Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha punishes shishupal. Written Episode

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying shishupal come fight me. shishupal leaves rukmani and says kanha I shall kill you today. Kanha and shishupal fight and kanha pushes shishupal behind as he falls down. Kanha laughs and says is this all the power you have shishupal?
There satsua is running to the mountain to stop shishupal. She says I have to stop shishupal from doing any sins. Satsua runs.
Balram is fighting with rukmi and he says what kind of a brother are you? you cannot protect your sister and are giving her to someone who doesn’t deserve her? Balram beats rukmi more.
There shishupal gets up in anger and says kanha, who do you think you are? Kanha says I came here only to save rukmani, because you are forcing her to marry you. kanha and shishupal fight again and kanha lifts shishupal and throws him on ground. Shishupal gets up angry and rukmani smiles. Shishupal says now you will see my strength. Kanha says shishupal, for whatever you did, you will learn a lesson now. I will punish you. kanha throws shishupal down and shishupal struggles. Kanha uses strength and he removes one hand of shishupal in anger. Shishupal screams in pain. Satsua runs and gets worried as she hears shishupal screaming. Kanha removes another hand of shishupal and shishupal screams in pain again, shishupal is left with 2 hands out of his 4. Kanha then takes his divya Krishna avatar and says shishupal, you have sinned and you shall be punished, those who have 3 eyes are said to hold wisdom but in your case it is not true. So I take your third eye away, kanha takes shishupal’s 3rd eye and comes back to his normal form. Shishupal gets up and says who are you kanha? What have you done?! You took away everything special about me, now I am left like a normal kid. Kanha says then you should be happy and thankful, what I did is best for you. shishupal says who are you? kanha smiles and says you will know that when the right time comes.
Shishupal says no kanha, I will kill you today. Shishupal removes the yaksh Shakti weapon and says no one can face this, not even you kanha so you will die.
Narad muni says prabhu how does shishupal have the yaksh Shakti weapon? Lord Vishnu says shishupal and his vansh have the blessing that each of them hold the power to wield the yaksh Shakti weapon.
Shishupal attacks it on kanha. Kanha stands and rukmani is worried. She says no and comes ahead of kanha, before that satsua comes in between and she takes the hit of the yaksh Shakti weapon. Satsua falls down and shishupal says no, mother! He, rukmani and kanha go to satsua. Shishupal says kanha this is because of you. satsua says no shishupal, don’t say anything, kanha is my prabhu and kanha please forgive me and shishupal, he does not know who you are. Kanha smiles and satsua says I am grateful to give away my life to protect yours. Shishupal says I could have killed Krishna. satsua says forgive my son kanha and please after I die, protect him. kanha smiles. Satsua says I want to see your divya avatar once kanha, before I go. kanha takes his divya Krishna avatar and satsua says I am grateful for your darshan prabhu, she then dies. Shishupal is angry. Kanha says shishupal go, aunt satsua is dead, now you shall not do anything to rukmani as aunt satsua has told you not to. Shishupal goes away in anger.
Balram and rukmi fight and rukmi then says stop brother balram, now I understand what is right for my sister and what is not. Balram says it means the demon in you is dead, so lets go brother. Rukmi and balram go.
Rukmani says to kanha, will you go or come to meet me? kanha says rukmani I am always with you, you have an important role in my future. Rukmani says kanha I made this idol for you, rukmani gives kanha an idol with his and her face. Kanha says it is beautiful and he says she is his disciple so she will always be protected. Kanha goes.
Laxmi says to lord Vishnu, prabhu rukmani has given kanha an idol as well. When radha knows that apart from her even rukmani is in kanha’s life then I don’t know how she will react.
Kanha is in vrindavan looking at the idol given by rukmani. Radha comes and kanha hides the idol. Radha snatches it and looks at the idol and she is angry and says gwale!

Precap: Radha says kanha how could you do this? Kansa is meditating as he summons the Demon mata for help.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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