Patiala Babes 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Madan Alleges Babita Written Episode

Patiala Babes 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning, Hanuman speaks to Lala over phone and asks to do his duty without any tension, he prepared tea and breakfast himself. Babita walks down to go to court. Hanuman asks if she is not taking Mini along. Babita says Mini is sleeping, she will go alone as Mini is only 17-year-old and too innocent, she does not want Mini to go through hardship and see what her mother will go through in court. Hanuman says she is right, if he can accompany her to court. She says he is good hearted man, but world is cruel and will badmouth about them. If he disagrees to her, he can beat spoon once, she will apologize him and if he agrees to beat spoon twice. He beets spoon twice. Babita walks out of house alone.

Ashok insists Meeta to not accompany him to court as he does not want her to take any stress. Meeta says she wants to see how low his lawyer stoop. Ashok says okay then. Lovely hears their conversation and requests Lovely to take her to court as she heard Ashok telling Meeta something bad will happen. In court, Madan asks Ashok why did he bring Meeta. Ashok says she got adamant. Madan says let us wait till judge calls them. Babita sits on chair and her lawyer Tirath walks in next. They are called in. Babita gets nervous seeing so many people in court and sitting behind Ashok thinks her hearing will be finalized today.

Mini wakes up and gets nervous that Babes went to court without her. Preet says Babita called and informed that Mini is having headache and fever, so she called her here to be with Mini. Mini walks down and tells Hanuman and Laala that Babes went to court alone. Hanuman says Babita told she is unwell, so she did not take along. Mini says Babita is alone and Madan is very wicked, she should be there For Babes’s moral support. Hanuman asks howmuch time she will take to get ready, he will drop her on his bike. Mini rushes to get ready. Hanuman tells Laala that daughter should be there for mother’s moral support as court will ask wrong questions. Laala says he is late as court hearing must have started.

Court hearing starts. Judge asks Madan what is this case about. Madan says it is a divorce case with mutual consent. Judge asks since how long husband and wife are staying separately. Tirath says 2 months. Judge says he knows 1 year’s separation is needed at least. Madan says Ashok was staying in London till 2 months. Judge asks Babita to speak. Babita gets nervously. Judge asks her to relax and offers her water. Babita says she is fine. Judge asks when her husband returned to India, did they get intimate. Babita stands tensed. Tirath says he has written everything in petition. Judge says he is asking Babita and repeats his question. Babita says no. Judge says sorry, but he had to ask this embarrassing question. Madan says it is a clear case and judge can finalize it. Tirath says he has filed petition for alimony and maintenance. Judge says of course if minor daughter is staying with mother and they don’t have any source of income, alimony and maintenance is obvious. Madan says it is not as he wants to tell court about Babita’s character. Judge asks what. Mdadan says Babita is characterless.

Precap: Ashok fight with Hanuman and alleges Babita that she is making them fight for her benefit.

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