now

Yuvi – if they will be here we can’t talk let’s go out side to garden area


Kunj – there is dog

Yuvi – khatha hey

Kunj – bhouk tha hey vo Rocky I’m talking about Rocky dog that is always behind me

Both laughs

Mahi – why you both laughing now

Kunj – laughing at you only you are looking so funny

Twinkle – kunj stop it baba dont tease her

Kunj – hmm what you doing baby

Mahi – can’t you see she is folding clothes

Kunj – did I asked you… You just shut your mouth

Kunj – baby today you are looking so nice feeling like eat you

Twinkle blushes

Twinkle – kunj what you saying

Mahi – haan dekho shameless

Kunj – I’m not telling you mahi in my bedroom with my wife I talked romantically what’s your problem

Kunj took twinkle hand in his and kissed it while twinkle in shy mood

Twinkle – what happened to you suddenly kunj leave me

Mahi – chodo na usse

Yuvi – mahi tuje nahi uske biwi ko vo pakda hey

Twinkle pushed him and doing some work while kunj looking at her romantically winking at her and doing pout looking at her twinkle looking at him and shying

Twinkle – you have gone mad can’t you see mahi and yuvi also with us I have work im going saying this she went out of room with baby

Mahi – why you did this haa

Kunj – chal bhag yaha sey if I romance with my wife what is your problem

Mahi – I’m going…. And yuvi you come with me don’t be with him he will spoil you

Kunj – yehi sunna bhaki rehte gaya tha

Yuvi – jaan thu bhi na i want to talk with him I’ll come later you go from here

Mahi – huh I’ll see you later she too went outside room

Kunj – finally twinkle gone from here now we can talk

Yuvi – looking at your romance she ran away

Kunj – she ran away being shy I know it’s shy queen

Yuvi – so rupali came here too she will always be your behind

Kunj – arey yar she is Rocky wife and we came here to there baby naming ceremony only

Yuvi – what?  Rocky married her only and we didn’t attend there marriage so we were not aware of this…

Kunj – she didn’t changed bit yar same like before…

Yuvi – ha you were her crush na she wanted to be your lover… She just wanted reason that time to meet you and talk with you… And abhi bhi continue kar rahi hey

Kunj – don’t talk louder if twinkle listen then

Yuvi – she doesn’t know about it you didn’t told her

Kunj – pagal hu kya siyappa queen ko iske baare mey mey nahi bathavunga… Maregi muje vo

Yuvi – haha 🤣🤣🤣

Kunj – don’t laugh and rupali always taunting twinkle it seems they both don’t like each other

Yuvi – yes I can understand that because you liked twinkle and choose her over that rupali so she doing this and what you will expect from her that she will hug twinkle and love her

Kunj – shut up ok if twinkle get to know this she will connect all with me first only its jealous queen

Yuvi – haa I remember one time she fought with college girl for just telling you were her crush and she want her boyfriend to be like you and twinkle kissed you in front of them to show you are only for her

Kunj – ha yar and this is bigger than that

Yuvi – what did rupali talk with you?

Kani – she is same like before chipkali that time she made me bad in front of Rocky eyes now don’t know what she is up to

Yuvi – hmm now also she has feeling on you

Kunj – no yar she is Rocky wife now she is just jealous and anger on twinkle and taunts her every time but now suddenly talking so sweetly

On other side

Twinkle taking out baby photo albums to show kunj as he didn’t saw them when they born

Mahi – what doing?  Why you allowed him to touch you… You were angry with him na

Twinkle – mahi please yar dont say him anything he is changed now and and now I’m not much angry with him because he is guilty for what he did and I can’t punish him more already going away from him he suffered lot no one were with him and he wasn’t knowing about his babies too

Mahi – really you forgive him

Twinkle – haa mahi I was angry with him but I can’t hate him and he is making me fall for him again he takes good care of me and babies and ready to do anything for them…..

And I always missed him and wanted to be with him and enjoy with our babies just like other happy family but thought my dream never comes true but everything is fine now we are together again

Mahi – happy for you

Rupali comes there with juice glasses

Rupali – twinkle juice

Twinkle – you brought juice for me in shock

Rupali – has they take glasses

Twinkle – ok give it to me I’ll give kunj and yuvi too

Rupali – arey but kunj wanted coffee na he like that

Twinkle – haan yes but wait how you know

Rupali – oh… Oh.. O he told me ok ill come after sometimes and twinkle I want to talk with you something

Twinkle – what? 

