Paramavatar Shri Krishna 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Dantark kidnaps radha and rukmani. Written Episode

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The episode starts with the demon going into his cave with radha and rukmani. He puts down radha and rukmani and says now I will eat you both, I am Dantrak and no one can stop me now. radha says stupid demon, you will die, brother balram and kanha will soon come to kill you. dantrak says I am not scared of kanha, he will die if he dares to come here, I am very powerful. Radha says you will be punished.
Narad muni says prabhu, who is this demon? How does he know about kanha? Is he another enemy of kanha? Lord Vishnu says no devrishi, I told you about the 2 gatekeepers of vaikunth before, Jai and vijay! When hiranyaksh died, vijay took his 3rd demonic form, that is Dantrak. Jai’s 2nd demonic form is hirankashyap and he is yet to be killed, this is dantrak, the third demon form of vijay and he was another enemy of kanha in satyug. Narad muni says then prabhu dantrak must have planned this to take revenge from kanha. Lord Vishnu says you will see now devrishi.
In Mathura, hirankashyap says sudhama you got saved from the boiling water too, somehow your prabhu has saved you without coming here but now I wont leave you! this time you either die or you call kanha here. sudhama says hirankashyap you can try as much as you want but I wont call my prabhu kanha here and he will still protect me. hirankashyap gets angry, bhadraksh says maharaj we should do something else. Hirankashyap says bhadraksh, you shut up, your brains have rotten by staying with kansa all this time.
Yashoda and rukmani’s mother are sad and have tears. Balram takes his mudgal and says I and kanha will go and bring radha and rukmani back. kanha and balram go and follow the demon. They come to a mountain and balram says the way has been closed kanha, I will break it. balram uses his mudgal and starts beating the rocks, the rocks crumble down and a way is opened into the cave. Kanha says brother you wait here, I will go inside and bring radha and rukmani out. Radha and rukmani are inside and radha says if we have to be safe, we have to run from here fast. Radha and rukmani silently run, dantrak watches them and he gets angry and throws fire balls on radha. Rukmani pushes radha aside and saves her life. Radha and rukmani come at the exit of the cave. Radha says thank you rukmani for saving my life, will you be my friend? Rukmani says radha, I have never seen another brave girl like you before, you were not scared even from the demon, I have always wanted to be friends with you! I will be your friend. Radha and rukmani come out of the cave. Kanha comes inside the cave. Dantrak says where did these girls go? kanha laughs and says whom are you finding? Dantrak says Krishna! you! I will kill you, dantrak attacks fire spells on kanha, kanha vanishes and appears again and says I am here. Dantrak gets angry and he attacks kanha, while kanha vanishes and appears again and fools dantrak.
Outside radha and rukmani meet balram. Balram says where is kanha? Radha says we don’t know, balram says he went in to save you both.

Precap: Kanha fights dantrak. Sudhama tells hirankashyap, the only way to call my prabhu kanha is by devotion and you have to pray and meditate in his name. hirankashyap says now I will pray and call kanha and then kill him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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