Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Balram fights holika. Written Episode

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with holika saying, these foolish people think I am some woman but they don’t know who I am yet! I am holika and I will burn entire vrindavan to ground and kill all people. Balram and kanha stop all villagers and say you have to go back to the village. The people say no kanha and balram, we have to punish such a woman because she could be dangerous. Balram says no people, I think I was mistake, because she could also be one of kansa’s demons and I and kanha just saw her go away from the forest too. The people say then balram before you said she could have brought this fire inside our bodies? Balram says no I was mistaken. The people say we should go back to the village. All people go. balram says I will punish holika myself kanha, she will die forever and will never come back alive!
Balram goes and he finds holika. Holika laughs and says kid, you cannot do anything to me, you are a mere speck for me and I can kill you if I want to. Balram uses his mudgal and gets angry, he says I will punish you for making the people of vrindavan suffer, I will kill you. balram uses mudgal and he starts hitting holika. Balram attacks holika and her body becomes red! Balram is confused and thinks why is her body red? Holika’s size starts increasing and balram says how is this happening? Holika laughs and balram continues attacking and giving blows from the mudgal to holika. Kanha sees this and he goes to rishi gargacharya for advice. Kanha tells gargacharya that holika’s size is increasing and her body has become red, what to do and how to defeat her? Gargacharya says kanha, holika’s size is increasing and she will become very huge because balram is beating her, the more balram beats her the more her size will increase, holika is a powerful demon and she cannot be defeated like this.
There balram continues fighting holika and she laughs and says kid you cannot do anything to me. holika attacks fire balls on balram, balram dodges and hits them with his mudgal.
Kanha says I have to stop brother balram and we have to think of a smart way to kill holika. Kanha runs to balram.
There as balram fights, kanha comes and says brother stop! Don’t hit holika. Balram says kanha, holika is attacking me with fire balls, how can I not beat her? Balram says her size is also increasing more. Kanha says that is why I am telling you don’t beat her. Kanha says brother, the more you hit holika the more her size will increase, so stop punishing holika now. balram is shocked and says the more I hit her the more she will increase, then what should we do kanha? How do we beat holika? Kanha says we have to think about it, but now we have to stop. Balram says okay.
Bhadraksh says to hirankashyap, holika alone is not enough for kanha and if you attack vrindavan too, the kanha wont be able to fight you both together. Hirankahyap says I have a plan for that. hirankashyap makes hiranyaksh stand on burning fire. Hiranyaksh stands on fire and says what are you doing brother? What will this fire do? Hirankashyap says brother, this fire will make you powerful and strong, we have to soon go to vrindavan and kill that kanha and vishnu’s Varaha and Narsimha avatar.

Precap: Kanha thinks of a plan to fight holika. Kanha takes varaha avatar to kill hiranyaksh. Hirankashyap attacks kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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