Patiala Babes 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Ashok Helps Babita and Minnie Written Episode

Patiala Babes 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita gets nervous thinking questions will be asked during interview. Mini sees many mail replies and gets excited. Babita nervously asks to read mails. Minnie reads them all and sees her job request being rejected, gets angry and calling company asks officer why her job application is rejected. Officer says that position is filled. Minnie asks how can he reject her Babes without interview. He says it is upper management’s decision and only candidates who come via employment exchange are selected here. Babita asks what is employment exchange. Minnie sayss even she does not know. They reach employment exchange and see huge que. Minnie asks Babita to stand in que while she gets xerox copies. She silently breaks que and gets application form.

Lovely taunts Meeta that Ashok showed her place and stopped her from working and be at home. Meeta says Ashok says India does not have women job culture. Lovely asks if she will be housewife like Babita. Meeta says Ashok said he will absorb her in any position once business is established. Lovely says housewives are respected more. Biji with Dadaji returns from temple and tells Lovely that she told panditji about problems in her family, so he suggested Satyanarayan pooja tomorrow. Lovely says she is parlor appointment today and kitty party tomorrow, so she cannot help her, instead she can take maid’s help, she will ask Sukhi to pay maid. Dadaji tells Biji that her daughter is so arrogant; if Babita was there, she would have helped her. Meeta says she will help if they want. Biji says no need of her help.

Babita continues standing in que. A boy’s mother says she is standing in que for her son. Minnie returns. Lady tells Babita her daughter is very small, how will she apply job for her. Minnie says it is for her Babes. Lady is amused and asks if she will do job, she looks like a housewife like her. Minnie gets angry. Officer closes counter and says it is already 5 p.m. Minnie requests to accept form at least as they are standing in que since long time. Officer arrogantly walks away, leaving Minnie and Babita fuming.

Hanuman with Laala reaches home and sees door locked. He says mother and daughter have gone out and not yet returned even at night, he is worried that Minnie would have fought with someone again and is in trouble. Minnie and Babita’s scooter breaks down midway, and Minnie tries to repair it. Babita gets tensed seeing passing men staring at them. A car stops and reverses towards them. They both get tensed, and Minnie picks stone. Ashok gets out of car and asks what are they doing here at this time. Babita reminiscing his insult says it is none of his business. He says he is Minnie’s father still and is worried for her, so he will drop them home.

At Ashok’s house, Dadaji returns home with grocery bag tired. Meeta opens door and asks why did he lift so much weight and picks it. Biji snatches from her and asks Dadaji why did he take guest’s help. She finds honey missing in grocery and says if Babita was there, she would have handled everything. Dadaji says Babita will not return now, they have manage themselves. Ashok accompanies Minnie and Babita till mechanic shop. Meeta calls Ashok and asks him to bring honey for pooja at home. He shouts he cannot. Minnie over phone loudly speaks to Laala that they will late. Meeta hears her and thinks what is Ashok doing with Minnie. Ashok disconnects call. Mechanic asks advance to repair scooty. Minnie asks without repair, how can she give. Ashok offers to pay. Babita says she will pay. Mechanic asks to take bike tomorrow afternoon. Ashok says he will drop them home. Babita says they don’t need his help. Ashok says he is worried for his daughter’s safety and calls taxi.

Precap: Minnie and Babita travel in taxi, and driver peeps at them viamirror. Minnie writes on paper if Babita has taxi rent. Babita says no.

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