Patiala Babes 25th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie Insists Hanuman To Apologize Babita Written Episode

Patiala Babes 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trilok requests Hanuman not to cancel his order and threatens to cancel Babita’s job offer else and he knows she needs job badly. At home, Nayeem bi tells Babita that she did right by requesting a job from Trilok. Hanuman returns home fuming and confronts Babita why did she request for a job from Triolk, he is asking favor from him now and wants to be disloyal to his job. He continues venting out his anger. Minnie enters and gets angry seeing Hanuman shouting at Babita and orders him to apologize his Babes. Hanuman says she does not know what her mother did. Minnie continues insisting Hanuman to apologize Babes. Nayeem tries to interfere, but Minnie does not deter. Hanuman says he kept her name right as Veer Balika, she is brave but still a kid not to understand situation; he will not apologize and Babita has to apologize him instead for hurting his self-respect. Babita takes Minnie to their room and explains whole situation. Minnie picks Babita’s certificates and asks Babita to follow her.

Minnie takes Babita to Trilok’s office and says he needs an employee and her Babes needs job, it is a give and take situation, so he cannot take favor from Hanuman and has to decide whether to give job to Babes or not seeing her qualificaiotn, he has 10 minutes to decide and send her tea and snacks till she waits out. Babita gets nervous. Trilok calls them back and says Babita does not have any experience, but he will give her job without seeking Hanuman’s favor; he can offer her 10,000 rs. Minnie says not less than 15000 rs. He agrees and asks Babita to report in factory from tomorrow. His employee asks why did he give her job without seeking Hanuman’s favor. He says he was paying 25000 rs to previous manager and he is giving her 15000 rs, so he is in profit.

Minnie with Babita reaches Hanuman’s police station and says she needs to talk. Hanuman tells Laala that he does not want to talk to arrogant girls. Minnie asks Babita to speak then. Babita starts nervously. Minnie asks to speak confidently and asks Hanuman to look at her Babes. Hanuman nervously looks at her. Babita tells him whole story and he looks silently. Minnie asks if they did right or not and walks away with Babita. Laala who is giving moral gyaan to students says that girl never cheated in her life and even Hanuman did not, they should learn from them and never cheat in life. Hanuman reminisces looking at Babita via lateral gaze and says he cheated a bit today.

Precap: Hanuman apologizes Babita and asks Minnie to ask her mother if she forgave him.

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