Patiala Babes 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Slaps Minnie Written Episode

Patiala Babes 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita uses Hanuman’s shared Chanakya gyaan and convinces workers to get back to work, defeating Satnam in his own game. Workers restart working praising her snacks. Babita sees her 200 uniform target reaching. An encouraging song plays in the background. Minnie gets Babita’s shoes and eagerly waits for her to return, imagining Babita wearing her gifted shoes. Babita returns home. Minnie excitedly says she has a surprise for her. Babita gives her a tight slap and scolds for missing her entrance exam and asks if she had gone out with her friends. Hanuman walks behind her fuming. Babita cries thinking how could Minnie be so irresponsible. Hanuman confronts Minnie and asks why did she skip entrance test and ruined his hard effort. Minnie confesses that she could not see blisters in Babes’ feet, so she chose photography competition instead and after winning 1500 rs price money, she bought shoes for Babes. Hanuman says she could have applied ointment and healed Babita’s feet, will Babita accept her shoes now, she will feel all her effort has gone in vain. Minnie cries and Hanuman consoles her. She leans on his shoulder and reveals she even sold her scooty.

Ashok returns home with sweets and informs family that his business deal is finalized and he will work from home till business is established, then will buy a new office. Family rejoices. He taunts Dadaji that people think he is useless. Dadaji says every father wants his son to succeed better than him. Meeta asks Ashok if he returned Babita’s jewelry. He stands nervously reminiscing pawning jewelry for 5 lakhs. Meeta repeats her question, he rudely says he returned and walks away. Babita gets suspicious

Babita confronts Minnie that she knew all her secret that they don’t have much balance in account, she sold her scooty, etc, even then she kept quiet seeing her care and dedication, but today she did very wrong by skipping entrance test; they were each other’s support till now and thought they would never hide anything from each other, but Mini hurt her feelings today. She continues that she is suffering due to her low qualification and lack of experience and does not want Minnie to face same situation, so she wants her to study well and achieve something in life. They reach principal’s cabin with Hanuman, and Babita pleads principal to accept Minnie’s admission. Principal says her daughter is irresponsible and skipped exam, he cannot hire her. Babita pleads again. Minnie asks her not to. Babita shows Minnie’s result cards and says she is very talented and due to recent events, she could not get her admission earlier. Principal says she cannot give excuses for her daughter’s irresponsibility. Babita confronts at him not to insult her daughter in front of her and says he is irresponsible instead. Irritated Principal asks her to get out. Hanuman interferes and warns him to give respect to ladies. Principal says what Babita and Minnie did is wrong and he will make sure Minnie does not get admission in this college.

Precap: Trilok takes Babita to Ashok’s house for a business deal.

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