Rupali – about property

Twinkle – property?

Rupali – haa twinkle vo when kunj lift you… You were not having anything with you so you used your brothers money now kunj is not bhikhari he can give you money and now you don’t want any property right

Twinkle – what?  Don’t use those words to him he wasn’t bhikhari any time and I don’t know anything about property

Rupali – oh drama to take property right… May be you doubting on kunj what if he throw you again from his life tho phir bhikari banegi

Twinkle – I don’t want your money and don’t you dare to talk like this

Leela listen everything

Leela – rupali mind your tongue why you wishing bad for my daughter

Twinkle – maa I don’t want any property

Leela – see its your dad’s property what he wants to do he will you don’t listen to others come with me

Twinkle – and bhabhi now I got why you were so sweet with me

Rupali – you blo*dy unlucky…

Leela – shut up rupali you come with me twinkle

Twinkle – no mom wait same to you bhabhi and it’s my home also don’t forget it saying this she left

Twinkle – badi aayi kunj ko coffee dene mera kunj sirf mera banaya coffee pitha hey uski itni seva ye kyu karti hey huh

Mahi – leave it she is mad

Twinkle – right I’ll show this photo to kunj

Twinkle at door

Kunj yuvi kush sitting on kunj lap they were talking about rupali

Kunj – all started from college day Rocky and me were friends that time not so best he use to get jealous of me because I was intelligent student and there was compilation always Between us

Then  rupali entered in college I don’t liked her much because she was so rude with others and also have attitude problem

Yuvi – yes attitude tho hey usse bahut

Kunj – Rocky was having crush on her I was knowing it

Yuvi – and rupali having crush on you

Kunj – yes that’s true she just needed excuse to talk with me and she became friends with Rocky gang and chilling out with them

Asked me that why I’m not so friendly with her i said no northing like that you are friend to me

Yuvi – you were hating her what

Kunj – no why I’ll hate her….. Just didn’t liked her attitude something but she was friendly with me so talking nicely

Yuvi – I know I know you said once  she is so cute and beauty of our college

Kunj – why you telling it now I wasn’t knowing that she is chipku type girl but ha thi beautiful

Yuvi – ho and Rocky thinking you are behind her

Kunj – ha vahi tho he is stupid… She was liking me but he thought she is liking him  and I’m coming between them and…

Kush – mumm

Kunj – your mumma is not here baby she is busy with that mahi…

And yuvi where was iam

Kush held his hand maa and trying to come out from his lap

Kunj – kush sit here

Twinkle standing at door steps listening everything mouth opened in O

Kunj – yes she was

Mahi – beauty cutie

Kunj – haa I finished that

Yuvi – shit

Kunj – why you changing your voice man

Yuvi – hahaha we were joking right

Kunj – what joke here I’m seriously talking to you

Yuvi – samjo kunj hum tho aishe jut kahani  bhol rage they na

Kunj – why should I lie m telling the truth which happened rupali was my friend and liking me and

Yuvi – stop it

Kunj – yar what happened to you… To talk about this matter only I sent twinkle out like that and why you talked like mahi

Yuvi – because they are here only

Kush – Mumm mumma pointing his little fingers at her

Kunj turned and looks at twinkle who is looking at him angrily with her cute angry pout

Kunj – tw…. Tw.. Twinkle

Twinkle – yes Mr. Kunj sarna why so shocked

And what we’re you telling complete it

Kunj – baby oh actually

Twinkle – you did that romance so that Ill run from here being shy and from few days you thinking about this right

Kunj – no baby I wanted to do romance really but you ran away but now we will complete it ok tho hum kaha they bebe

Mahi – bebe…now you look like Bebe to him

Twinkle – vo cute dikthi hey aur mey bebe

Kunj – no baby it’s small mistake tho baby hum kaha they holding her hand above to kiss it while twinkle took her hand back and pinched his cheeks roughly

Kunj – auch twinkle loudly

Twinkle – what (louder than him)

Kunj – dardh huva

Twinkle – acha huva

You were telling me you are like ram and in your college you didn’t liked any girl you don’t find them beautiful and all

Kunj – yes that’s true

Mahi – lie twinkle don’t believe him now only he told someone looked cute beautiful

Kunj – you keep quite

Twinkle – why she has to keep quite

Kunj – twinkle see baby

Mahi – what we have to see

Kunj – I’m talking to my wife yar not with you… Yuvi please yar tell your wife to be quite

