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The episode starts with radha saying kanha I know you, this statue? Show it to me. radha looks at the idol ad gets angry, she says how can you do this kanha? Kanha says rukmani made this idol for me and it looks beautiful, what is the problem? Radha says gwale, I have done everything for you, what did rukmani do? My father is brij bhanu and he has 1 lakh cows and how can you be with someone else? You are mine kanha and you have made me sad today. Kanha says radha, why are you complicating everything? radha says I did not do anything, you have cheated with our friendship. Radha pulls kanha and says you are looking at this idol with so much love and thinking about rukmani all the time since we have come back from chanderi. Kanha then stops and takes his divya avatar of Krishna. radha is amazed by seeing kanha’s huge Krishna form. Kanha says radha I understand what you are feeling, but in this yug rukmani is my disciple and a god will always tend to his disciple no matter what. My disciples do a lot for me and in return I have to do the same for them. Kanha comes back to his normal form and says now I have to go, don’t think too much radha. Kanha goes.
In Mathura, kansa is praying and meditating to the mother of demons, Asura mata. Kansa prays and he watches over vrindavan, he says kanha has returned. He killed hiranyaksh and hirankashyap too, this time I shall not lose. Asura mata will help me. kansa prays.
Kanha is going back to his house. Sudhama is coming to vrindavan, as both come near the forest. Sudhama finally meets kanha again. kanha sees sudhama and says my friend, my Sakha sudhama. Kanha and sudhama hug and sudhama says prabhu, I have missed you. kanha says sudhama, finally we have met so now lets go to my house. Sudhama says yes prabhu and he smiles. Sudhama and kanha go back to vrindavan in kanha’s house. Kanha takes sudhama to his room and says sudhama you should rest now because you had a long journey, today I will tend to you. sudhama says no prabhu, I will serve you, you are my god and how can I make you do any work? Kanha says just calm down sudhama and rest, I will give you the hand fan. Sudhama sleeps and he smiles as kanha takes hand fan and gives sudhama air. Kanha serves sudhama as sudhama sleeps.
In the Yamuna river, kanha’s new disciple sits on a floating basket as he plays a veena and sings a prayer song for kanha. The kid sings and here kanha listens and says who is my disciple? He is calling out to me, he is singing everything and knows everything, who is this disciple of mine? It seems like this disciple is in his last breath and is going to die soon, I have to go and find him. kanha goes. Sudhama wakes up and says where did prabhu go? I have to go behind him, what if he needs my help? Sudhama goes too.
Kanha runs in the forest listening to the prayer song. There the disciple plays veena and sings the prayer song for kanha. The disciple starts drowning as kanha runs towards him to save him.
Kansa finishes praying and asura mata appears. Kansa takes her blessings and says mata, thank you for coming here, I needed your help. Asur mata says kansa, a mother never leaves her children alone, if they have called then I shall always come.

Precap: Kansa asks help from Asura mata. Kanha jumps in the water to save his disciple as he is about to drown.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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