Patiala Babes 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita, A Police Officer? Written Episode

Patiala Babes 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie asks Babita why did she hide the fact of her searching job. Babita says she is a fool and not intelligent like Minnie. Minnie says her Babes is more daring and everyone saw it yesterday in court. Babita says Minnie is more daring, so Hanuman calls her veer balika. Hanuman says a daughter is replica of her mother, so Minnie has got daring qualities from her mother. Minnie says he is right.

Minnie fills Babita’s biodata online, asks her name, gender, qualification, etc.. Babita replies. Minnie asks if she completed her BA after Minnie was born. Babita says yes. Minnie says then Dadaji and Biji must have troubled her a lot to take care of Minnie instead of concentrating on her studies. Babita says Biji herself got her admitted in correspondence BA course. Minnie asks her to suggest her email ID like her ID is Minnie the wizard. Babita says only Babita is fine. Minnie tries many combination and finally registers Patiala Babes.

Hanuman with Laala enjoys tea at a roadside shop and asks Laala to read job ads for Babita. Laala reads many ads. Hanuman says there are many ads, they needs to find suitable job for Babita. Kartar and Pammi hear that and say girls should do a job and should stay at home. Hanuman says women should be self-reliant and gives Kalpana Chawla’s example. Kartar laughs he cannot compare Kalpana Chawla to Babita. Hanuman laughs that both are same, Kalpana flew rocket and Babita and Minnie flew Khatri’s mind away. Pammi says he always talks about beating someone. Hanuman gets an idea and returns home with police job application and asks Babita to fill it. Babita says she cannot become police. Laala says there are many designation in police. Hanuman asks Minnie to imagine her mother as daring officer wearing uniform and goggles driving bullet and walking towards criminals. Minnie imagines and says this idea will not work as her Babes does not even know to ride scooty. Hanuman asks her to imagine she is driving scooty and her mother as pillion getting out it and walking towards criminals. Minnie imagines and asks him to imagine he saluting Babes. Hanuman imagines and says junior should salute senior. Laala says Sir Saheb is right. Minnie’s argument continues. Hanuman walks away. Babita says she cannot become police officer.

Precap: Minnie calls a company and says she sent a job application and why was it rejected. Officer says they accept only applications forwarded by employment exchange. Minnie and Babita reach employee exchange and see a long que and closed counter.

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