Our delicate bond – Twinj SS by Bulbul Part 2 Written Episode

Kunj Sarna POV

I am sitting here in the balcony of my room pondering upon these thoughts and heard the creak of the door signaling someone’s arrival I looked back and saw twinkle coming in my room without a smile on her face.
Something stirred in me when I saw her entering it’s been 12 days she was on her leave as she wanted to spend some time with family.
She looked really good in casuals wearing a simple plain button up blue shirt with white bottoms. She is one hell of a natural beauty and she every time she tucks her loose strand behind her ear I can’t help but to adore her.
She came inside the room and placed her bag on the near by chair and grabbed a glass and filled it with water from the adjacent table. She looked exhausted to be honest and I can’t help but to wonder if I would ever be able to give her a head massage to take her exhaustion away.
She gulped down the water and within few seconds she sat beside me on the near by chair.
“Hey chubbs” I started with the nickname which she hates the most and I know it annoys her.
“Don’t call me that you know I don’t like it” she is sure as hell super pissed at something.
“Okay chubbs ” I again teased her with a stupid smile and she just huffed in response and looked away even though I am enjoying this teasing session but I know something is bothering her and she needs to let it all out from her system.
“Hey don’t get upset now ” I said but she still faced the other side and I mentally cursed myself for annoying her.
“I am sorry Chubb.. twinkle please don’t be upset now” I tried to persuade her but still she didn’t even moved a inch.
“Hey twinkle please don’t do this you know that I missed you in the past few days and now that you are finally here you are upset please don’t be ” I again tried but still the same reaction but I saw her lips twitching slightly upward stating that she is just trying to annoy me just as I annoyed her as she knows I can’t bear the sight of her being upset with me. But you are so wrong miss chubbs two can play this game.
“Okay then if you are this much upset then I can’t help it I thought may be you would want the two packets of chocolates and snacks but never mind” I said while trying to act sad.
Twinkle was quick enough to stop me and ask about the bags and at that moment she knew she has been caught. I smirked clearly at my victory.
” You are so annoying ughh” she again crossed her arms clearly irritated at her loss
” Enough of your tantrums madam now tell me how was your journey and how is everybody at home ” I said while smiling at her annoyance. Her features became somewhat relaxed.
“Journey was tiresome but it was bearable and everyone is pretty fine at home” she replied with no such happiness in her eyes the twinkle was missing in them.
” And yeah I met your mother too”
“You did !?” I was surprised that she met my mother it was really not expected.
“Yeah I went to meet her cause I was in the town and after all the past events she needs to see some families faces but let me tell you she like made me gain I don’t know how many kilogrammes by just a lunch ”
“That’s so like my mother” I couldn’t help but to grin because i know how she loves to feed the people she love.
“So how’s uncle and aunty” I asked again in order to check if she knows about the proposal or not.
“They are fine actually quite happy “she started her face was saying it all that she knows about the proposal and I couldn’t help but to be nervous excited or a bit afraid in just one go.
“Dad is doing quite good as per his blood pressure conditions and mom is as over excited as always” she said with a smile.
I know she loves her family more than anything and their happiness matters the most to them and I can’t help but adore her.
“Everything is quite good back there but…” She paused and closed her eyes and inhaled a good amount of air and relaxed herself
“You know about the proposal don’t you ” she asked me right after opening her eyes looking straight into mine. I was caught a bit off guard because of the whole situation but I managed to stutter a “yyes”
“I don’t know how to react kunj ” she told me honestly and I knew I need to calm myself down and listen out her part with every thing I have in me.
” I know twinkle the situation is totally unexpected it’s the same for me too but I just you know… Want a honest review about how you feel about this” I told her
“Ik kunj but you know about my views and ideologies about love and marriage don’t you? ”
“Yeah I somewhat know them I guess.”
“I joined defence because I felt feelings and relationships are not for me they just weaken your roots that’s it and I still somewhat believe so” she explained herself
And I don’t want to feel by her statement
She just now told me that she doesn’t believes in love and don’t even believe in relationships so that only concludes that she neither has feelings for me nor that she wants to get tied in a bond any time soon.
She was just silent and was face palming herself and her silence with every second was breaking my heart.
“So.. umm you don’t want all this right ?” She looked up at me “ I mean this proposal and marriage thing ” I trailed off trying to hide the storm of saddens behind my words
She stared at my face and held my hand in her hand.
” I don’t know how to explain this to you this whole marriage and thing is so new and unexpected for me ”
“It’s the same for me too ” I said a bit softly.
Her features softened up a bit and she gave me a small smile
” If dad had asked me about this whole proposal few months back I would have denied straight away but this time it’s different”
” How is it different twinkle?” I can’t help but ask
” Because this time it’s you who we are talking about. You have been a great friend and companion to me in the last 3 years I deeply care for you and consider you as the constant in my life you have been with me through every thick and thins. You were there for me to cheer me up and support me everytime when I felt low and I feel really lucky to be your friend” she said while still holding my hand. I don’t know if I should feel happy that she considers me as a constant in her life or just feel sad on being friend zoned by her.
“So you just want us to be friends right like you don’t wanna you know .. complicate things ?” I asked her to put a final confirmation on my life without her.
” I never want to loose you as my friend kunj never ever. I am so confused right now kunj ” I could actually feel her confusion through her words and I know she is holding herself from saying something but she can’t keep it bottled up in her system too. From the other free hand I patted her to sight Beside me on the chair I don’t even know it’s chair or whatsoever but it some vacant some which is enough for twinkle. Getting my signal she quickly sat beside me still not leaving my hand. Even though this conversation doesn’t go well even though I won’t be able to spend my life as partner even though she won’t feel the same for me, apart from all these things I am her friend first whom she trusts and rely upon and I can’t let my emotions over power me and let alone loose the single chance ever to have her in my life in the upcoming years. Even though just as a friend but her presence is all what matters to me.
” Just tell me twinkle don’t keep anything and don’t hide anything from okay!?” I softly told her. She nodded her head with a small twinkle in her eyes.