Yuvi – yes mahi let them talk and you be quite for sometimes ok

Twinkle – ok say mr. Sadu… Going close to him and kunj moving backwards

Kunj – why you looking at me like I did something wrong

Twinkle – you didn’t told me anything about then that is not wrong

Kunj nodes in no and then yes then no

Twinkle – stop nodding your head and answer me

Kunj – arey twinkle I wasn’t knowing it’s your bhabhi only

Twinkle – not that Mr sarna you told that Arey twinkle I don’t have any friends in girls I wont look at any girls I was book worm and only you are the only first girl I’m liking etc.. Etc…

Kitne haa first that Alisha and then that girl in party now this rupali all were behind you only and all we’re angry on me cursing me what I have done in this she went near him

Tumhe tho mey she took baby from his hand and places baby in cradel then looked at him

Started to throw pillows at him kunj catching it twinkle didn’t stopped started to throw baby toys on him

Why everyone have crush on my boyfriend or my husband

Kunj – ahha twinkle stop it… It’s not my mistake yar I’m hot handsome so they like me

Twinkle- hot handsome ki bache rukh abhi batati hun

Kunj – wait twinkle

Twinkle – you said her to make coffee for you.. Haa she is not cutie she kutti kutti

Twinkle running behind kunj and kunj hides behind yuvi

Kunj – it’s wrong to beat me like this

Mahi – yuvi side

Kunj push mahi on twinkle and ran outside room twinkle behind him

No one were at home that time  except Rocky and jeevika… Rocky in hall jeevika too with him

Kunj comes there and twinkle too behind him

Twinkle – where you running

Kunj – twinkle listen to me

Rocky – what’s happening here

Twinkle – oh bhayya ji pranam acha huva aap bhi yaha hey.. Dono sey bath karni hey muje throwing something on Rocky too

Rocky – maaregi thu muje kunj kya sikha rahe ho mere behan ko

Kunj – chup saale whatever she do i teached her haa you teached her boxing na now see she will experiment it on you only

Twinkle – chup dono

Twinkle – ok Rocky bhayya what you told me  when I wanted to marry kunj you said me kunj is behind our money so he is doing drama like loving me and he was showing attitude to you in college because you are very good student and person

Kunj – haha 😂😂 saale aisha bhola tha kyu bey…. Truth is you were showing attitude and you good student what a joke man you were outstanding student..

Jeevika – outstanding student it’s good na kunj

Kunj – bhabhi let me complete I mean to say humesha Lecture isko bahar bej dete thi… Mr Rocky get out of the class right now

Rocky – you 😡😡

Twinkle – shut up both of you… Who gave you permission to talk now

Both becomes quite

Twinkle – and you mr kunj sarna you told me that Rocky bhayya was jealous of you because you were rank student

Kunj – yes that’s true 😎😎😎you know what jeevika bhabhi I was very hard working student I studied at top university.

Rocky – what’s big deal in it.. I also did

Kunj – I got scholarship got it.. Even twinkle telling me that I’m very intelligent and she is proud of me… Bla bla…

Twinkle – chup apna tharif karne ke liye bas mauka chahiye tumhe… You both just keep quite and let me talk now.. You both don’t liked each other and that is because of that kutti

Jeevika – kutti?

Twinkle – I mean rupali bhabhi

Rocky – twinkle she is your bhabhi my wife elder than you how can you say this to her

Kunj – acha I’m your sister husband.. Son in law to this house was your classmate and friend one time did you gave me respect

They looked at twinkle expression

She was looking at them angrily

Rocky and kunj – we will be quite you speak twinkle/baby

Mahi – twinkle I think

Kunj – please you don’t think don’t put stress on your little brain… It doesn’t work only

Mahi – kunj 😡😡😡 dont tease me

Twinkle – stop it screams.. You both fighting and not liking each other because of some other reasons but who suffered me…. Because of you both… And when I’m talking here you both not letting me talk anything she started to throw things on them

Jeevika – twinkle stop behaving like this

Twinkle – huh im not going to talk with you both don’t dare to come near me.. She goes to room.

