Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha kills holika. Written Episode

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha saying holika now you shall die. Holika says no, I can never die, that cannot happen. kanha uses the divya water gun and he sprays water on the burning holika, slowly she burns and screams and she turns to ash and dies! Holika is killed. All people are happy.
Hirankashyap and hiranyaksh take some ash that bhadraksh brings back from vrindavan. They put the ash on their face and hiranyaksh says finally our sister holika’s revenge is complete. Bhadraksh says maharaj, I am not a disciple of Vishnu so I am telling you this ash is not of kanha’s, it belongs to your sister holika. Hirankashyap is angry and he chokes bhadraksh and says that is not possible, holika is very powerful she cannot die. Bhadraksh says killing me wont do anything, because it is the truth. I told you before not to underestimate kanha but you did and sent your only sister holika to fight him, he killed holika easily and I saw it. hirankashyap says now all of vrindavan will die, I will destroy everything.
In vrindavan, everyone say kanha because of you once again we all are safe. Radha says wait, this was not kanha’s plan I did it all. People say radha, everyone knows kanha saves us all from demons. A man says and the plan belonged to kanha. Radha says no, kanha only told me the plan, the plan was actually made by rishi gargacharya. Everyone thank guru, kanha laughs and says gopi if you want the credit then take it, you saved everyone. All people then go as it is holi, they continue doing work in vrindavan.
Hirankashyap there says I shall take revenge and this time no one will be safe from my arrows, I shall kill everyone. Hirankashyap starts attacking arrows on vrindavan. In vrindavan as people are doing their daily work, arrows start falling in the village. Kanha and balram see. Kanha runs to alert the people and starts telling them run inside your houses, go in the houses otherwise the arrows will hurt or kill you. all people run helter skelter and start going to safety inside their houses. Rishi gargacharya gets hurt on his hand by one arrow, kanha says guru! Gargacharya says don’t worry about me kanha, save the people I will find a solution. Rishi goes. Kanha and balram start saving people and tell them to go inside the houses. All people run. Hirankashyap starts attacking more arrows and the arrows keep coming. Balram says why aren’t the arrows stopping? All people get inside. Kanha and balram sit under a bullock cart and kanha says brother we have to wait until these arrows stop, many people have been injured, I am worried what if the arrows penetrate the walls and get inside the houses too? There yashoda is panics and says where are these arrows coming from? Radha says kaki, I have to go, only one person can stop this all. Radha runs and dodges from the arrows.
Radha comes to kanha, kanha brings radha to safety and says gopi why did you come here? radha says kanha only you can stop these arrow, with a weapon which can attack from here and your weapon is the catapult. Radha gives kanha catapult and says take this kanha, fire it, you can stop these arrows from coming here. kanha takes the catapult.

Precap: Kanha attacks a stone from the catapult. The stone turns into a divya attack and it destroys all arrows. Hirankashyap says this is not possible, my arrows cannot be destroyed. Hiranyaksh pushes vrindavan into patal lok.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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