Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Holika bruns vrindavan. Written Episode

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with holika becoming huge and she turns her body into fire, holika’s body burns with fire. Kanha says brother, the more she is hit the more powerful holika will become. Kanha says but I have a plan to defeat holika.
Balram says kanha, what is your plan? Kanha says brother, rishi gargacharya told me that the fire granted to holika can be used by her only once, so after that we can defeat her. Balram says so I see, you must be having a plan. Kanha says yes brother, I have. Kanha and balram run from the forest. Radha comes with kanha and balram to vrindavan village. Holika is in her huge size and she says now I will destroy everything and everyone, I will kill everyone in vrindavan and the village shall not be anymore! Kanha teases holika and she follows him to the village. Holika then laughs and says Vishnu, this will be the end of vrindavan. Holika attacks fire on the village, and all people start running helter skelter, everything burns and holika throws fire on all houses, animals, cows and people. Everything in vrindavan burns and people scream for help as they run everywhere to get themselves to safety. Holika laughs and says no one can be safe from my fire, I am holika and my fire will destroy everything and kill everyone. The village burns. Kanha and radha come. Kanha says stop it holika! Holika laughs and says paramavatar Krishna, you can do nothing now! I have destroyed your village and killed all your people, look around, now you will die too. Kanha says holika, you are a demon and you could never succeed in your evil plans, kanha lifts his illusion from the village. Suddenly the village disappears and all fire disappears. Holika is shocked and says where did vrindavan go? kanha says vrindavan was never here holika, I knew about your evil plan and about your power, you can use your fire attack only once so I made this illusion of vrindavan and its people far away from the actual vrindavan village, kanha says you have done nothing but just attacked an illusion I created. Holika gets angry and says no! Vishnu you cheated with me, you have always cheated with all demons. Kanha laughs and says holika, go away because really you did not destroy anything, if you still don’t change then you shall be punished! Kanha and radha go.
Holika is angry and she screams in anger and says my power of fire has gone, but Vishnu I will not leave vrindavan and kanha, I will take my revenge. Holika goes.
Hiranyaksh gets powerful with hirankashyap. Hirankashyap says brother hiranyaksh, you are very powerful now and can destroy the entire vrindavan village yourself. Hiranyaksh says we will have our revenge soon.
Balram says to kanha, kanha we have to deal with holika soon otherwise she will find a way to harm the people of vrindavan. Kanha says don’t worry brother, I wont let holika do anything to our people.

Precap: Hiranyaksh comes and pushes vrindavan into patal lok. Kanha stands from patal lok to fight hiranyaksh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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