Only for me myself- OS (12) Written Episode

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Recap- Oberoi ladies get self kidnapped they return & behave weird .


Rudy comes out of his room & search for Somu but in vain since she went out , he shouted literally “Sumo sumo ” just then pinky comes there & asks “oii eisa chilla Ku Rey ” ( why are u shouting )

Rudy – choti ma where is Sumo see what she have written (by showing the note )

Pinky  reads the note & she laughed & suppressed it b4 Rudy see her , Pinky’s mind voice”sahi toh kareiya  ( she is saying the right ),” . she asked Rudy ” have u seen the times ah its lates go get ready ”

Rudy was angry “what is the time ?”

Pinky – ah 7:30 (in a kidding tone )

Rudy sees the clock then he  realises it’s 9 & exclaimed  “hey Bhagwan ” 🙆 , He go back to his room gets ready &moves to open his GYM 

Pinky was laughing . When she came to her room she received Anika’s call she attends it & get excited listening to the news , she excitedly come & informs it to Jhanvi , they both become happy & they two decided to celebrate the happiness with sweet . Before that they called Dadi to inform these happy news but her phone number was not reachable , so they decided to tell her after wards .

Eve @ 6

ShivOmRu arrived home , their eyes were searching for their partners , but they could not find, so they decide to wait until the ladies back Home

Shivika room

Anika comes @ 7:30

Shivay notices her arrival he decides to ask his confusion with her

Shivay – Ani where u went in the early morning ?? Why are you late ??( In a soft tone )

Anika – Shivay I’ll answer you later . did you had your dinner, wait I’ll prepare then I’ll call you . 

Ani comes out . Shivay become even more confused & irritated .

Saumya arrives home @8 :00

She goes to her room .  Rudy boy was waiting to Somu ‘s surprise , because at that time usually Rudy used either work out , or spending time with Shivkara

Saumya get in to washroom she gets fresh up then without saying anything she left for kitchen , Rudy waited but she do whatever she have to .

By the time Ishu also returned from the lab she got fresh she also moved to kitchen Om had decided to talk to her after dinner so that she could answer her properly


The three ladies were preparing Dinner. Jhanvi & pinky returned from temple .

These ladies had their lovely time they fed the sweets eachother done by Pinky . They called for dinner , boys didn’t talk since they were dumbstruck due to seeing the happiness of the ladies

Soon after completing the dinner they get dispersed to their rooms .

Ishkara Room

Om – Ishu where did you go ?? Will you tell me the truth

Ishana – Om I went for work , I have joined the job in the same institute where I worked before , today was my 1st day I felt really happy & good to work . ( Towards Rihaan ) beta sleep . anyway Om I feel really tired don’t disturb me sleep soon it’s getting late good night .

And she dozed off . Om was surprised &, shocked . But he went out of his room & decided to tell to Shivay

ShivOmRu meet @ poolside

Om – Shivay did you get any information

Shivay -yeah  Anika is going for work as a function planner again .

Om – ( shocked ) what even Bhabhi ?? Did she told this

Shivay nods & realised “what r u saying even Bhabhi means ?? Is Ishu is also going for the work ”

Om – aha

Rudy exclaimed ” thank god ”

Shivay – Rudy why r u thanking God

Rudy – because bhaiya if we only get the sadness but the person next to us live happily then we will be even more sad right . Like wise I thought only my wife is going work only I should suffer but see now even you both guys are in the same state , so I am happy & thanking God

Shiv Om in unison –  just shut up Rudhr

Rudy – ok

Om – so now they three are working that too joined on the same day strange ..

Shivay – it’s not strange Om but it was a plan they planned & joined on the same day since our fathers are out of town we only have to bring out the truth

Next day

As usual every one went to their work

Jhanvi received call from Dadi , she had a happy talk with her MIL & informed about the happy news

Evening  6

Celebrity’s Home

The arrangement for the celebrity’s son birthday is on full swing

Anika was spinning like a ball since it is her first function after a long gap

Every thing was set , the guest started to arrive , just then Anika receives a shock news that the cake which was ordered was damaged . Her lady boss came there , Anika told the problem , they both were in a shock & Anuradha ( let us take the lady boss’s name ) was thinking to order some where

Anika poped up with idea she immediately conveyed her idea to Ms.Anuradha she also accepted with it since they can’t trust anyone at this crucial point , she immediately called pinky

“Ma I called you for a favor can u immediately do a pineapple cake  within a hour ”

Pinky was shocked &asked the Problem   Anika explained “please ma ”

Pinky – ok dear Ill do it

Precap – will Anika can succeed in the work ??







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