” I always believed that I am not meant for love or may be I am not capable of loving anyone or even if I do the feelings will just over power me and pull me down that why I just kept my focus on my carrier and never got myself involved in this unknown territory
I used to have a tiny crush on my childhood friend but I never let it over power me ever it was never something more than that ” I couldn’t help the jealousy coming back to me again on the mention of her having a crush or anything you call it. I felt the little anger and rage in me and unknowingly my grip on her hand tightened. As if reading mind twinkle squeezed my hand in assurance with a small smile.
“it was just a one time crush kunj not more then that ” and I just nodded my head as a sign for her to continue
“I kept my feelings and emotions always in check and never opening up to any other person but then you came in my life. You were completely different from me. You had different ideas thoughts perspectives about everything and I they somehow left a impact on me and now we are here as the best of friends who deeply care for each other.
You are a amazing person kunj and when dad told me about this proposal I was shocked really shocked but when I thought about it I just couldn’t picture myself with any other man if I am getting in a arrange marriage thing. You understand me like no other you know how I deal with situations how I react how I lead my life. I never intended to get married this soon but kunj with you being in my future I want to give it a shot I want to take this risk if you are endgame for me I can’t picture myself being happy with the some other man whom I don’t know at all or with the man who have been my friend my support system and the man for whom I have grown a certain type of liking in the last few months ” she said with somewhat shyness and anticipation in her eyes
“Wait wait wait..! You said certain type of liking ? What does that mean?”
I just can’t stop myself from asking this question and I need a answer right now or I will go crazy within fraction of seconds
She looked down shyly as if gaining some courage
“I just you know happen to see you a bit differently”
” Twinkle just say okay you are making me anxious”
” Why do I need to explain this ughhh”
” Twinkle don’t try to change the topic and I just explain yourself ”
“Okay fine! I just happen to like you ”
” As a friend right ?”
” No!!” She quickly replied with wide eyes and she was clearly embarrassed and I was really excited and billing with happiness
“I am already so much embarrassed and now this ughhh
Okay I like you not as a friend but more than that”
” You like me ” u was beyond surprised this whole situation and her words feel like a dream and I just feel scared that it’s not the reality I can’t help it. I was too surprised I don’t know how to react.
” It’s fine okay if you don’t have feelings for me but I just want your honest opinion about this whole situation” twinkle said assuming my silence as a sign of rejection. She just made me the happiest person alive she gave me hope that may be thier is a future for both of us may be we can spend the rest of our lives together. Words were not ready to come out yet and I knew twinkle is not so good with such situations so I just I just pulled her close to me and hugged her.
I hugged her with all the love I had for her. Her head is on my chest and I am holding her securely in my arms. I felt her hugging me back and I tightened my grip making sure that I don’t hurt her. I felt so happy at that moment that it’s scarry.
” Don’t overthink chubbs I like you too ” I told her still hugging her. She quickly de attached herself and and looked straight into my eyes as asking for a confirmation.
I just smiled in response
“Yes twinkle I too like you ” I again confessed and then the most beautiful smile appeared on her face and her eyes twinkling with happiness and this time she hugged me so tight as if I am going to evaporate in thin air if she would let me go. I too hugged her back without any second thoughts. We stayed like that feeling each other for sometime and her being so close me gives me all those butterfly feels.
” We can work this out together right ? ” Twinkle asked mumbling against my chest
” Yes twinkle we are going to do this together this is a first shot for both of us and I want us to last till the end okay I wanna be your endgame. I need your support throughout twinkle I need you to trust me and I promise to do the same with you because if we are in it we are in it together!?” I said while lifting her from my chest and cupping her face with my hands

