Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha takes varaha avatar. Written Episode

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha coming to vrindavan, he suddenly feels tremors and says it seems to be coming from vrindavan. Kanha runs to the village. In vrindavan, hiranyaksh comes in very huge size and a storm comes, all people run helter skelter. Hiranyaksh kicks all things in the village and kicks bullock carts, people run and scream help run! Hiranyaksh starts stamping houses and destroying houses.
Kanha runs towards the village and in the forest, hirankashyap stops kanha in his huge size. Hirankashyap says kanha, you thought we demons are foolish and will kill each other? We are smarter than you kanha, you killed me in your narsimha avatar and now I have come back to take revenge. Hirankashyap says kanha, you killed my sister holika again and Vishnu now you cannot live anymore, I and hiranyaksh will kill you kanha and have our revenge. Hirankashyap says listen to the sound in vrindavan, the voice of pain.
Hiranyaksh blows air from his mouth and a storm comes as people run to safety. Gargacharya is praying with others and they feel tremors and stop. Balram says wait rishi, let me go and see if it is a demon. Balram runs.
Hiranyaksh uproots trees and throws on houses in the village. Balram comes and says demon, stop. Balram uses mudgal and hits hiranyaksh on his leg. Balram says my mudgal may be small but I will kill you demon. Hiranyaksh says you can do nothing to me. all people come behind balram. Balram says I will kill you demon. Hiranyaksh says I am going to push vrindavan into patal lok and you will all get salvation there. balram says I am balram, till I am in the village nothing can happen to vrindavan. Balram jumps on hiranyaksh and hits him on the head. Hiranyaksh says your blows are useless, go and tell all people that I am going to take the earth of vrindavan into patal lok, nothing can stop me now. hiranyaksh covers the boundary of vrindavan with demon fire. Gargacharya thinks this hiranyaksh has surrounded the village with fire, he will take it in patal lok, history repeats itself. all people panic and gargacharya says wait, we have to believe in Varaha bhagwan.
Kanha says I have to go and save everyone. Kanha is going but hirankashyap throws rocks around kanha and stops all ways. Kanha says what do I do? Hirankashyap says I wont let you go from here kanha, I will kill you.
Gargacharya tells balram, you have go and help kanha because this work is being done by hiranyaksh and hirankashyap, so kanha is also in trouble. Balram says kanha cannot be in danger till I am there, balram goes. Hiranyaksh stamps the ground with all strength and the ground tremors and the boundaries start cracking into the ground. All people say guru dev gargacharya do something.
Hirankashyap says to kanha, it is your end kanha, I am thinking whom to end first, you or vrindavan? Hirankashyap takes a very huge boulder and says I wont wait, I will kill you. kanha says hirankashyap, I will save vrindavan and you can try as many times as you want because dharma always wins and adharma is destroyed. Hirankashyap says I will kill you and if you wont be alive then whose avatar will you take? Hirankashyap throws the boulder, balram comes and destroys the boulder. Balram tells kanha no one can touch you till I am there. balram tells kanha, a demon is pushing vrindavan into patal lok. Hirankashyap says he is my brother, today no one will live as he takes vrindavan in patal lok. Balram says kanha you go to vrindavan, I will deal with this demon. Hirankashyap attacks on balram with his fire spell, balram defends with mudgal. Kanha goes. Balram fights hirankashyap.
Kanha runs to vrindavan. In vrindavan, hiranyaksh stamps the ground and slowly the entire boundary cracks.
Balram says hirankashyap, if you have guts then fight my mudgal. Hirankashyap becomes normal sized, he takes gadha and fights with balram. Balram hits hirankashyap and throws him down. Hirankashyap kicks balram down, balram gets up laughing and says in satyug, you both were killed by lord Vishnu by varaha and narsimha avatar, but this time he wont have to take avatar but I and kanha will kill you both. Hirankashyap thinks his power is in mudgal, hirankashyap takes axe and throws away balram’s mudgal and throws him down. Balram says hirankashyap, you are mistake, the power lies in the person who uses the weapon, I will kill you now.
Kanha reaches and sees the village go in patal lok, he says I have to stop hiranyaksh.
Kanha calls hiranyaksh and says leave vrindavan. Hiranyaksh says if I leave them, how will you take varaha avatar and how will I kill you? kanha says now I have only one solution, kanha prays.
Balram there throws rocks on hirankashyap and surrounds him around with boulders, trapping him inside a cage of rocks. Balram says I have to help kanha, he goes.
Kanha prays to varaha avatar and says come and save the people of vrindavan varaha avatar, I have to take the varaha avatar now. all people pray to prabhu Vishnu to help them.
Kanha prays and takes the varaha avatar.

Precap: Varaha avatar fights hiranyaksh and throws him down. Hiranyaksh gets up and fights varaha, varaha gets up and lifts hiranyaksh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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