Rocky kunj looks at each other face

Kunj makes puppy face(pov – baba ji abhi abhi tho romance start huva tha abh ye naya siyappa)

Rocky – kunj all happened because of you

Kunj – no because of you gadhe

Yuvi – kunj go and talk to her

Kunj – yes but she isn’t ready to listen.. I know how to handle my wife looking at Rocky

Rocky – i also know how to talk with my sister

Both goes near to her room and stops there

Kunj – go Rocky go and tell her whatever happened because of you see because of you my wife is angry with me

Rocky – mistake is yours

Kunj – yours

Rocky – yours

Kunj – yours

Rocky – yours

Kunj was going inside but stops in middle and thinks

Kunj pov ( siyappa queen has gone crazy throwing whatever comes in her hand I’ll let him go first maar vo khayega mey piche piche jaunga)

Kunj – mey agey javunga thu piche aana mey pathi hun uska mera haq hey aur vo muje zyada pyar karti hey

Rocky – huh no man she will respect me as I’m elder brother I’m going you follow me Or get lost 😎😎😎

Rocky goes near room door

Opens room door

Rocky – twinkle giving colgate smile

He welcomed by flying pillow toys some things which hit on him

Rocky – twinkle stop it she doesn’t stops

He quickly closes room door

Kunj blinking his eyes looking at him

Kunj – what a respect man 👏👏laughs 🤣🤣

Yuvi – now you go

Kunj stares at yuvi

Rocky – ha you go

Kunj goes to near room holds door handle and slowly opens door bit not fully and taking much time to open only

Twinkle standing near bed

Rocky to push kunj inside room due to push kunj above to fall he holds twinkle waist and both falls on bed kunj on top of twinkle

Twinj closing eyes

Kunj opens eye slowly and looks at twinkle who looking at him

Kunj blinks his eyes looking at her then smiles nervously

How was my entry darling

Twinkle – get up

Kunj – baby 😔🙁

Twinkle – get up ill tell you she struggle to get up

Kunj – I’m comfortable like this

Twinkle – but I’m not

Rocky outside

Why they taking this much time

Rocky – may be she is beating him I’ll open door and see happily opens door

And he looks at the scene while yuvi too peeps in and smiles

Yuvi – really you are clever kunj

Rocky – shut up kunj get up.. I can’t see this

Kunj – besharam kahi ka dekhna bhi nahi chahiye …… mey kya invitation dey key bhulaya  hun kya tumko

While kush tanu claps and goggles

Kunj – thank you

Twinkle – chup kunj and kush tanu why you clap always for him she try to push kunj

Kunj gets up from her

Twinkle – why you both came here huh she searching things again

Kunj holds her hand

Twinkle – sadu ke bacche

Kush – haa

Twinkle – I’m not talking to you kush

Twinkle – leave my hands

Kunj – you should not do this in front of kids what they think about you?

Twinkle – I don’t care because of you both I got to listen many things… He complaint about you and you complaint About him I was thinking because of me this happened but no from starting you both have ego problem then because of that girl you fought

Rocky – from now we don’t fight ok see here he turns kunj and takes his hand while kunj to take his hand back

Kunj – you want to do dance now

Rocky – arey yar he takes his hand again and shakes it see we became friends twinkle

While kunj gives him look

Twinkle smiles and claps

Rocky too smiles looking at kunj

Rocky – matter solved

Twinkle throws pillow kunj catch it

Rocky – twinkle

Twinkle – then what  haa thum dono bache ho jagada kiya phir hath mila key friends hogaye  meine tum logo ko friend bana key kush ho javu  huh

Kunj – sahi kaha yeh gadha hey

Rocky – see I don’t wanted to become friend with you

Kunj – like mey tho mari jaa raha hu tereko friend banane ke liye…..

Rocky – huh twinkle see this all happened in college first we became friends

Kunj – just friends because we were in same class.. Then it started to show its true colors always jealous of me because I told na I was very intelligent and rank student and it didn’t got any rank so it was telling like I do get ranking by cheating and showing its money power

Rocky – is it way of talking haa mey ek insaan hu kutta nahi… Aisha kyu keh raha hey it was going its doing

Kunj – tu gadha hey samja mey kutta ka ijjath karta hun

Rocky – dekha twinkle

Twinkle – kya dekhu

Rocky – what?  See twinkle if I becone donkey you too become because you are my sister

Kunj laughing

Twinkle – why you laughing kunj donkey husband also donkey only

Kunj – oh then

Twinkle – no don’t talk to me you both fight again you both came here for this only right continue

Kunj – no no I’ll clear everything see

Rocky – he was behind my girlfriend twinkle so I was angry with him

Kunj – girlfriend?

Rocky – I mean that time she was crush and knowing this you were behind her.