” I promise to trust you and be your support in hard times but kunj these feelings are so foreign for me I need you to be patient with me don’t give up on me even if I act impulsively I don’t want to upset you ever but if I do just don’t give up easily and I will try to do the same. I will to try to keep my anger in check but if I am going to deal with these feelings emotions relationships and stuff I can’t do that alone because I am going to be stubborn at certain point of time so are you in for it!? ”
” Yes I am totally in for it but all I want is if I am trying to make things easier for us then I too need you I can’t do this alone. I am also a human I will also make mistakes I’ll too feel low angry or upset but I want you to hang on a bit and wait for me and try to work things out between us that’s how this is going to work for us”
” I’ll try my best kunj and I won’t ever give upon you or us ever I promise and you too Di the same otherwise this Punjabi pataka will not let you live peacefully” twinkle said as if trying to threaten me with her words
” I too promise this to you and is Punjabi patake ke bina rehne kisse hai ab ” I winked at her clearly flirting.
She blushed so hard at my remarks and I couldn’t help the smile that was now a permanent attachment on my face.
I planted a small kiss on her temple as my way oh showing her that I am with her from now on I am going to be her partner her soulmate her Love.
Twinkle closed her eyes in anticipation and hugged me again savouring every second of the happiness that was radiating from our bodies.
This is just a start for twinkle i am so ecstatic that she feels romantically for me even though I love her but she just started to like me I didn’t wanted to scare her off with the big word I will make sure that this like changes into love someday I will take this as slow as she wants I can wait for her to fall for me as long as I have her beside me.
I hugged her tight in anticipation for a better and happier future together

To be continued…

Hey guys so this was everything I could come up with. The previous shot was supposed to be posted on 14th February but it was posted on 16th that too after writing 2-3 emails to the tu page I don’t know when would this get posted but I am actually really happy with the response to the last shot even though I got 4 comments ( you guys are gems ) I got 35 likes which is like more than enough for me to write atleast 35 people actually went through this and liked it. I’ll try to live up to your expectations
This isn’t going to be very sappy cliché but this is going to be more of a couple and thier life dealing with emotions and life challenges. I love writing soft stuff and this is all I could muster up.
I am not going to end it in 3 shots I Amy add few more parts as per it pleases me and gives me satisfaction.
But on a serious note can I get a jump kunj for myself ;(he is my dream boy.
I just went off the track in between don’t mind 😉
Till then stay healthy guys
Lots of love
Bulbul 🌹

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