Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha tells balram, holika has returned. Written Episode

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all people in the village doing their routine work. Kanha and all friends are in the forest. Holika gets angry and says my tornado was stopped but now these people shall die, I will use my fire and burn them from the inside.
In the village, nand and damodar are at home, damodar comes and suddenly his body starts heating up from inside. Damodar says I am feeling warm, my body is burning from the inside. Kanha comes and says what happened? Damodar falls down and he starts itching, and screams in pain and says my body is burning, it is burning! Nand tells people to carry damodar and everyone take him to the village tree. damodar burns from inside and kanha, balram and radha see this. Balram tells kanha, I think it is that woman who is stealing all clothes of village people. Damodar burns and slowly all people start feeling the burning sensation from the inside. All people scream and fall down on ground as they suffer from the pain. Balram says we have to do something. Kanha says yes. Rishi gargacharya comes and he sees all people suffering from the burn and fire from the inside of their body. Gargacharya uses his yog Shakti and he casts a spell on all people, the spell stops the burning and all paina of the people is gone. The people get up as the fire stops and say we are fine now! we are fine. nand says but how did all this happen? why did it happen? did kansa send someone else or a demon here? balram says nand baba, I think it is that woman from the forest who is stealing our clothes. Nand says what? A woman is stealing the clothes and she did this all? She must be a demoness. Nand tells damodar and all people, go and bring sticks we shall punish that woman. Damodar and the people angrily bring sticks to punish the woman. All people gather. Kanha tells balram, brother why did you tell the people? They cannot fight with that woman, she will hurt the people.
kanha stops everyone and says to nand, father it can also be that brother balram is mistaken, that woman can be one of kansa’s demons and she could be powerful and dangerous so we rather not confront her. All people say no, we have to go and check ourselves that woman could be the clothes thief and also did this all to our people. Kanha tries to stop the villages but they leave anyway to find the woman in the forest.
Gargacharya tells kanha, prabhu you have to tell shesh avatar balram the truth about that woman, she is holika. Kanha says you are right guru, if I don’t tell brother then he wont understand how dangerous holika is. Kanha goes to balram and radha, he says brother balram that woman is no one but the demoness holika, sister of hirankashyap. Balram says what? Holika! She is the demon who sat with disciple prahlad on the fire but got burned and killed. How did she come back alive? Kanha tells that kansa brought her, hirankashyap and hiranyaksh alive so that they could take revenge from vishnu’s avatars. Balram gets angry and says we have to fight her ourselves kanha, she can hurt the people. Kanha balram and radha go.

Precap: balram fights holika. Holika becomes huge the more balram hits her. Kanha talsk with gargacharya about holika.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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