Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhadraksh kidnaps sudhama. Written Episode

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bhadraksh saying that there is another disciple, kanha’s greatest disciple such that his payers can summon kanha for his help. Hirankashyap says who is that? bhadraksh says it is bhakt sudhama, who is now studying in the ashram of rishi sandeepani. Hirankashyap says then go and bring that sudhama here otherwise this time I wont stop from cutting your head away. Bhadraksh says yes and he goes.
In sandeepani’s ashram, bhadraksh comes disguised as rishi sandeepani. Sudhama is meditating and after his meditation is over, sudhama goes to drink water. Bhadraksh coms disguised as sandeepani and says sudhama, we should go together to vrindavan and meet kanha. Sudhama gets happy and says yes I am ready but rishi how did you plan suddenly to meet prabhu? Sandeepani says I felt that kanha was calling you and me and I felt we should meet him. sudhama says okay and he goes with an imposter sandeepani out of the ashram as they walk towards vrindavan.
Bhadraksh thinks, if we walk then we will be very late so I rather tell him that we should fly. Bhadraksh says sudhama, it will take us a long time to walk and reach vrindavan so lets fly instead. Sudhama thinks why is rishi asking me to fly with him? I don’t think this can be rishi sandeepani, sudhama says no rishi how can I fly? How will we fly to vrindavan? Sudhama resists. Bhadraksh says oh sudhama, I am a rishi and I have powers. Sudhama thinks this cannot be rishi sandeepani. Sudhama says no and bhadraksh reveals his real form and says bhakt sudhama, now you are under bhagwan kansa’s rule. Bhadraksh laughs and kidnaps sudhama and he goes to Mathura.
Kanha is still confused and he says who was calling me the previous night? Savre is mooing. Kanha says savre, do you know who called me last night? Because it felt like that voice came from radha, savre says yes but it is not radha’s. savre replies that the voice is of rukmani. Kanha says rukmani? Kanha smiles.
In vrindavan, as kanha walks with savre he looks at people. People start screaming as they look in the sky, they say look a huge bird is flying in the sky and it is carrying a woman. Kanha is puzzled and he looks in the sky and sees a huge bird carrying a woman, he says savre who is that woman and why is a bird carrying her? Kanha says where are they going? The bird flies towards vrindavan and it slowly descends down on ground, it lands in an open field in the village. All people run towards the bird and the woman. The woman gets down and a man looks at her and identifies her as satsua! He says it is satsua everyone.
Kanha comes with savre and says she is satsua?
There bhadraksh brings sudhama to the palace in Mathura, hirankashyap says so is he the greatest devotee of Krishna? bhadraksh says yes maharaj, he is bhakt sudhama kanha’s greatest disciple! He will help us summon kanha and his narsimha avatar and kill him. bhadraksh laughs.

Precap: Sudhama says my prabhu will save me, you can do nothing to me as well as to my prabhu Krishna!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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