Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha reaches chanderi. Written Episode

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The episode starts with kanha in the bullock cart with balram, radha and yashoda. Yashoda says kanha, once we reach chanderi I want you to be disciplined and not do any mischief. Kanha says don’t worry mother I wont cause any trouble. Everyone reach chanderi in its forest. Yashoda and everyone get down and yashoda says we shall take some rest here. kanha sits and he starts playing flute while balram eats fruits. As kanha plays the flute, the tune reaches all over chanderi and it falls on rukmani’s ears. She says this music is so sweet, as if kanha himself was playing. Rukmani says my prabhu and my friend kanha is playing this flute, I have to find him. rukmani runs and follows the tune of the flute.
In Mathura, hirankashyap says fire did not touch sudhama but water will. Hirankashyap arranges a huge bath of boiling water and he hangs sudhama upside down over the boiling water tied by a rope. Hirankashyap says bhakt sudhama, now you have to call kanha otherwise I will kill you, you will drown in this boiling water and burn! Then you will end, even kanha wont come to save you if you don’t call him. sudhama closes his eyes and is slowly descended down to be drowned in the boiling water. Hirankashyap says instead of dying in boiling water, call kanha!
In the forest, rukmani comes and she sees kanha. She says my friend kanha has finally come, he finally meets me. rukmani goes near kanha and says prabhu kanha! Kanha smiles. Radha comes and says so you are rukmani. Rukmani says how did you know my name? radha says I am from barsana and the daughter of brij bhanu, my father has 1 lakh cows and I know everything. kanha is only mine, he belongs to me only so you go back to where you came from. Rukmani says but radha, kanha is my friend! I came after I listened to his flute music. Kanha says yes radha. Radha says kanha you keep quiet. Kanha thinks I can calm them both down only by playing my flute, they will keep arguing if I don’t. kanha starts playing his flute again and the sound of the flute converts to tulsi leaves and flies to Mathura.
In the palace, as sudhama is about to be drowned, the tulsi leaves touch him and the coolness of tulsi leaves keeps sudhama safe from the steam and heat. Sudhama smiles and thanks prabhu. Bhadraksh says nothing is happening maharaj, bhadraksh cuts down the rope and the sack falls on other side and sudhama gets down. Bhadraksh says maharaj, nothing is happening to sudhama and he is not even calling kanha here. sudhama smiles and says my prabhu wont come here like this.
In the forest, radha and rukmani calm down. Suddenly rukmani’s mother comes with some soldiers and says rukmanim what are you doing here? yashoda says your daughter came here but don’t worry she is safe. Rukmani’s mother says a mother will always be worried for her child, she says come on rukmani lets go! come on. Rukmani is sad as she has to go, rukmani is about to leave when suddenly a black demon uses his hands and picks radha and rukmani and says you shall come with me now. yashoda and rukmani’s mother are shocked as they scream. Kanha and balram are worried and angry.

Precap: kanha goes to save radha and rukmani. Lord Vishnu tells the story of the demon who kidnapped radha and rukmani.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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