Kunj – muje kya pagal kutte ne kaata hey jo uske piche padhi she was behind me and you thought I was behind her huh

Rocky – don’t lie

Kunj – no I’m not see twinkle she was just friend to me nothing more that to just friend I was knowing that she likes me my friends told me I wasn’t interested in her so I just ignored that all.. And after that I meet you first that time in some mall that you also know then we got attracted to each other changed numbers became friends then both were having crush on each other then we started to meet and spend some time then shared our mutual feelings then we were in relationship…. That time I was coming to meet you and in your college area only her home was there… And your brother thought I’m going to meet her but that wasn’t case and one day she said she likes me I told her that I’m loving someone else she wasn’t ready to believe then in front of your brother she created scene like I misbehave with her and I’m behind her that’s it and he started to fight with me I said once I didn’t do anything but he wasn’t listening to me then I was fed up I haven’t done anything wrong so I stopped explaining myself to him again and again.. That’s it.. He said it in one go

Twinkle blinking eyes

Rocky – lie.

Kunj – see you are not going to believe me I know that no problem I know what I am no need to prove anything to you… I loved only twinkle and forever I love only her

Twinkle – I know that kunj my question is why hide this all

Kunj – I don’t know he married her.

Twinkle – yes baba but reason for fight you didn’t told me and you bhayya bhabhi behavior with me always rude and this was reason I wasn’t knowing about this

Rocky – sorry twinkle

Twinkle – hmm

Kunj – sorry

Twinkle just look at him didn’t tell anything kunj raise his one eye brow

Twinkle – now I got to know reason so I know how to deal with rupali bhabhi.

Let her come

Twinkle – why you looking at me like this Rocky bhayya go from here do your work

Rocky goes from there

Kunj looks here and there twinkle looking at him

Twinkle start to clean room kunj goes to help her while she doesn’t look at him

Kunj POV( baba ji isse kya huva)

Kunj – twinkle twinkle baby she throws pillow at him kunj runs from there

Yuvi and kunj talking

Yuvi – what happened?  Everything got clear right

Kunj – don’t know siyappa queen angry with me I’m scared to enter in my room

Yuvi – hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

Kunj – chup saale aur upar sry teri biwi uske pass bet key mera bare mey kuch keh rahi hey to increase her anger on me..

Yuvi – but at afternoon you handled it in very good way haa romance kar ke

Kunj – oh that Rocky itself push me so I fell on her so held her hand

Yuvi – do same now… Leave this I brought whiskey for us… Common let drink it then you go to room

Kunj – ok

They go to guest room where yuhi stays

Yuvi – arey I kept it here only but not getting now

Kunj – where it will go

Next scene

Twjnj room

Twinkle – kutti hey vo kutti jab dekho saari ladkiyon ko mere kunj hey chahiye in drunk tone

Mahi – twinkle don’t drink much yar I just gave you glass you finishing whole bottle

Twinkle – I want it… It’s very tasty get me more . Go and call kunj I’ll tell him that he is only mine and where is kutti bhabhi I want to kick her

Mahi – twinkle no

Twinkle stands up and goes outside room pushing mshi

Twinkle – rupali kutti I’m coming 😡😡

Mahi – twinkle rukh… Twinkle

Twinkle takes spoon

Twinkle – I’ll kill her today

Twinkle going near rupali room

Mahi goes to yuvi and kunj and narrates them everything

Kunj – what?

Mahi – ha kuch karo

Kunj – are you mad why you gave her drink

Mahi – arey I wasn’t knowing this will happen now go na

They all goes to rupali and Rocky room

Twinkle opens room door

Rupali watching TV

Zara zara touch touch me touch me song playing

Twinkle – kutti bhabhi

Rupali – who is that she turns around and looks at twinkle who is holding fork in hand

Rupali – why you came here and don’t you have manners huh can’t you knock and come

Twinkle – kutti 😡😡 you are behind my husband haa crush?

