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The episode starts with asur mata danu telling kansa, now kanha’s vamana avatar shall be summoned and I shall help you kill that avatar kansa. Kansa is excited and says yes mata, but how will you do that? asur mata says kanha’s vaman avatar is soon going to appear because that process has already started, his vamana avatar shall appear to save his disciple.
There shivang is worried and he says I have to go back home because my mother is alone and sahukar will come to take the gold as our debt. In the village, indrani is being troubled by sahukar. Sahukar comes with his men and says indrani the deadline is over, you have lost all your time. Now you shall marry me. indrani says no sahukar, you cannot force me to do anything against my wish. Sahukar says yes I can. Sahukar forces indrani to come with him as indrani struggles to release herself from sahukar. Shivang comes and says leave my mother sahukar, sahivang gives a gold brick and says take this sahukar. This is more than what we were indebted for, it is more gold than we had to give you back. leave my mother now. sahukar takes the gold brick and says now you are late shivang, this brick doesn’t matter to me. I will still marry indrani, now she will be my wife. shivang says no and he goes and pushes sahukar to save indrani. Sahukar and his men come and hold shivang and tie him to a poll, shivang says leave my mother you evil man, leave her. Shivang struggles. Sahukar says shivang, you want to die I guess. Sahukar goes to hurt shivang and as he is about to hurt shivang with a stick, inrani stops sahukar and says please don’t do anything to my son. Indrani agrees to marry sahukar and says leave my son, I will marry you. sahukar leaves shivang and he goes with his men taking indrani with him. shivang cries and says what do I do now? shivang then prays and says I will ask for my prabhu’s help.
In Mathura, asur mata danu says to kansa, Vamana avatar of Vishnu is devoid of strength and 5 gods had gifted the vamana avatar five objects that completed his avatar. Danu says kansa, I have found the dham of vamana where you will find the 5 objects belonging to vamana, if you acquire those five objects then you can defeat vamana. Kansa says then I shall go with bhadraksh and I will find these 5 objects of vamana. danu blesses kansa.
Sahukar is in a temple with indrani as he is forcing her to marry him. shivang comes with kanha and sudhama. Shivang says stop sahukar, leave my mother. Sahukar says I don’t think you understood, sahukar gets up to hurt shivang. Kanha uses his powers and blinds sahukar. Sahukar turns blind and says what did you do? Kanha says sahukar, you have long done sins and hurt innocent people, you disrespected a woman and forced her to do what you wanted, you have to be punished. Sahukar is shocked as he cannot see and he says what happened to my eyes? I cannot see. Sudhama says this is what you get when you are blinded by ego, money, power and do sins which you shouldn’t. sahukar asks for forgiveness and says please forgive me kanha, I cannot see forgive me. sahukar lets indrani go and says forgive me indrani and shivang, I understand now.

Precap: kansa goes to vamana dham to find the 5 objects of vamana avatar. Kanha takes the vamana avatar.

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