Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha confronts hirankashyap. Written Episode

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha saying kanha take your catapult and attack a stone and stop these arrows. Kanha pulls radha under the bullock cart and saves her from arrows, kanha says gopi this time you came up with a good plan. Kanha smiles, he takes the catapult and comes out of the bullock cart, kanha aims a stone towards the arrows in the air and shoots the stone. The stone turns into a divya attack towards the arrows and as the arrows come near the stone, they all turn to dust and hirankashyap’s attack is destroyed.
Hirankashyap is shocked and he says how can this happen? that paramavatar Krishna destroyed my arrows but nothing can stop me now. hirankashyap opens his mouth and says entire vrindavan will be destroyed and people shall burn! Hirankashyap attacks burning meteors on vrindavan. The meteors come near the village, kanha sees this and is worried. He uses his catapult and again shoots more stones in the air. Balram says kanha, if these meteors fall on the village, everything will be destroyed. The meteors get destroyed by the stones attacked by kanha because the stones create a shield wall and the meteors crash the shield and get destroyed.
Hirankashyap is angry. Bhadraksh says I told you maharaj, kanha cannot be defeated easily. He is very powerful and strong and intelligent, he has all the powers of Vishnu. Hirankashyap says then the problem is kanha, he shall be killed. Bhadraksh giggles andsays how do you plan to do that? hirankashyap, hiranyaksh and bhadraksh go back to the palace.
In vrindavan, kanha says the attacks have stopped on vrindavan. Gargacharya comes and says kanha, you have to be more alert now because hirankashyap maybe planning something else to kill you.
There hirankashyap says I have my arrow, the Kaal mesh arrow, the arrow that can kill anyone in the world, it will kill all people and kanha in vrindavan. Hirankashyap sits with hiranyaksh and they both start praying. Hirankashyap prays to get his kaal mesh arrow.
Rishi gargacharya tells kanha, hirankashyap has planned to use his kaal mesh arrow on vrindavan, you have to do something because hirankashyap wants to kill you and once he gets the arrow he will target it on the village. kanha says don’t worry guru. Kanha goes to the palace.
Hirankashyap prays and he gets the kaal mesh arrow. Bhadraksh says maharaj what will you do now? hirankashyap says now I will use this arrow and kill that kanha and entire vrindavan village with this arrow, no one can stop me. kanha comes behind and says hirankashyap! Wait. Hirankashyap and hiranyaksh turn back and hirankashyap says who is this kid? Bhadraksh looks at hirankashyap and laughs, he says you don’t know this kid! He is the one, kanha. Hirankashyap says so this kid is paramavatar shri Krishna! bhadraksh says yes maharaj, he is the one who killed all demons and even your sister holika. Hirankashyap says kansa could not kill this kid? Bhadraksh says you will know it why! hirankashyap says this kid is not a huge problem, I will kill him. kanha smiles and says hirankashyap, you should not have been brought alive but I still give you and hiranyaksh a chance to do things right, stop your adharma otherwise you shall be punished. Hirankashyap and hiranyaksh laugh. Hiranyaksh says brother, I will kill this child right away.

Precap: hiranyaksh pushes vrindavan into patal lok. Kanha becomes huge to stop hiranyaksh and kill him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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