Patiala Babes 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Forces Mini To Apologize Biji Written Episode

Patiala Babes 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hanuman’s bike breaks down and he takes neighbor’s help to push bike. Sukhi asks what happened. Hanuman says his bike is not starting and starts his usual long explanation and blabbering. Sukhi says he came to help Babita, but she is not accepting him, if Hanuman can convince her. Hanuman says Babita is very pious and he never even spoke to her with eye contact, Babita and Mini are each other’s support and know to take care of themselves, he is just worried that wicked society should not trick them. Sukhi say he felt happy and assured meeting Hanuman and leaves.

Biji meets Babita and throwing jewelry in front of her shouts she wanted money always and filed for alimony and maintenance, she is so greedy and I was blaming Ashok wrongly, she served me for so many years just for money. She continues yelling and insulting Babita. Mini confronts and asks what wrong did Babes do, nothing comes for free, she is just asking her rights, even Biji made Babes serve her for free and if Babes had asked money, Biji would have thrown her out long ago. Biji shouts not to interfere. Mini says she will not and continues. Babita slaps her and asks to apologize Biji by touching her feet. Mini says if she was wrong, she would have. Babita apologizes Biji on Mini’s behalf and tries to touch her feet, but Biji angrily backs off and walks away. Babita scolds Mini and says she does not need jewerly and alimony. Mini says she needs though and is just fighting for her rights. Babita argues with her.

Ashok shouts in front of lawyer and Mita that Babita did not return jewelry and Lovely is crying continuously. Lawyer says it is Babita’s jewelry and she has right not to return it. Mita backs him and asks Ashok to settle down for alimony and maintenance. Ashok shouts he will not give even a single paisa. Lawyer says he does not have to if they twist rules and he follows his advice. Ashok agrees. Lawyer asks to think over as he cannot back off. Ashok agrees.

Mini calls Nayeem bi and explains whole situation. Nayeem bi says Mini is right and asks Babita why she is so innocent. Babita gets adamant that Mini will return money and apologize Biji by touching her face, she will not have food till then. Mini angrily walks away taking jewelry bag. Nayeem bi says Mini helplessly has to obey Babita’s illegal demands for her sake.. Babita meets Biji and keeping jewelry on her feet apologizes touching her feet.

Precap: Judge says if Babita and Ashok want to reconcile, they have to stay under one roof for 6 months.

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