Rupali become shock

What you telling twinkle says rupali

Twinkle – I know everything..  You giving line to kunj knowing he is mine haa coffee banayegi uske liye rukh abhi batati hun

And zara zara touch me I’ll show you now

She push her on bed and sit on top of her

Twinkle – kutti kamini kunj chahiye kunj 😡😡 you are reason of every problem today you are dead you are dead

Kunj – twinkle

Rocky and everyone too comes there

Rocky – twinkle what is this

Twinkle – kutti

Kunj – twinkle leave her

Rupali – save me please

Twinkle – aww kunj should save you haa kutti

Jeevika – she is not in senses kunj take her from here

Twinkle – rupaaaali bhabhi scold me now I’ll see you

Rupali – Arey I’ll not talk about you please leave me

Kunj pulls twinkle

Twinkle – sadu leave me today ill kill her… You are only mine

Kunj – ha im only yours ok  come with me now

She wasn’t ready to come kunj lift her in bridal style and takes her to room

Kunj – siyappa queen

Twinkle – chodo muje

Kunj – nahi chodunga chup… You are only mine and I’m only yours ok

Kunj place her on bed and look at babies they are already sleeping in there cradle

Kunj closes room door

Looks at twinkle

Kunj – twinkle baby

Twinkle – shh don’t talk loudly kush tanu wake up  I want to talk with you if they wake up they don’t let us to do anything

Kunj pulls her by waist

Kunj – what you want to do

Twinkle – ill give you punishment 😍😎😜

Kunj – acha give

Twinkle – why all girls behind you only holding his collar

Kunj – but I’m only with you right

Twinkle – first Alisha then this rupali aur bhi hey kya

Kunj acts like thinking 🤔🤔

Twinkle – no I don’t want anyone to look at you

Kunj – why? 

Twinkle – you are only mine na my husband you are… You are only mine only I have right in you

Kunj – ok wait a minute I’ll come

Twinkle – no ill not leave you she push him on bed kunj falls on bed twinkle to fall on bed and comes on kunj

While kunj looks at her shocked

Kunj – twinkle what you doing

Twinkle – r   r… Romance

Kunj – now you want to do romance baby

Twinkle – has only I can do.. You are mine

Twinkle kiss on his forehead and on cheeks then on lips and bites his cheek and neck and winks at him

Kunj smiles at her

Kunj to pulls her by waist he comes on top of her

Kunj – now ill show you.. 

Twinkle – leave me

Kunj – not so easily you did to me now I got mood ill not leave you today

Twinkle – who said you to leave..

Kunj – acha… 😘😜😜

Kunj kiss on her cheeks then captures her lips both kissing widely twinkle bites his lips

Kunj break kiss and looks at her twinkle grabs his lips again in kiss both kiss passionately breaks kiss after some time breathing heavily

Kunj looks at her cleavage bites it then kiss on it and nuzzle his face in her neck  giving her wet kisses and gives love bites to

Twinkle clutch bed sheets and moans his name loudly

Twinkle switch there position and comes on top of him she too do the same gives many love bites to kunj.. Kunj enjoying her sweet torture twinkle opens his shirt button when it didn’t came out quickly she torn his shirt and throw it aside looks at his body kunj smirks at her twinkle kiss on his body and bites there

Kunj – I can’t control now siyappa queen

Kunj turns her around opens her dress zip kiss on her bare back while twinkle enjoying his touch and he removes her dress she is only in her inners twinkle help him to remove his clothes too

Twinkle beneath kunj he covers themselves with blanket started with his sweet torture twinkle moaning kunj name loudly he goes crazy then enters her then room filled with moans.. They become one again forgetting world around them lost in each other

Morning due to sun rays twinj sleep disturb they both woke up opens eyes slowly

Twinkle sleeping on kunj bare chest while kunj held her waist both look at there position and it reminds them last night romance

Twinkle blushes remembering what all she did kunj smirks at her


Kunj – what a energy yar twinkle?  Yesterday you did so much do you remember

Twinkle in shy mood.

Twinkle – chup ho javo na…

Kunj – after doing everything now shy mood on not now Mrs sarna … Bahut maja aaya

Twinkle shies.

Kunj – you are only mine kunj mimicking her.

Twinkle – yes right you are only mine got it.

Kunj – yes yesterday you showed it na now don’t be in shy mood…. We will make love again now.

Twinkle – kunj no… Leave me..

Kunj – no ill not he looks at her lips within no time there lips connected both kiss passionately

Kunj – I love you twinkle.

Twinkle – love you too kunj 😘😘

Twinkle gets up from bed covering her with blanket

Kunj – why hiding… I saw it many times

Twinkle – kunj please

Kunj – I’ll come with you to bathroom.

Twinkle – no kunj

Twinkle runs to washroom closing door. Kunj laugh on her

Episode end here…

Precap – same as before

To be continued…

( how was the episode guys… Liked it it no  tell me… Sorry if there is any error no proof reading… And thank you so much sameera and kiya for the wish and for story  love you all… Thank you all for comments and like in last episode)
















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